Set in 2010 military world, Soldner is a tactical, online first-person shooter developed by Wings Simulations. The player takes over the command of a Special Forces team - a group of high-tech soldiers, vechicles, helicopters and even airplanes. His goal is to fullfill a wide variety of mission types. Special servers can support even up to 128 players, dynamic single player campaign is also available.

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Patch v33960


So in this patch there are a lot of bugfixes and some rebalancing was done as well.
If you have version 33900 or a newer version you only need to install the patch. If you have an older version or even don't have it yet, download the Full Installer. Both downloads will be available either on ModDB or at Here you can see the full changelog:


  • fixed a rare server crash that could occur when a commander assigned a target that was destroyed at the same time
  • grenades and kits no longer become unusable when their weapon slot is activated while touching an obstacle
  • fixed endlessly looping repair sound when the creation of an ammo pickup with the Engineer toolkit was cancelled
  • fixed a bug that caused no kill message to be shown when a unit was destroyed by a physical impact (meaning not by a weapon)
  • the chat notification for team account requests now shows the requesters score
  • weapons now display the correct amount of the ammo left
  • fixed a bug that caused weapons to play the reload sound once too often
  • fixed a bug that caused the player posture not to be synchronized properly
  • fixed commander freeze bug that could cause the commander to be unable to move after leaving the commander mode
  • it is no longer possible to start team account requests from the pre spawn terminal
  • fixed a bug that could cause the team account request block to be much too high
  • fixed a bug that could cause the players page of the webinterface to be inaccessible


  • fixed a bug that made torpedoes underrun Gyurza-class patrol boats to often
  • torpedo payload's direct damage on hit increased
  • pilots of 'Mi-17V-3 Hip-H' may now look 90° downwards and use the laser sensors as intended
  • 'Mi-17V-3 Hip-H' received advanced smoke grenade launching system
  • light helicopter MG reconfigured
  • resupply costs for all canons and automatic weapons on vehicles reconfigured
  • ranges of automatic vehicle weapons further unified
  • the Type 63 tank now has the correct commander target icon
  • armour of all Wiesel 1 & 2 reduced
  • base price of 'M1097 Avenger' reduced
  • Cruise Missile launchers now have a reload time
  • 'Fuchs TPz 1 A7' now got tool- instead of medikit refill ability
  • the refill abilities speed was adjusted for 'Fuchs TPz 1 A7' and 'Vityaz DT-10P'
  • the base prices of 'Fuchs TPz 1 A7' and 'M977 HEMMT' decreased
  • laser sensors reconfigured to match expected behaviours
  • IFVs rebalanced
  • armour and health settings of helicopters and jets redesigned; the more expensive units can now survive a Stinger hit
  • armour of submarines increased to withstand several weapons while dived
  • depth charges shall now be released one by one on Mark V and CB90-H
  • Mark V got accoustic decoys as originaly intended
  • prices and ammo capacity of rocket launchers adjusted
  • armour and base price of 'Fennek JFST' has been increased
  • incorrect weapon distribution on 'Eurofighter' changed, it now has two anti tank missiles instead of additional anti air missiles
  • changed reload sounds for some mounted automatic guns
  • renamed 'RAH-66 Comanche' to 'RAH-66 AT Comanche'
  • renamed 'RAH-66 Comanche Anti-Air' to 'RAH-66 AA Comanche'
  • new weapon-configuration for 'EC665 Tiger': pilot got flares, unguided rockets and laser-missiles; WSO got turret gun, video-guided missiles and laser-marker
  • new weapon-configuration for 'KA-50 Black Shark': flares, heavy heli gun, unguided rockets, IR-guided anti-tank missiles, IR-guided Anti-Air missiles
  • new weapon-configuration for 'A-10C Thunderbolt II': flares, heavy jet gun, IR-guided Anti-Tank missiles, laser-guided 500lb bombs, unguided bombs
  • 'A-10C Thunderbolt II' and 'Su-25KM Scorpion' were reduced in manoeuverability
  • the base price for several aircrafts adjusted, in addition most combat jets became cheaper
  • side armour of the MBT 'Challenger', 'Leopard', 'Abrams' and 'Leclerc' slightly reduced
  • a second laser-marker has been added to the Apache Longbow, giving also the pilot the ability to mark targets
  • changed flight path for infantry rocket launchers
  • unified usage of visors used for launchers based upon the trajectory of the rockets
  • fixed the distances shown in rocket launcher visors or added them if they have not been there yet
  • the Su-32 pilot now has a laser marker
  • increased impact of laser- and ir-guided Anti-Tank missiles of jets
  • jet A-10 no longer has laser-bombs
  • reduced the base price of jets A-10, Rafale, F-22
  • reduced the base price for the Black-Shark
  • some category settings for vehicles fixed
  • the 'EQ2102' truck received a refill medikit ability and a new base price of $500
  • base price for Hind helicopter decreased
  • the boats 'CRRC' and 'RIB' are more stable in the water now
  • driver and passenger animations changed for the following vehicles: Dingo, eagle III, EQ2102, Fennek, Fuchs Tpz
  • base price for weapon HK MP7 increased


