I make Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption Mods and I also have a really cool YouTube channel called Manda-LORE. I Like Star Wars (Old EU exclusivley), Love Lord of the Rings, and Warhammer 40,000 is pretty neat as well.

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Legends ModWhile work continues on wrapping up the Star Wars: Clone Wars Sub-Mod, I've commenced work on a dream mod that I've had in mind for years. This mod would allow you to play through the most iconic moments of the Original Star Wars Expanded Universe, now labeled "Legends". From the Pre-Republic Era to the Legacy Era, you can command your favorite heroes and villains and lead them and their factions to victory!

Heavily inspired by mods like Thrawn's Revenge, the Legends Mod will be based on the Era's system. Each Galactic Conquest map will be set in a different era of the Star Wars Legends Timeline (Some eras will have multiple Galactic Conquest Maps) and the player can play these GC maps and be presented with the known galaxy that existed at that particular time in the Legends Timeline. In other words, these GC maps will be scenarios that guide the player through an accurate (and I'm using this term loosely) "Story Mode" of sorts. For example: Say a player is in the mood to play the Clone Wars, as the Republic, from start to end, he would choose the first out of the 3 Clone Wars GC Maps and play through it, achieving the set victory conditions. If he/she wants to continue the war, he/she can select the next Clone Wars GC map which represents the second year of the conflict and finish it's victory conditions and so on and so forth. For the casual player who'd rather not have a Galactic History Lesson, there will be several "Free Play" GC maps choose from and play whatever factions in whatever era you wish and of course space and land Skirmish modes.

Eventually, the goal is for the mod to encompass all of these eras, however due to the amount of resources I have available to me, the Legends Mod team and I will be focusing on the Rise of the Empire Era, Rebellion Era, and New Republic Era for now.

Mod Progress:


Rhen Var

Boz Pity Complete


At the moment, Only the hero icons for the Rise of the Empire Era GC Maps have been completed.

Legends Mod Hero Icons: Rise of the Empire Era

Legends Mod Hero Icons: Rise of the Empire Era

Legends Mod Hero Icons: Rise of the Empire Era

Apart from the icons and a few maps, the only other thing that has been done for the mod is the title screen when you load the game and the main menu overlay. More work will be done once version 2.0 of the Star Wars: Clone Wars Sub-Mod is released.

Item 2 On The Agenda: My New YouTube Channel:


New YouTube Channel

Unlike most Star Wars Lore channels on YouTube, Manda-Lore is quite different. The viewer is not just presented information about the Star Wars: Legends Timeline, the viewer feels apart of the Sar Wars Universe!

Each video is visually and auditory formatted for the viewer to feel as if he/she is watching a Holo-Vid presented by Tadd Lar'ken, my Mandalorian persona. The idea for this format is inspired by The Old Republic MMO Timeline videos on the TOR website.

A Few Sample Videos To Catch Your Interest

That's all for now lads, see ya next time!

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Star Wars: Clone Wars Sub-Mod

Those who know me know that i am a massive Total War junky. I own every Total War game with the exceptions of the original Shogun Total War and Medieval Total War (the first one not the second one). Last year, after a successful release of Shogun II Total War Fall of the Samurai, a game that takes place in late 19th century Japan, Creative Assembly announced their next total war game. Seeing that Fall of the Samurai is the first total war game to take place in the lat 19th century and its the first total war game ever to feature, steam ships, railroads, breach loading rifles, and Gatling guns, EVERYONE thought that the next total war game would continue with this theme, either a Game taking place during the American Civil War, Franco-Prussian War, or other conflicts that shape the late 19th century.

However, after revisiting one classic Total War game, CA decided to revisit another classic Total War game, one that is probably considered THE BEST Total War game ever made. That game, my friends, is Rome Total War. Titled, Rome II: Total War, the game seeks to improve upon the ever popular Rome Total War with updated graphics, animations, and even an entirely new engine. The Total War games have evolved so much since the original Rome. Sea battles, improved diplomacy systems, addition of more seasons (in the original RTW, there were only 2, winter and summer) and many other things have been introduced to all Total War games that came after Medieval II Total War and it seems only fitting that Rome gets an update as well.

