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The Hobbit

Last night I had the privlege of attending the midnight premere of The Hobbit: An Unexpected journey.

First off, im a BIG Tolkien fan. I've read The Hobbit twice, the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and The Silmerellion. Now, your probably thinking that this review is going to be biased, seeing that im such a fan you assume that im going to like the movie because it has Tolkien Enterprise logo slapped on it. I assure you everything i say about the film is my honest opinion and, as you know, I can get extreamly anal when it comes to matters of chronology and canon.

What I liked:
As I previously explained, I've read The Hobbit twice, once for pure enjoyment and once for school. So as I was watching the film i was looking to see if they cut anything out from the book and I'm happy to say that nothing major from the book has been cut out.... yet (remember there are 2 more movies on the way). The film makes constant winks, nods, and references to the book, one of my favorite referances being *SPOILER ALERT*: as Gandalf and the Company are running from Wargs, Gandalf mutters "out of the frying pan; into the fire" which is a reference to the name of the chapter of the book in which that scene was portraying. *SPOILER ENDS HERE*

While the film does an excelent job at trying not to cut out anything from the book, the film does add other charicters from the Tolkien mythology that did not appear in the book. If you have seen any of the trailers, you ntice that charicters like Giladriel and Radagast the Brown, who did not appear in the book, make an appearence in the film. Other charicters from Tolkien mythology, who did not appear in book, appear in the film, however, i dont wish to spoil anything because I want you to be as suprised as I was to see who makes an appearence.

What bugged me:
Now, I dont have any complaints but 1 thing kind of bugged me a bit. There is 1 war party of Orcs that, when speaking to each other, don't speak in english. I dont know wheather they were speaking Black Speech or some kind of tribal orc language, the film doesnt specify. The orcs spoke english (or common toulge as it is refered to in the Tolkien mythology) in the Lord of the Rings trilogy so naturaly this had me puzlled as to why Peter Jackson chose to do this. However, the film does explain that these particular orcs come from the Mount Gundabad region and that put me a bit more at ease because that region is more isolated and the orcs encountered in the LOTR trillogy were from the south and had more contact with men than they would in the northern regions of middle earth. Other than that, i loved the film.

I give it a 5 out of 5 stars and im not just saying that because I liked the books and the LOTR movies, I HONESTLY LOVED THIS FILM.

Even if your not a hard-core Tolkien Fan, or never read the book, or even never seen the LOTR movies, i HIGHLY recomend this film. Its awe inspireing, action packed and, at appropriate times, even quite comical.

SEE THIS FILM, I dont even buy DVDs anymore but im definetly purchasing this film once it's releasedand i bet you will too.


I just saw it yesterday, and it was very well directed film and I completely agree with you, I particular enjoyed Christopher Lee reappearing as Saruman and I LOVED Sylvester McCoy's Portrayal of Radagast the Brown(normaly I hate everything he is in). they honestly got the best actors in this movie and it worked.

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