You took control of a remote controlled robot, inside a space cruise ship called Neon Castle. This ship is sent to space from the 1930s by using a new discovered technology, a super magnetic metal that is capable of teleporting objects between its poles. Everything on this ship is controlled by humans from earth by remote controllers using radio waves. But humans on earth didn't know time was passing really slow in space. Objects keep teleporting to ship not just from the 1930 but from the 2000s too. And when this future technology reached earth it caused a catastrophic event that caused an apocalypse at your time 2130. Your mission is to collect all of these items before they reach the earth. But beware, not only the humans are hunting for these objects, this future tech attracted some other things to the ship as well.

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Hello from Neon Castle neoncastle neoncastle - read

Feb 8 2020


Hello please tell me what do you think about the game, what parts are good whats are bed. What is your advice. I need your feed backs. Thank you.