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A story-driven, party-based RPG with tactical, turn-based combat, base and follower management.


Zoria. Home. Mother of all her inhabitants. She provides her children with food to grow, shelter to rest in and also, the harsh lessons of life, so her offspring may learn to fight and protect her gifts to them.

But men, men wanted more.

Zoria’s finest sons and daughters: intelligent, resourceful… violent. Men turned her ores into sword and daggers, and her roots into vile concoctions of poison.

Men wanted more. They craved more land and more food. So they built their homes of stone and wood, driving out the wildlife of its woods and caves. And in those caves they found their instrument of defiance: zerrium.


Zoria’s gameplay is a unique mix of action-adventure RPG and tactical management. Explore the beautiful lands of Zoria, from mountains to the ocean, towns and dungeons, follow the story or discover its secrets.

Your outpost is your base, your lifeline. By expanding it you get access to better facilities and the ability to influence more of the world around you while leveling your followers gives you the ability to explore deeper, further into the unknown.


All the adventures in the game are hand-crafted, with multiple paths and various options for exploration, depending on the setup of your party and their environment abilities. You can always revisit a dungeon with another party to see previously inaccessible places and finish all the side quests.


Adventures need to be planned out carefully, and supplies stocked accordingly. Without supplies, the team cannot restore their vital resources, making any dungeon that much more dangerous. Bringing enough supplies for the journey or upgrading your cooking skills to make better use of all the land has to offer, that’s a choice for everyone to make.


Zoria’s combat is a Tactical, Turn-based confrontation, designed around the special characteristics of each class, abilities, resistances, deadly ranged attacks or strong AOE defenses, healing and much more. But turn based doesn’t mean static, so choose your battlegrounds wisely, as any wandering creature or enemy that gets too close, might join in and ruin your best laid plans.


You can choose your party from eight different classes, each with a unique skill set both in combat and exploring the world. Magic, ranged attacks, shear power, blocks and stuns, bleed and poisons, magic resistances - all there to explore, use and upgrade.

You can either recruit fully-developed, high level characters or newcomers that you can level and upgrade by sending on various missions.


Explore a rich, immersive and diverse world: beautifully crafted environments, featuring dense forests, haunting dungeons, golden deserts and many more.
An epic story driving your experience, with rich and expansive lore. Discover the hidden tales and stories that live on through the people of Zoria and your own companions;
Plan your moves or just enjoy the ride - a game experience suited both for players eager to just explore and adventure, as well as for those who want a challenging combat with a strong emphasis on strategic thinking and planning.
Easy to learn crafting system with dozens of unique potions, epic weapons and other curious recipes that can be found throughout the world.
Elaborate character management: class and character upgrade system, unique skills both in combat, and during exploration. A wide array of character builds for each class will allow you to approach an encounter in your own way.
Complex base management: build new facilities, upgrade buildings, manage resources and expand your base.

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Devlog: Crafting


Greetings adventurers of Zoria,

Today is the turn of the Crafting System to receive a thorough presentation. The crafting system is part of the Outpost base and follower management System, but since it is almost complete and ready to go into closed beta testing, we decided to introduce it before the overall presentation of the Outpost.

Crafting in Zoria: Age of Shattering revolves around 2 key elements – recipes and player’s freedom to experiment and optimize.

The Crafting Screen:

The screen is split in 3 parts:

  • Available recipes on the left side
  • Inventory with all the available materials and crafting items on the right side
  • The crafting area in the center.

Zoria Age of Shattering Crafting 1

Once a recipe is selected, that item’s characteristics, bases stats and requirements appear in the crafting area. Each requirement slot must be filled with the specified number of materials (e.g. 2 Crystal slots, 1 metal slot).

The item’s stats change according to the materials used to fill the slots, the complete stats being visible in the upper part of the central screen.

The lower part of the central screen is where the special slots are located: the Crafting Kit slot and the Unstable Slot.

Below them there is the item’s cost to craft and the Crafting Chance, that will remain 100% as long as no material is added to the Unstable Slot.


In order to craft any item, Armor, Weapon or Trinket, a recipe is necessary. These recipes can be acquired in a number of ways:

  • Through exploration – either on the main area map or exploring dungeons and hidden places.
  • Quest rewards – by performing certain tasks and doing various quests.
  • Missions – by sending characters on unattended missions that reward recipes.

Recipes, just like the items they help craft, are grouped by rarity:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Exotic
  • Epic

Each recipe allows the player to craft a certain item: Armor, Weapon or Trinket, of the recipe’s rarity.