Can't wait for Rome: 2 Total War


dissregard these are for a blog

dissregard these are for a blog

With this dreadful show in its final season (or at least I hope for the sake of humanity that it's in its final season) I thought I'd share my thoughts on it for the last time. If you don't like my thoughts, then don't read the damn blog :) If you wish to start a debate with me, I say just go back to fapping to Ahsoka because you wont change my mind. If you try to start a debate, your comment will be deleted for I have no desire to deal with you.

For four seasons, I have had the misfortune of watching this dreadful abomination to star wars you call a show. I had to stop watching it mid-way though the fourth season because I just could not bear to see the direction the show was taking. For the sake of analysis I'm going to start with an extremely short, barely a paragraph of what I liked about the series.

What I Liked:
I enjoyed a handful of the battles. Thats it. If I had to say which episode was my favorite, I'd say the one when their on the Rishi moon outpost. Needless to say SOME of the clone centered episodes where watchable.

What I Disliked (hated, loathed, despised, abhorred, more accurately describe it):
Oh jeez...where to start? I guess I could start with the glaring continuity issues. Leeland Chee, Keeper of the Holocron, recently started working on ingratiating the series into the timeline and it goes something like this: everything that is the predecessor to the series (comics, video games, novels, etc) have essentially been "thrown under the bus". A good analogy for it is that TCW is a drunk fat chick at a party. Everyone's having a good time, then TCW comes into the room and pushes people out of the way to make room for her bloated self, even completely knocking certain people down. Every event that takes place before the start of the series is squished into a period of about 4 months in between the Battle of Geonosis and the "Cat & Mouse" episode of TCW. As for the events that take place concurrent (at the same time) as the series... well let me just say good like trying to make sense of everything. Gone are the days when the comic books, novels, and video games dominated the Expanded Universe timeline from 21BBY- 19BBY now, pardon my language, the timeline is now a clusterfuck of events.

Ever since the series aired it has prematurely killed off characters (Evaan Piele), destroyed the back stories of characters (Assajj Ventress, Willhuff Tarkin), unnecessarily resurrected long dead characters (Darth Maul) and contradicted every clone wars era EU source as well as some of the films (Ahsoka, the Clones' genetics, Boba Fett, Assajj Ventress, Mandalorians being peace loving pussies. to name a few) . Its just unnecessary. I dont see why they couldn't have made AT LEAST an effort to try to fit in with the established timeline.

Now the atmosphere of the show. It just doesn't "feel" like Star Wars to me. I know it's geared towards a younger audience but it just feels so... gay. I don't mean it in the offensive sense but in the derogatory sense of the word. And, Ive found when I go back and watch CERTAIN cartoons from my childhood, they seem quite gay to me as well. I went back and watched the original Star Wars: Clone Wars miniseries to see if I could replicate my results and didn't find it so. In fact, it seemed more entertaining to me then when I was 11 and watching the episodes as they were brand new. I actually liked it better than the current series, which is surprising seeing that it's only a quarter as long as the current series (the miniseries is only 25 episodes, the new one is 100) and features a more outdated and somewhat primitive style of animation.

I feel that the show doesn't accurately represent the war. The battle droids, for one, are portrayed as incompetent and unable to perform even the most simplistic of tasks and not to mention their annoying shrill voices. I do like that the show tries to bring some individuality to the clones but all to often they make them too individualistic to the point where they start deserting and disobeying orders. This directly contradicts Episode II Attack of the Clones where it is explained that the Kaminoans tampered with Jango's DNA to make the clones obedient. This would make it impossible for the clones to desert and disobey orders.

If I could have directed and wrote the show, what would I have done?

I often think about this question. I would be lying if i said that i haven't dreamed of doing that since the series aired. First, I'd ditch cartoon network and go for a more mature network to broadcast my show. Next I'd get rid of the cartoony style (Giant Bulbous Super battle droid, pointy beards, wooden textures, etc) and opt for better CGI graphics. Ive thought about doing live action but i doubt i could get Hayden Christianson, Nataly portman, Ewen Mcgreggor, Temurea Morrison (my freaking Idol), etc to do the series. Next I'd scrap the Ahsoka character, she's the worst in my opinion. As for the story, essentially, i'd basically do an on-screen interpretation of the comics, novels, and videogames which are the true heart and soul of Expanded Universe. Die hard fans of EU would be having nerd-ghasms as their favorite events form the comics, novels, and video games are being acted out on the TV screen. One episode would be Durge reaking havoc on Ohma Dun and Anakin/ Alpha-17 try to stop him, another episode could be the epic battle of Boz Pity (it would probably be a fanaly of one of the seasons).

