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Black Mansion *Fixed*

Mod review may contain spoilers

Wow.....this was.....an exercise in futility.

Scare Factor: What scare? The terror of dead pen1s in my face? Or the poofer enemies? Or the water monster that couldn't catch me if it tried?

Storyline: You wake up in a mansion. now, GTFO WASABI DAWI. So weak, so underdeveloped. It felt like there was no point.

Supply Amount: It's okay. What more is there to say?

Bugs: You have a crapload of mapping problems(i.e, big rectangular holes in the walls that enemies will see you through), as well as one flying naked dead guy that blocks a door from opening that you need to go through.

Puzzle Difficulty: Okay, you're not even trying, i'm POSITIVE of that. An Amnesia CS is nothing without at least a puzzle more simple than, "put key here hurr durr"

Final Opinion: Oh boy, this has a LOT of problems with it. Let's get the list out of the way.

-Flashlight? Why? That makes zero sense. Nor does anything else in your custom story.

-You fail it for naked dead guys. Teleporting ones, nonetheless. Not scary. AT ALL.

-Your ExtraEnglish.lang is also a fail. Nothing in there works, for once. Also, I just looked at the content of said file. And you seriously disappoint me. This is a troll CS, I swear.

-Sounds are screwed. Since when does plugging in fresh batteries equal sloshing in some oil into a lantern?


-You have a lot of maps that quite literally, you only see for three seconds. Lots of loading screens.

There's probably more stuff, but i'm too mentally tired to note them. Get your **** together, play The Dark Descent another ten times, then maybe you will understand how to make good maps.


Amnesia Black Death

Mod review may contain spoilers

Despite this CS being super flawed, it's also super awesome!

Scare Factor: Not morbidly terrifying, but it's nice and atmospherically horror-inducing. It'd get more points if it used music though.

Voice Acting: This is SPOT ON, man. Very beautiful voice acting, both evil voice and the player character. Do more voice acting!

Storyline: Enough notes to avoid getting sidetracked by monsters, which is good. The storyline seems a bit one-dimensional, but it's still pretty nice.

Bugs: None, really.

Puzzle Difficulty: What puzzles? LOL. The notes pretty much give a walkthrough of what to do. Very simple.

Supply Amount: Enough to kee pyou going if you sprint through all the levels. Frankly, making the one oil potion in the map a large oil potion would've helped with this part of the score.

Other: Normally, I get disappointed with any CS that uses hallucination enemies for most of the encounters, but I let that slide because it's a small story. I love this story, despite the 6/10 rating. I play this when I want a short little horror snack without devoting lots of time to a complicated Amnesia story.


Andrew's story

Mod review may contain spoilers

....I don't see how others like Kaernk can be rating this 9 or 10. Frankly, it seemed rather...mediocre.

The scare factor was kind of embarassing for a custom story of this sort. Nothing about this really put a scare into me in any way, shape or form. Not terribly inventive. Things got interesting at the end, but more on that later.

Usage of monsters was par for the course. I would be happier about monster usage, except when I went to the library, that Brute just patrolled the entrance hallway for about 5 or 6 minutes. I even tried to lure him into another room, but he got stuck on the stairs. Something's wrong with that.

The flashbacks....did not score any real points with me at all. All you did was re-use original Dark Descent flashback bits. You're not Daniel. I dreaded those flashbacks because they didn't quite fit.

Storyline was just passable. The entire middle section of the CS had just about no storyline notes. Storyline gets a 5, but i'm going to suggest future stories be more fleshed out.

Bugs: The Mushroom puzzle is still broken. I threw a chair at it, and the mushroom vanished into thin air. Had to leave the level and come back.

Puzzle Difficulty: The weakest part of this CS. For me, it seemed like all the puzzles except for the last two or three just handed you the solution before showing you the problem.

Final words: This was an OKAY custom story. It's good to kill a couple hours. But it has flaws. Also, there are some particularly glaring spelling/grammar errors(always willing to fix such things)in the notes. For me, it was passable.


Amnesia : Death By Fear

Mod review may contain spoilers

This custom story was simply okay. Not marvelous, not horrible, just okay. Definitely needs to be longer, for sure.

Scare Factor: Not very scary, but then again, it wasn't really meant to be scary.

Monster Usage: It was okay, I guess. But it wasn't really spectacular. Smarter monster use might be in order. The whole "monster charging at you while you try to exit" scare is predictable when it's been used a hundred times.

Storyline: Kind of weak. It just felt like the excuse for a series of rooms full of puzzles and enemies. Not an impossible one, mind you, but the story should be fleshed out more in my honest opinion.

Supply Amount: It's okay, but a health/sanity potion would've been nice. And maybe one or two more oil potions. And you could've easily lost your lantern on at the end, easy to get turned around.

Bugs: On the wall below the grate where the Brute appears, on a shelf, there is a floating stack of papers.

Puzzle Difficulty: Quite mediocre. You're practically handed all the answers. Except for the puzzle involving fixing the gate.

Vocabulary/Grammar issues: It could use some tweaking, but it's not so horrible that I couldn't get what was going on. Always willing to proofread for english translations.

Finally, I would like to say that I did like the little thing about getting a drink of water early on. And yes, this custom story needs to be WAY longer. Maybe that's why the story feels so lackluster. I'll keep an eye out for an expansion.


Amnesia: Projekt 564

Mod review may contain spoilers

Sorry man, but this mod has some serious problems. For one, the forced removal of The Dark Descent. It makes deleting it a GIGANTIC hassle. And by that, I mean you're better off reinstalling Amnesia.

On a smaller note: Why Requiem for a Dream? That's too cliche, and unfitting for a horror mod imho.

Next up, the section I was able to play was really not scary. There was moodyness, and jumpscares.

Also, I know a note says that there's not much oil, but that's no excuse. You have a cripplingly low amount of oil. Not enough at all. Severe shortage. Also, tinderboxes are useless because the lit objects give off no real light at all. Just like so many other custom stories. -_-

Also, seriously bad english translation errors. Hard to tell what's being said sometimes.

Finally, I couldn't finish this project because of the first puzzle in the prison. I looked everywhere in the area, and I couldn't find the thing I was supposed to destroy, nor the item to destroy it with, nowhere else to go. You did not make anything nearly clear enough.

So, bottom line.

The Good:
-Nice detailing
-Clever enemy conversation at the start there
-Interesting Premise

The Bad:
-Poor Puzzle Design
-No clear sense of direction
-Critically low supplies
-Jumpscare fest(aka, teleporting naked guy)

The Ugly:
-Having to overwrite core Amnesia files to install.

You might get a seriously better score if you make this just a regular custom story, or at the very least, get someone to fix the translation errors(I can handle that for you.) I'd give you lower, but I noticed you tried at least.


Cry of Fear

Game review

Half-Life: Redux

Mod review


Mod review

Perfected Doom 3

Mod review - 1 disagree

Most excellent! Most wonderful! Simply marvelous, VGames!

I actually find Doom 3 lackluster without this mod, to be honest. Keep up the awesome work. Looking forward to iron sights! :D

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