All recipes have the following:

  • Item Level.
  • Item Type: Armor, Weapon, Trinket
  • Base Stats – 1 to 3 base stats, specific to the recipe, depending on item rarity.
  • Item Durability.
  • Crafting Kit slot.
  • Crafting slots, number depending on rarity.
  • Unstable Slot.

Item Level:

  • Each recipe can craft an item of a certain level, its base stats depending on this level as much as the recipe’s rarity.

Item Type:

  • For Armors – Armor Type – light, medium, hardened, heavy
  • For Weapons – Weapon Type – sword, axe, dagger, …

Base stats, depending on item types:

  • Armors can have 1-3 Main Stats, depending on rarity - Stamina, Strength, Agility, Intellect.
  • Weapons can have 1-3 Main or Secondary Stats, depending on rarity.
  • Shields can have 1-3 Main Stats, depending on rarity and also have a Block Chance Stat.
  • Trinkets can have 1-3 Secondary Stats, depending on rarity.

These stats are fixed for each recipe and will add their values to the custom slots of the recipe.

Item Durability:

  • All items have a base durability. This base durability is based on the Common Crafting Kit.
  • The items durability can be improved by using better Crafting Kits.

Crafting Kit Slot

  • Crafting Kits are the base of any item to be crafted.
  • The Common Crafting Kit can be used to craft any item, either weapon or armor, and it comes with a base Durability value.
  • Other Crafting Kits can be used to craft specific items of greater durability – Uncommon, Rare and Exotic Crafting Kits provide greater durability for the crafted item, but they are specific to an item type.
  • The type of Crafting Kit used is entirely at the player’s discretion, there are no limitations within the recipes.

Freedom to experiment and optimize:

The Crafting Slots and Unstable Slot together allow the player to experiment and craft a number of different items based on the same recipe, depending on the materials used.

Crafting Slots

  • There are 2-5 crafting slots for a recipe, depending on rarity.
  • Each Crafting Slot has a Material Type and a quantity – e.g. For a common item, the recipe can have the following slots: 2x Metal and 3x Fabric
  • For an item to be crafted, all required slots must be completed.
  • An item will be successfully crafted using any materials of the type and quantity specified in the Recipe - Metals, Fabrics or Crystals.
  • Each material provides a different stat allowing the player to experiment and create different items starting from the same recipe.
  • Completing all Crafting Slots with the appropriate materials results in 100% chance to craft that item.

Zoria Age of Shattering Crafting 2

Zoria Age of Shattering Crafting 3

Zoria Age of Shattering Crafting 4

Unstable Slot

This is the true wildcard of the crafting system, allowing the player greater freedom in crafting but bringing along greater risk in the crafting process.

  • Additional to the normal Crafting Slots, that provide 100% chance to craft the item, all recipes also include an unstable slot.
  • This unstable slot is completely optional, filling it is not required to craft an item.
  • The Unstable Slot is the only slot where Fragments can be placed, a special type of crafting material, that provide enhanced stats.
  • The Unstable Slot allows the player to craft more powerful items but with the added risk of the item’s chance to be successfully crafted decreasing.
  • For each item placed in the Unstable Slot, the chance to craft decreases by 15% and the item durability decreases by 3%.

Zoria Age of Shattering Crafting 5

The Blacksmith:

Being part of the Outpost facilities, crafting is accessible through the Blacksmith and uses the Outpost inventory, where all the materials accumulated during the player’s adventures are located.

As with most of the buildings in the Outpost, the Blacksmith can be upgraded, providing access to more recipes or other bonuses. More about the Outpost and the upgrade system in a future Devlog.

Zoria Age of Shattering Blacksmith

With crafting is almost in testing phase, Alchemy and Cooking are already in development and they will be the subject of our next Devlog, followed by the other systems that make up the Outpost.

If you want to join the conversation, you can join our Discord.

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Devlog: Stats

Devlog: Stats


Greetings adventurers of Zoria. For today’s Devlog we will make an in-depth presentation of the updated stats system and its influence on skills and...

Zoria: Age of Shattering Prologue LAUNCH

Zoria: Age of Shattering Prologue LAUNCH


Zoria: Age of Shattering Prologue is launching on Steam on the 30th of April, 10AM PDT.

Zoria: Age of Shattering Linux DEMO Update

Zoria: Age of Shattering Linux DEMO Update


The Linux version for the Demo of Zoria: Age of Shattering is now live together with a consistent update. You can play it now on itch.io and Gamejolt.

Zoria: Age of Shattering DEMO

Zoria: Age of Shattering DEMO

News 4 comments

The Demo of Zoria: Age of Shattering is now live. You can play it now on itch.io and Gamejolt.


I tried fireboy and watergirl forest temple on hudgames, no lie but the elements of the game on that site makes me high all the time.

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