Experience the universe of DreamWorks’ Voltron: Legendary Defende and take control of the Cubes of Olkarion!

Voltron: Cubes of Olkarion is an action-packed, one-on-one, real-time-strategy game where you take on the role of your favorite Paladin to battle AI or other players online.

Choose your character and control a base on either side of the map. Then concentrate on building your tower from unique cubes as high and strong as you can. Pay attention to your tower arrangement as each cube has different attack or defense abilities. Some cubes launch projectiles, others are great for defense and even others can spawn units that fly over to attack the other side’s tower.

Keep a cool head, think creatively and make quick decisions during battle, it only takes one mistake for your tower to crumble.

This game project started as an entry into the Universal GameDev Challenge in 2018. After being selected as the winner, NBCUniversal agreed to publish the game and Gbanga developed the Early Access version.

NOTE: This Early Access version contains a single-player mode as well as both local and online multi-player.

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In honor of the Voltron franchise turning 35 years, we just released an update for our official Voltron game "Voltron: Cubes of Olkarion" containing 35 patches.

Here's the full list:

1. Poured even more love into the game
2. Optimized performance in several areas
3. Fixed a bug where hitting ESC on main menu would not open the exit popup.
4. Fixed a bug where canceling the exit popup on the main menu would result in not being able to do anything.
5. Adjusted hitbox size of back button in settings screen
6. Adjusted default menu sensitivity
7. Added missing localisation key
8. Fixed a bug where game would sometimes freeze after playing a local match
9. Made font more readable in certain areas
10. Improved loading of resources when starting up the game

1. Fixed a bug with the interaction of fireball and Airblaster cube
2. Adjusted timings in tutorial for smoother flow
3. Minor text fixes in tutorial
4. Fixed an error with the animation in the Airblaster cube
5. Fixed bug where Fireballs would sometimes not get pushed up by the Airblast cube
6. Reduced poly count for Fireballs
7. Reduced poly count for the «frozen» effect
8. Fixed a bug where cursor would stop reacting in certain situation
9. Fixed a bug where the Drone Drill would not rotate correctly

Online Play
1. Created smoother networking experience
2. Reduced amount of data sent when playing online
3. Reduced amound of data recieved when playing online
4. Reduced lag when playing online
5. Shortened time to enter online queue
6. Reduced script execution time for ranking
7. Fixed a bug where you could sometimes not cancel online queue if it was canceled before

Music and Sound
1. Polished 32 sound effects
2. Added new sound effects
3. Adjusted volumes of sound effects
4. Made the Drone sound effect loop correctly
5. Fixed sound effects ending too early
6. Made sure music clips were always played
7. Added missing music track when going into matchmaking after finishing a match
8. Added missing music in one tutorial chapter
9. Fixed a bug where the wrong sound would be played when using a fireball above the Anti Gravity generator

Have fun playing the game!

From the Universal GameDev Challenge to Steam  – How Voltron: Cubes of Olkarion came to be

From the Universal GameDev Challenge to Steam – How Voltron: Cubes of Olkarion came to be

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How did we, as a small indie studio from Switzerland, partner up with Universal, one of the biggest entertainment companies on the planet, to create a...

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