About Twilight Wars:

You have to restore order in a world where there is a struggle for valuable information. Corporations have gained their independence and commit atrocities everywhere. Firstly, you and artificial intelligence Shi need to restore the Triple-A base and engage in hiring agents to complete missions.

Twilight Wars: Declassified is a free demo version of the Twilight Wars game. It consists of one mission called «Signal from the Past». After this mission you will know the world of the game better. You should find out who is transmitting the signal. Ally? Or is it an ingenious ploy of the enemy? A difficult path awaits you, which you can go through in different ways, using the individual abilities of agents.

Build and improve your base, recruit and train the best agents, complete missions and expand the sphere of influence. This world does not tolerate weakness - show your strength!

  • Dungeon Crawler in an unusual setting of spy cyberpunk: tactical turn-based battles, dangerous missions and irreversible death of agents in a stylish entangled with spy networks world of high technology.
  • Original art style: immerse yourself in the atmosphere of cozy Russian cyberpunk.
  • The power of the word: the future of the Agency and the entire world depends not only on the decisions made on the battlefield but also on the position that you maintain in interactive dialogues with characters.

  • Squad for any playing style: 8 unique agent specializations, with their advantages and disadvantages, as well as a flexible system of class development and synergy of skills between specialists are available to you. Gather the right squad for you from hundreds of possible combinations of units.
  • Think ahead: the missions are dynamically bound, and the complexity of completing global missions and the number of rewards depend on the decisions you make. Take risky decisions or act carefully, but remember - the cost of a mistake can be high!
  • Each agent is an individual: monitor the level of stress and loyalty, take into account their fears and quirks, as well as the relationships in the squad. This can save you from the mission failure, specialists leaving the Agency, or dying.

  • The Old Guard in the state of the Agency: engage for service 8 legendary agents from the special ops "Mediator" and use their unique abilities.
  • In the era of cyberpunk, energy is as needed as oxygen: provide agents with enough batteries to recharge before the mission; otherwise, weapons and implants will be disabled, some skills will become unavailable, and the сomm for connecting the squad with you will stop working.

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Our team is pleased to present you with the long-awaited demo of Twilight Wars: Declassified 2.0, which will immerse you in the atmosphere of cyberpunk espionage.

Steam next fest october 2023 Iri

We have regularly shared the progress of the project with you on our social networks, receiving your reactions, feedback, and advice. Your feedback has been a great source of motivation for us, helping us understand what needed to be fixed and how to diversify the gameplay.

Now, it's time to share the results of our joint work at one of the most significant events for both players and developers - the October festival 'Steam Next Fest'!

Vs window spotter looter

We have:

  • switched to Unreal Engine 5
  • optimized the game size and system requirements
  • listened to the players of Declassified 1.0 and rebalanced the combat system and energy
  • completely changed the structure of the demo, and now it is a part of the full game
  • added more exciting missions
  • made effects and animations more dynamic
  • refined the UI
  • prepared epic soundtrack, which immerses you into the cyberpunk atmosphere
  • improved the ‘Live Agents’ system and the relationships between characters

Mission Plot Description:

During the attack on the agency, Shi establishes contact with the sole surviving squad - Mentor, Needle, Handler, and Bomber. Following the AI's instructions, Mentor cancels the mission and leads the squad to a new secure location. However, the situation spirals out of control as they lose connection with the base, forcing the squad to navigate on their own. Numerous obstacles lie ahead as they strive to reach the new base and acquire information about Shi's further plans.

rainy base
A Rainy Base

base unknown agents
The Modules at the Base

1 industrial mentor squad
Agents on the mission

2 rat 2nd attack

A Mutant Rat attacks

Quest room door 2
A Quest Room

world map mission
The World Map

The result of the mission

hacker heal
The Infirmary Module

Join us at October's 'Steam Next Fest' event and be among the first to experience all that Twilight Wars: Declassified 2.0 demo has to offer.
We look forward to your feedback and hope you enjoy the demo!

Twilight Wars: Declassified is out now!

Twilight Wars: Declassified is out now!


Comrades, Twilight Wars: Declassified is now available on Steam!

Make sure the system is under protection!

Make sure the system is under protection!


Comrades, Today’s devlog is about Hacker class agents. If you think that you will continue to read only about the abilities of hacking systems or typical...

Do you know everything about Triple-A agents? Not sure..

Do you know everything about Triple-A agents? Not sure..


Comrades, It's time to tell you more about Triple-A agents. You have already met some of them in the game, but in the demo version provided limited information...

Welcome to Twilight Wars: Declassified

Welcome to Twilight Wars: Declassified


Here are some most important things about Twilight Wars: Declassified. Classes, Gameplay, the Plot, etc.


Great style of visuals

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