In this cyberpunk-bodyhorror-metroidvania, you are a nameless prisoner thrown into an island ruled by cybernetic monsters. Fight your way through the horrors, gain new weapons and abilities, and look for a way out. Inspired by japanese cyberpunk and Escape from New York, featuring gritty retro graphics with modern touches.


In true Metroidvania-style, the tools you acquire will grant you access to new areas, ways to fight your enemies, and solve puzzles.


Fast-paced and unique combat. As you roam around the levels you'll constantly run into new monster designs to keep you on your toes. And, instead of having firearms, you´ll do more than just aim & shoot at things.


Combining both modern & old school tech, black & white visuals and vibrant colors, you'll always have surprises ahead. One area might be dark and gritty with menacing monsters, the other a parade of colours with fast-paced arcade combat.

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Figured it´d be nice to give a little update on the next release!

To cut the chase, we're doubling the content, give you some ranged abilities, enemies, NPCs, and ways to interact with the surroundings. Without spoiling anything, the slowest part for the past few weeks has been (no matter how much we´ve planned) connecting the elements together, especially in that Metroidvania-sense. We want to give it all the extra care though, since gameplay is what counts. And may the gods help us with the bug list. =D

For a cool shift in development though, we can work more on assets now (instead of design / coding / placeholder-y stuff). There's SO MUCH to do, we have a few distinct areas with their own themes/npcs/gameplay PLUS there´s a connecting ground between the two, where you travel back and forth. All of this is pretty barren as of now, and needs plenty of assets and eye candy.

We're not going to throw any release dates yet -- the new release is quite ambitious. But it's progressing nice and steady. With all that said, here´s a few WORK IN PROGRESS screenshots:




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