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Since I noticed some people don't know how to run the mod (and apparently how to read notes and instructions on other sites ;) ) I decided to post a guide here as well.

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Since I noticed some people don't know how to run the mod (and apparently how to read notes and instructions on other sites ;) ) I decided to post a guide here as well.

Saboteur 2047

--(Skip to the "How to play" part if you have normal version of the game (normal version = not from Steam nor Origins, RIP versions aren't supposed to work either))--


There are a few methods to run mods and it also depend what version of the game you have

Normal original version supposed to work just fine unless you have it in differnt language, like for example the french version of the game,
if you do have it in different language you will need to rename the game's registry key (look at the end of the note to see how to do it)

If you have Steam version or Origins version you also in issue, look at the end of the note to see what you can do

Now for the normal version


How to play:

First before anything else you will need to have WrathEd Mod Launcher 1.09+ (1.10 seem to have some random bugs so I won't recommand it atm)
And make sure that you set it to be opened as administer

you will also need to make new folder in "C:\Users\username\Documents\Command & Conquer 3 Kane's Wrath and named it as "Mods", now you will need to put the mod's folder in it

Example: C:\Users\username\Documents\Command & Conquer 3 Kane's Wrath\Mods <------ put the mod you want to play in it (in the mods folder)

After that just open the WrathED Mod Launcher (as administer) and select the mod you want to run , Press on the "play" button and that it!

If the mod launcher still not detect your mod folder/show nothing in the list, try to install the game on it's default directory and be sure to put the mod launcher inside it (the game's default directory folder).

Have fun!

(How to play with CNC: Online )

(How to play in gameranger )

Origins and Steam version of the game:

If you have Origins version of the game or the Command and Conquer Ultimate Collection (Which is also count as Origins version)

Try bibber's tool which should fix it unless the game was updated

You can also try GEN.ZOOL's tool in case the former didn't worked here

Moddb may also have some random tool to fix the issue on the TW download section.

Steam version supposed to work fine but if you have any issues try the follows:

Try edit the game registry from here (may also work for Origins):
If you know how to edit registries just replace your game's registries with the Original ones

Alternatively you can also try this:

There is a way that can force the game to load the mod everytime but it is not that easy.
First, go to your Kane's Wrath folder an right-click "CNC3EP1_english_1.2.SkuDef". Click "open with" and choose Editor.

There you add this on top of the file:
add-search-path C:\Users\Your User Name\Documents\Command & Conquer 3 Kane's Wrath\Maps\
add-search-path C:\Users\Your User Name\Documents\WrathEd\Mod Launcher\Kane's Wrath\Mod\
add-config C:\Users\Your User Name\Documents\Command & Conquer 3 Kane's Wrath\Mods\The Mod's folder You want to Run\Mod's skudef file (add ".skudef " at the very end)

Game with differnt language issue:

(in 64 bit system open Regedit and go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> Wow6432Node -> Electronic Arts -> Electronic Arts -> Command and Conquer 3 Kanes Wrath -> UserDataLeafName)
and you will have to rename it with english language


The game does not start

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This breaks the game.

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