Virtueror is an RTS with 4x and RPG elements. Your mission is to conquer new worlds and to extend your domain over the whole galaxy. Build your base, command your units, gather resources, set up defenses and crush anyone challenging you. Have no mercy and the universe will be yours!

Join the Discord server to take part in the open development and to try the first alpha builds.

Game mechanics

These are some of the main game mechanics you will find in Virtueror:

Set up defenses

You can create perimeter walls and defensive towers to protect your base and your resources. Then you can upgrade and improve them to be even safer from your enemies.

Mine resources

To mine resources in Virtueror you need to take control of generators with your units and then you need to conquer enough cells to create a path between your base and the structure you want to mine.

Explore new worlds

Every map is constantly covered by Fog Of War and you need to explore with your units and to expand your territory to find out what's hiding in the dark.

Build your base

Build new structures and conquer existing ones to expand your domains and to get access to new and different technologies and abilities.

Grow your army

Create and upgrade your units with better weapons and special abilities to prevail on your enemies.

More mechanics will be announced and added to this list as the development moves forward.


There are 4 main factions in the Virtueror universe, but for now we only have details about 3 of them:

  • Zulox: Trained warriors and expert weapon makers. They hate the Domens.
  • Domens: Masters of engineering and science. Long time enemies of the Zulox.
  • Alphen: Great explorers and very versatile. They have never fought other factions until now.

More information will be revealed when available.

Main Features

  • Clean and easy to use User Interface
  • Modern isometric graphics with a retro vibe
  • Mix of strategy, 4x and RPG mechanics
  • Your strategic choices matter
  • Improve and upgrade your units like in an RPG

Active development

This game is still in early stage of development, but it's constantly making new progress and here you will find detailed updates posted every month.

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Special post as this is about the usual monthly dev log, but also to announce the second alpha build of Virtueror.

New alpha build available

To be honest it's another pre-alpha

build, but hopefully people who are going to try it will still appreciate the new features and improvements, which are all listed here and in the previous dev log.

Unfortunately there's no major update for the gameplay (hopefully that will come in the next build), but a lot of new minor features and improvements, hence the codename: "does it run better?".

As for the first build, if you want to try it join the Discord server of the game as that's where you can already find the links to download both the new Windows and Linux build.

Control areas

Now colored lines on the map highlight the area you control, which is based on your connected structures. Obviously the more you expand your base the bigger this area will get.

virtueror control area 02

I will probably change the graphics of the lines in the future, but for now the important thing is this new feature is implemented and working fine.

In-game settings

Until last update it was only possible to access settings from the main menu, entering a dedicated screen. Now they are also accessible in game while playing a map.

virtueror settings in game

News & updates dialog

I created a dialog in the main menu that will list all changes in new builds and eventually any kind of relevant news.
This might seem a secondary feature, but it's very useful to make early testers aware of changes from previous builds, especially when a build spreads over more than 1 month of development, hence more than 1 dev log, like in this case.

virtueror main menu dialog updat

Minor updates

- Now all UI has some kind of sound effect associated to major actions like mouse over and clicks.
- Implemented new UI widgets: scrollbar and scrollarea.
- Video settings now allow to choose from 3 different video modes: borderless, fullscreen and window.
- Added map scrolling speed control in game settings.
- Fixed camera ending with an empty screen when scrolling diagonally.
- Several fixes and improvements in game library code
- Updated code of the open source repository on GitHub to the latest changes.

What's next

For next month I want to go back to focus on gameplay and AI development, something which I couldn't manage to do in the last few weeks.

I also want to try to solve all the weird tech issue the game has on Windows because until I do that I won't be able to release a public alpha and to access a broader audience.

I wish I could be more specific when talking about my future plans, but as now I work on Virtueror on the side of a day job it's hard for me to offer a detailed roadmap.

Check out next month's dev log to find out what I will manage to achieve during the next 5 weeks of development.

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Development update January 2023

Development update January 2023


First dev log of 2023 where I talk about how the community and the start of the closed alpha are shaping the development. I am also going to introduce...

Alpha 0.1.0 now available!

Alpha 0.1.0 now available!


The first alpha build of Virtueror is now available for testing! Builds are available for Windows and Linux.

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