You wake up, You find out that you have woken out in a memoriable castle. You find a note, that says you must go through trials to escape. But it's not only trials you have to... worry about .

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I hope this is full of awesome but just too short -_-
But anyway, keep it up! :)

A fair custom story. The design was OK, some "drama" (falling down to the prison). Not bad at all. Quite enjoyed it. 7/10

+ Very scary
+ Great level design
- Very short
- Cliché story


HeRo-Snacky says

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Finished with this custom story, and it was actually decently good!

Story: ✕
Extremely cliche- woke up in somewhere not knowing why, and try to get out. English in the notes wasn't the best, but acceptable.
= 3/10

Mapping: ✔
It's been a long time since I have given a "✔". But the mapping of this surely deserves it. Nicely lighted, well-made rooms. The rooms weren't too empty, and yet not too tight to move in. = 8/10

Scare factor: ✔
Very scary mod, nothing on that. Prison section was almost a nightmare, which just kept on going on and on. There also were very few jumpscares, and the few I saw were really well made. In the end of the prison section I got so scared that I actually shouted and hit my hand- my wrist still hurts while writing this ^^. = 9/10

Atmosphere: ✔
Strongest part of the story.
Ambience & sounds were awesome, and not overused. Overall great, and the scary music in the prison area was extremely pressuring.
= 9/10

Puzzles: ✔
Very nice and creative, refreshing. Not that hard, some were actually pretty obvious, but still enjoyed the puzzles in this a lot. = 9/10

Creativity: ✔
Overall awesome. Storage are was not any kind of "creativity-overdose", but still fine. As mentioned above, puzzles were also very good ^^. Story was the only bad thing in this. = 8/10

Music: ✔
Really nice, every area had music. Nothing more to say on that. = 10/10

Overall / Gameplay
Gameplay was amazing in this. Really enjoyable short but scary cs. I recommend this for everyone!

Final score: 8


It was very atmospheric I was jumpy at every turn (mostly).
It was too short so it didn't really enthral me all that much.
There was little to no plot which made me said because I am really into that.
Monster encounters were very little so I don't even consider them there.
I liked the music that was implemented, it felt original.
Just about everything else was average.

That's it for me.

Good story,but really just to to short,but i liked it.


Humeba says

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That was scary as hell! Thank you and I hope to see more from you.

I played it, and i liked it!!!
The only problem with this mod that there is no story at all, and a big bug at the stairs in the hall, i fell in the floor :)
But actually it was cool the atmosphere the jumpscare the puzzles...great work bro!!!!

I'l give you an 8/10 maybe one day i make another story too.....
However have a nice day ^-^


story is great and scary as expected
plzz make it long

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Highest Rated (2 agree) 7/10

I hope this is full of awesome but just too short -_-
But anyway, keep it up! :)

Aug 9 2013 by Bad_Peek