This is a group for those of all, yes all, beliefs, even those lacking any, to simply discus and share content in a peaceful manner without hatred or holding contempt towards anyone purely over their beliefs.

There are multiple admins of many beliefs and hopefully there will be additions in the future to those which will be admins.

There is to be no trolling, flame wars, and so on here. So if you plan to be a ass I hope you enjoy your extremely short stay, though for most I doubt this will be a problem.


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Hinduism - About

Hinduism - About

News 4 comments

Hinduism is the religion of the majority of people in India and Nepal. It also exists among significant populations outside of the sub continent and has...

Three Major Misconceptions About The Bible Debunked

Three Major Misconceptions About The Bible Debunked

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Does The Bible say that human sacrifices are okay? No, quite the opposite actually. Does The Bible say that unicorns are real? No. Does The Bible say...

10 Things Atheists and Christians Can (and Must) Agree On

10 Things Atheists and Christians Can (and Must) Agree On

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This is an article I found on regarding similarities between Atheists and Christians. It goes over many of the ill thought-out misconceptions...

Buddhism and video games

Buddhism and video games

News 6 comments

An article about Buddhist concepts and beliefs that can (or rather can't) be found in video games.

Christianity and video games

Christianity and video games

News 12 comments

An article about Christian concepts, beliefs and values in video games.

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You do have to admire atheists and their self-proclaimed "valiant" efforts to fight against the "injustice" of religion and eliminate what is natural for humanity.

They claim religious people are wasting their lives and that they want them to be free but ironically these atheists are wasting their entire life by fighting and hating against a god that they claim doesn't exist while enslaved by their hatred to religion (and often religious people just because they believe differently).

In the end, they'll be on their death beds, like poor old Hitchens, still bitter and having realized that they've wasted their lives and achieved nothing. Atheism is a school of thought that has been around for thousands of years and it's not grown.

Some parts of the world have become increasingly non-religious/secular (not atheistic though) but considering the state of these parts of the world, this hardly seems to be a good thing. Globally, there is poverty on the rise, more crime, more homicides and lots of political tension and religion isn't the cause of these problems at all (despite the atheist's best attempts to prove that it's the root of all evil).

If anything, religion is needed now more than ever to unite people and remind them of morals.

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ComradeWinston Creator

Hmmm... apparently deleting an article on one group deleted it from this one as well because it was linked or something.

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Without meaning to sound offensive, if I do I apologise unreservedly, I think religions made up in books, films, games etcetera often make more sense than real religions. Then again they often show the deity(ies) of these religions having a more pro-active role. That's beside the point as there are other religions thought up in games and films that do not have a pro-active deity(ies) yet still make more sense. I just wondered what other people thought about this.

*takes deep breath* There I got it off my chest.

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Cervi_Messias Creator

I agree they often do, but thats because they are designed with modern sentment and mind sets.
remember all of the main religions were created hundreds or thousands of years ago
people back then had a very different understanding of the universe- the world was flat, the sun rotated around the earth and the sky was a blanket.
anything story or myth we create now will make more scense to us.

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Scientology is recent and look at the nasty mess that turned out to be.

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Why do they make more sense? Explain.

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Well, I'm no religious nut, but as far as I can tell, most/all religions teach peace, forgiveness and so on yet, throughout history they have failed to exist in some cases (not all of course). The crusades for example, was a case of religious clash between two religions (Islam and Christianity) that preach peace and forgiveness in their books at one stage or another. Another example would be the terrorist plots that occur nowadays. Also, the content of Holy books seems... weird, I don't know how to say it. Like the floods in the Bible that killed all but Noah's family and the animals on the ark. If that is true, then theoretically we are all inbred and family members with one another, as only his family survived.

As I said about religions in games, books etc. an example would be the Turians in Mass Effect. They believe that everything has a spirit behind it. For example an Industrious city would have an industrious spirit and a well performing military unit would have a tactically sound spirit. They believe that the spirit doesn't influence anything but can be prayed to to reset their situation eg. Industrious city doesn't meet it's quotas so they beseech the spirit backing their city to regenerate the industriousness of the city.

I just think that makes more sense than any religion I know of that is real. As I said it's just my opinion and I wanted some thoughts is all.

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The Crusades was politically motivated and the terrorist plots that occur today have nothing to do with religion and that whole war in the Middle East has nothing to do with religion but rather about land and greed.

Also, Noah's family included those that his sons and daughter had married so theoretically we are not all inbred and family members of one another.

The Turian religion doesn't really make sense because they believe in a spirit which doesn't do anything and yet pray to it to draw upon power from it. Doesn't seem to be more logical to me. If it doesn't do anything then praying to it is worthless.

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That's why I am an atheist, in all the times I ever prayed to God, no matter what, there has never been any act upon them. I'm not talking about stupid prayers like 'Please let me win the lottery' I mean serious things. I don't share this often but when I was 12 I prayed to God and asked that he would let my Grandad survive his tumour(s) for 3 months more so that he could see me go to secondary school. He died 3 days later, on the one day I couldn't visit him in the Hospice (SAT day). This coupled with several other serious things that I prayed for that didn't come true/be influenced left me feeling like I'd been kicked in the balls and robbed. That's why I would prefer to believe in those religions that accept that the God/Spirit they believe in is simply an icon or symbol to draw strength from. I know I sound daft probably but as I stated previously, it is just my thoughts. I did not mean to offend anyone.

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But how does that rule out a god existing? There's a belief known as Deism which insists that a god was behind the universe but doesn't interact with it. For me, I believe God still does interact in the world in small ways from time to time but I also believe that he's letting us go our own way by ourselves. You can't hold your child's hand forever.

As far as I know, tumors cause pain, perhaps it would have been cruel of God to let your Grandad continue to live for three extra months in which he would have experienced much more pain. Sometimes death is not something that one should seek to escape from. Death is merciful for some.

And just remember, with every death by cancer, there's a scientist out there who becomes more dedicated to finding a complete cure. One day we will find a cure. God said this regarding humanity (when they were building the Tower of Babel):

The LORD said, "If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them."

Genesis 11:6

Truly, I think God has given us the resources on this earth and our intelligence to go hand in hand to achieve almost anything. I believe this earth has all the cures for every illness. Some we just haven't discovered yet but considering that nearly all illnesses have cures or near cures points to deliberate purpose behind the resources used to create the cures.

Life is a test. To God, death of the flesh is not the end. Death of the flesh is simply one exiting their infant stage and moving on to maturity. Many NDE's have been validated by doctors and for me, that gives amazing evidence for an afterlife. Not that I needed any evidence considering I've seen the proof first-hand.

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I just wanted to thank you for having been able to have a civil discussion with you. I know there are too many people who would have turned this into an insult contest.

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