You took control of a remote controlled robot, inside a space cruise ship called Neon Castle. This ship is sent to space from the 1930s by using a new discovered technology, a super magnetic metal that is capable of teleporting objects between its poles. Everything on this ship is controlled by humans from earth by remote controllers using radio waves. But humans on earth didn't know time was passing really slow in space. Objects keep teleporting to ship not just from the 1930 but from the 2000s too. And when this future technology reached earth it caused a catastrophic event that caused an apocalypse at your time 2130. Your mission is to collect all of these items before they reach the earth. But beware, not only the humans are hunting for these objects, this future tech attracted some other things to the ship as well.

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TechnoTsunami Director's Cut Update

TechnoTsunami Olympia 3

We are thrilled to present the TechnoTsunami Director's Cut update! This update brings a plethora of features and improvements that were originally planned during the game's initial development but couldn't be implemented due to publishing deadlines. We hope you enjoy this enhanced gaming experience, featuring numerous quality of life improvements, combat enhancements, stealth-friendly tools, and revamped level designs to enable sneaky gameplay.

TechnoTsunami Boiler Room 3

Patch Notes:
Graphics and Gameplay:
Upgraded most textures to 4K or 2K resolutions.
Added DX12 mode in addition to DX11.
Volumetric Fog.
Enhanced the visual aesthetics of the maps.
Now all robots use crazy neon hairstyles.
Performance optimizations.
Added German translation.
Added French translation.
Added Spanish translation.
Added Italian translation.

TechnoTsunami Celestial Deck 1

Four new in-game music tracks:
Robotic Rhapsody - Atrium.
Galactic Grooves - Olympia.
Sonic Steam - Boiler Room.
Cold Breath (Kaya Ertanhan) - Credits Screen

TechnoTsunami Celestial Deck 4

New mini-game: Throw Matic.
Introduced new loading screen images.
Added NPC talk animations.
Introduced dynamic character portraits for all actors.
Added foliage around the ship, along with a foliage quality option in the settings.
Vending machines now sell items from the future.
Added a low chance for items from the future to spawn from containers.
Added numerous new decals.
Added new backgrounds for note papers.
Increased the interaction distance with objects.
Interactive objects are now highlighted with a white line
Added a teleporter between C-1 and C-2 blocks.
Enabled skipping tutorial messages with mouse button or Esc key.
Added new destruction animations.

TechnoTsunami Celestial Deck 3

Upgrade Improvements:
Added new upgrades:
Disable or control hostile cleaners, cameras, or robots with smartphone.
Stealth upgrades to enhance sneaking capabilities.
An upgrade to increase movement speed while crouching.
Reduced the chance of being spotted by the enemy while crouching. When fully upgraded, the player becomes invisible while crouching.
Deadly turret upgrade for the remote-controlled Cleaner Robots.
Flying ability upgrade for the remote-controlled Cleaner Robots.
Removed the damage upgrade for ranged weapons. Instead, a new upgrade has been added that affects the attack and reload speed of ranged weapons.
Added an upgrade for melee weapons to reduce the energy they use when attacking.
Removed light duration upgrade. Reduced the overall battery drain of the flashlight.
Combined walking and running speed upgrades.
Fixed the Cleaner Robot damage immunity upgrade not affecting the damage dealt by remotely controlled cleaner bots.
Added an upgrade that increases sprint time.
Melee attack damage upgrade now also increases attack range.
Improved Upgrade UI:
Selected upgrades are now highlighted.
Now, players must have received the corresponding upgrades before proceeding to the next stage.
The upgrade button now displays the required amount of Techno Coins.
Added the ability to reset upgrades.
Upgrade prices have been adjusted.

TechnoTsunami Boiler Room 5


Weapons can now be selected with the mouse wheel.
Improved AI behavior and response.
Added a new heavily armored enemy with shotgun.
Added a new enemy that wields a pistol and can fire from cover when necessary.
Included new melee particle effects.
Holding the mouse button now causes melee and ranged weapon attacks to trigger continuously.
Added new hit reaction animations and effects.
Attacks now interrupt enemy attacks.
Implemented pre-attack alerts for enemies.
Updated baseball bat model and particle effects.
Added grenade and bullet traces.
Enemies can now throw grenades when the player is hidden behind an obstacle.
Improved AI response to player sounds.
Increased the amount of ammo obtainable from containers.
Melee attacks now consume energy.
Some NPCs can now jump around.
Added white lines to camera turrets for better visibility.
Cleaner Robots can now be damaged by revolvers or shotguns in addition to lasers.
Players can now pick up and throw fire extinguishers.
Added the ability to hit enemy bombs with bullets or baseball bats.
Weaver will no longer kill remotely controlled Cleaning Bots on sight, making it easier to get around Weaver in Olympia.
Invisible robots in Olympia can now be seen through the phone camera.
Reduced damage dealt by the friendly Robot Head at Atrium and added a cooldown period.
Added neon lights to cleaner robots to indicate their hostility status.
Camera turret light color now changes based on the hostility status.
Shotgun moved to Atrium.
Improved animations for robots crawling from vents.
After healing potions are used, they continue to restore health for a while.

TechnoTsunami Atrium 1

UI Changes:
Added categories such as graphics and sound to the settings menu.
Crosshair size increased.
Implemented cached saves, significantly speeding up save/load UI opening times after the initial load.
Settings menu now remembers the last scroll position correctly.
Added ability to change music volume in settings.
Added ability to change volumetric fog level in settings.
Added ability to change antialiasing modes in settings.

TechnoTsunami Atrium 3

Spelling errors corrected.
Fixed issues where doors were getting stuck and couldn't be opened with weapons other than lasers.
Fixed the issue of black spots caused by melee attacks on objects.
Fixed cleaner robots not damaging fire extinguishers.
Fixed various game save bugs.
Fixed an issue where Camera Turettes would stay in the wrong position when destroyed.
Fixed the issue where loot from destroyed camera turrets would not be visible.
Fixed an issue where items such as bullets purchased from vending machines that were not picked up by the player would not be saved.
Fixed an issue where the camera image of smartphones was not centered correctly.
Slot machines no longer reward above the gold capacity.
Smoothed transitions between walking and stopping animations.

TechnoTsunami Boiler Room 2

TechnoTsunami Is Launching Today

TechnoTsunami Is Launching Today


A new project from Neon Castle, TechnoTsunami, a game combines elements of space, sci-fi and puzzle solving, is now launching on October 29th which is...

TechnoTsunami is now playable from start to finish

TechnoTsunami is now playable from start to finish


Latest update brings you the final level "Olympia". That means the game is playable from start to end now. With all the levels and the main pilot is done...

New TechnoTsunami update

New TechnoTsunami update


With this big update the game is getting closer to finish. I have integrated all the main story pilots. But the game is still in Early Access and the...

Steam Summer Sale Discount

Steam Summer Sale Discount


TechnoTsunami is 50% off on Steam Summer Sale, until July 9th.


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