Well those are my final thoughts on Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Should you take this as a personal attack? no not at all. This is Me voicing my Opinion. Should you hate me for my Opinion? No that would be unfair, I'm actually a pretty cool person once you get to know me but i digress.
sometimes i feel like i am

The Hobbit

Last night I had the privlege of attending the midnight premere of The Hobbit: An Unexpected journey.

First off, im a BIG Tolkien fan. I've read The Hobbit twice, the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and The Silmerellion. Now, your probably thinking that this review is going to be biased, seeing that im such a fan you assume that im going to like the movie because it has Tolkien Enterprise logo slapped on it. I assure you everything i say about the film is my honest opinion and, as you know, I can get extreamly anal when it comes to matters of chronology and canon.

What I liked:
As I previously explained, I've read The Hobbit twice, once for pure enjoyment and once for school. So as I was watching the film i was looking to see if they cut anything out from the book and I'm happy to say that nothing major from the book has been cut out.... yet (remember there are 2 more movies on the way). The film makes constant winks, nods, and references to the book, one of my favorite referances being *SPOILER ALERT*: as Gandalf and the Company are running from Wargs, Gandalf mutters "out of the frying pan; into the fire" which is a reference to the name of the chapter of the book in which that scene was portraying. *SPOILER ENDS HERE*

While the film does an excelent job at trying not to cut out anything from the book, the film does add other charicters from the Tolkien mythology that did not appear in the book. If you have seen any of the trailers, you ntice that charicters like Giladriel and Radagast the Brown, who did not appear in the book, make an appearence in the film. Other charicters from Tolkien mythology, who did not appear in book, appear in the film, however, i dont wish to spoil anything because I want you to be as suprised as I was to see who makes an appearence.

What bugged me:
Now, I dont have any complaints but 1 thing kind of bugged me a bit. There is 1 war party of Orcs that, when speaking to each other, don't speak in english. I dont know wheather they were speaking Black Speech or some kind of tribal orc language, the film doesnt specify. The orcs spoke english (or common toulge as it is refered to in the Tolkien mythology) in the Lord of the Rings trilogy so naturaly this had me puzlled as to why Peter Jackson chose to do this. However, the film does explain that these particular orcs come from the Mount Gundabad region and that put me a bit more at ease because that region is more isolated and the orcs encountered in the LOTR trillogy were from the south and had more contact with men than they would in the northern regions of middle earth. Other than that, i loved the film.

I give it a 5 out of 5 stars and im not just saying that because I liked the books and the LOTR movies, I HONESTLY LOVED THIS FILM.

Even if your not a hard-core Tolkien Fan, or never read the book, or even never seen the LOTR movies, i HIGHLY recomend this film. Its awe inspireing, action packed and, at appropriate times, even quite comical.

SEE THIS FILM, I dont even buy DVDs anymore but im definetly purchasing this film once it's releasedand i bet you will too.

I released my latest film: Star Wars Battle of Bonadan part III a couple days ago. The film is the last in a series of fan films i did chronicalling a battle for the control over Bonadan, an arid planet, dotted with modern cities. Famillier to those who have played Star Wars: Empire at War or it's expansion pack Forces of Corruption, Bonadan lies in the outer rim territories in the upper right hand quadrant of the galaxy. Before doing the film I researched the planet and found that no major battle was foght over it during the Clone Wars so Expanded Universe fans please do not interpret it as a reinactment.
Battle of Bonadan part III will, for now, be my last stop motion animation film. I do plan on making more in the future but for now im done. If I am to make another film it will probably be a Lord of the Rings theme as i have recently purchased one of the new LOTR lego sets. Anyway, embedded in this article are my last 3 films. if they fail to embed properly I will just post links.

I regreat to inform the fans of my stop motion animation series that production on Star Wars: Battle of Bonadan Part III has halted for the time being,due to an unfortunent series of family oriented events.

