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It's been a while since the last news post, it's been pretty silent. So we decided to show off some of the current progress at the moment! Notice that the mod is in alpha, the footage doesn't represent the final content!

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As the logo says, closed alpha has been speculated back and forth for a while.

The initial release date for the closed alpha was December last year, however that never happened.

We really need more modellers & animators. Active ones!

Apart from that BBS is in a pretty good state, so I decided it would be a cool idea to show off the current progress to the fans. ;)
Hopefully most of you will find it exciting!

Give us feedback on the current stuff! We'd appreciate it!!



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Excellent. Looking better and better each update.

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Great effort, looking good! Wouldn't it be great though, if the characters turned towards the screen and player, instead of away from him, in the character selection? Seems like all you'd have to do is rotate them 180°.

Also: Selene! Nasty ;)

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This mod is still in development or planning right?

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Seems Great! Just a suggestion: What if when the zombies died their corpses remained blocking your way like in the original BrainBread?

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I wish you well with fining animators because those are very, very hard to be found for HL2 modding. There were only a few of them active, and most of them work on there own project or they have gone through to newer games/engines.

Best is to place a add in the Job! section, its free and there you have the biggest change to find one. I have looked for my own mod for 3 years for one, did find 4 of them over the years, but all of them only worked for a week or less and then they were not able anymore, or they just didn't answer any mails anymore.
So, best of luck, your mod does look awesome!
(see "Job" button above).

a fellow modder,

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Really good news!

The first brainbread was one of the most fun modification for Half-life 1 and I can't wait for more news about his little brother, keep it up guys and I hope that you wiil be able find more developpers in the near future to work with you on this future beast of a mod.

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I cant wait! i loved Brainbread for HL1!!! and good luck finding modellers and Animators!

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Dont let this mod die! great work! *thumbs up*!

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Pretador Author

It's nice to see such positive reactions!
Tho I ask ya'll to reduce your excitement, the mod got much potential, but more potential to die if no modellers are to be found soon. There's already a number of people who've left, technically the mod is "slowly" dying cause of the wait / look out for a modeller... :/

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It's nice to finally see some in game progress and i look forward to playing the mod however just got a few minor criticisms. Next time you make a progress vid can you adjust the volume of your voice to be a bit louder it was difficult to make out some of what you were saying would also help to adjust all other audio to be quiet. Also don't have zombies spawn on top of each other even if it is test map. Another thing you guys could use is sound design those weapons sounds were poor and the weapons lacked weight perhaps adjust recoil. I am aware this is just a showcase but i just wanted to post a few points to consider. Also i am interested in joining the team as a 3d environment artist though if needs be i have a little bit of animation experience as well but nothing special.

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