The reason for putting production on hold is that most of my lego models and movie sets are now on my bedroom floor in pieces. After an unforseen confrentation with another member of my family, the shelf containing most of my lego models was diliberatley tipped over and came crashing down upon the sets and props i had constructed for the movie. The official models can be salvaged and quickly reconstructed, however my custom models will take more time to rebuild. the reason being that i will have to reconstruct the custom models completley from memory.

regards, delta289

Moddb wont let me embed the youtube videos for some retared reason so heres the freaking links instaed, sorry moddb isnt letting me embed them.




Direcor/writer: yours truly Delta289Models, scenes, minifigures, backgrounds (construction paper and psoter bored): delta289Music (in order):Listerfilm animation music: "Curb Your Enthusiasm" themeOpening Crawl Music: Blow Me Away- Breaking BenjaminScene 1 music: cut from "love pledge and the arena"- John Williams and the London Symphony OrchastraScene 2 Music: "darth maul and the trade federation"- John Williams and the London Symphony OrchastraBattlefront theme (dont know the actual theme) - John Williams and the London Symphony OrchastraElevator Music: From Family guy: Blue HarvastThe Arena (cut from Love Pledge and the arena"- John Williams and the London Symphony OrchastraEmporer's Theme -John Williams and the London Symphony OrchastraRepublic Commando theme- Amy LauritzenMandalorian Camp (from KOTOR)- Mark GriskeyAudio:Obi-Wan: Recorded from an episode of "Star Wars: Clone Wars"Various audio recorded for various games by: Temura Morrisonall sound effects recorded from star wars games , movies, and the official Star Wars SoundBored.

heres part 1 and 2 of my lego fan film in chronological order because i messed up when uploading them. part 3 is still in production, enjoy:

A.R.C Troopers Part 1 Full! video - delta289 - Mod DB

A.R.C Troopers part 2 video - delta289 - Mod DB

heres the credits because they are on the third part which is still in production:

Direcor/writer: yours truly Delta289

Models, scenes, minifigures, backgrounds (construction paper and psoter bored): delta289

Music (in order):

Listerfilm animation music: "Curb Your Enthusiasm" theme

Opening Crawl Music: Blow Me Away- Breaking Benjamin

Scene 1 music: cut from "love pledge and the arena"- John Williams and the London Symphony Orchastra

Scene 2 Music: "darth maul and the trade federation"- John Williams and the London Symphony Orchastra

Battlefront theme (dont know the actual theme) - John Williams and the London Symphony Orchastra

Elevator Music: From Family guy: Blue Harvast

The Arena (cut from Love Pledge and the arena"- John Williams and the London Symphony Orchastra

Emporer's Theme -John Williams and the London Symphony Orchastra

Republic Commando theme- Amy Lauritzen

Mandalorian Camp (from KOTOR)- Mark Griskey


Obi-Wan: Recorded from an episode of "Star Wars: Clone Wars"

Various audio recorded for various games by: Temura Morrison

all sound effects recorded from star wars games , movies, and the official Star Wars SoundBored.

Hey! I'm Delta289. Welcome to my profile, feel free to check out some of my vids or some of my pics. Now about me personally, Im a 16 year old American, born and raised in the great state of New Hampshire. I'm a nice gy, prety easy to get along with. my musical interests are, Classical (yes including the work of John Williams), i do like Country Music as well as Heavy Metal, Hard Core, Death Metal, prety much anything Metal except Screemo. (and yes thiers differences between the metal sub geanres)
First things first, that achievement up there is not ment to be offensive. Im not anti semetic nor am I a skinhead, hitler lover, racist etc. Its called "Cannon Nazi" because when it comes to canonocity (in both star wars and various works by J.R.R Tolkien) Im a bit of a stickler. Always correcting canon and so on and so forth. For example, some of you I bet have heard the phrase "Grammer Nazi" well its exactly the same thing except instead of always correcting grammer, im always correcting canonosity.
Now, with the new Clone Wars show already in its third season, you can emagine all the crap I got from people by not supporting the show and its MANY canononical contradictions with previously established canon. Well your correct, I do oppose the Clone Wars show and I am standing firm by my beliefs. Currently, I am the only one who feels this way but PLEASE, if you feel this way about the show as well then dont be afraid to contact me or send a friend request.

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