  • converted texture for blue smoke grenade to violet
  • adjusted collision boxes so the PCV Jeeps and DPV can no longer drive under high trucks
  • DPV model reworked
  • model of the Apache Longbow got a new cockpit, sensor units and further details were added
  • added new weapon Mac 10


  • Oasis: fixed houses that were not set on the ground properly
  • Zagadochniy Sad: redesigned two CPs
  • Attu Island: fixed hovering houses and flag
  • Atlas: removed helis and jets (VTOLs are still available)

That is it for now. Be sure to keep an eye on Soldner as there will be more patches soon. I look forward to see you on the battlefield. And remember, Soldner will never cost you any money. It is free of costs now and forever ;)

Patch v33950

Patch v33950


The new patch was just released get it and play Söldner for free(It's 100% free of costs, you never need to pay anything)

New Söldner Patch v33940

New Söldner Patch v33940


Söldner Patch v33940 is now available. Get it and look forward to v33950 ;)

 New Söldner Patch v33920

New Söldner Patch v33920


Just one month after the release of the last patch we are releasing a new patch today, on the 8th birthday of your favorite game ;)

Operation Overload Version 6.1 Release

Operation Overload Version 6.1 Release

Operation Overload 1 comment

We´re pleased to announce the release of Operation Overload Version 6.1! Client 6.0 to 6.1 Patch (14MB) Server 6.0 to 6.1 Patch (11MB) Server 6.1 Full...

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SSW Custom Gamepad Support

SSW Custom Gamepad Support

Mapping Tool

If you want to play like on console this is a custom Gamepad support for Söldner Secret Wars!

Söldner: Secret Wars CE Patch (v33985)

Söldner: Secret Wars CE Patch (v33985)


This patch updates version 33980 (Community Edition) to version 33985. If you have not yet installed the game, download and install the full installer...

Söldner: Secret Wars CE full game installer (v33980) StandAlone

Söldner: Secret Wars CE full game installer (v33980) StandAlone

Full Version

This download contains the installer for the full game. All sounds are in English language. Optional localizations in German, French, Spanish can be downloaded...

1080p 60fps Cutscenes HD

1080p 60fps Cutscenes HD


Original 25fps x2, HD 4:3 50fps and 60fps 1080p game intro for Söldner: Secret Wars

FunMod 5.6 Server Files

FunMod 5.6 Server Files


The newest Server-File of the FunMod - it`s Version 5.6 with many changes and new classes / vehicles and a lot of more stuff. Please check the readme...

Söldner Secret Wars CE v33960 Full Installer

Söldner Secret Wars CE v33960 Full Installer

Full Version 1 comment

This is the Full Installer of SSW. Use it to install the latest version of Söldner. The news page shows you the whole changelog.

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Guest - - 699,596 comments

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Guest - - 699,596 comments

Can you play LAN?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Falcon963 - - 6 comments

Sure you can.
To do so follow these steps:

First of all you need the server software which can be downloaded on the homepage (
In the Bin folder of the game there should be a .bat file with something like LAN in it, with that file you start the server.
To configure your server type localhost:7890 in your browser window. The default password is "soldnerserver" (without "). All the rest should be self explaining.
(Thx to Schranzkopp for the explanation ^^)

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TX300 - - 31 comments

Well I just got the game from a friend and I simply LOVE IT. If you like to play BF2 or other fps games then you should like this as you can drive and fly so many things you have to spend a few minutes deciding what you will go into battle in.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
sutter - - 5 comments

All the bad reviews söldner's got as soon as it launched were well deserved, this game really was subpar when it first came out, my rating when it first cam out would have been a 1 out of a 10, that's how bad i thought it was, but a lot of work has gone into it in the form of patches, and it demands stating once again, a lot of work went into it so that it could become something actually worth of my attention. I am a demanding player, i am not a geek, i have never breezed through a twenty hour game in 20 hours, i always take my time with games, i consider myself an average player, but where quality is to be found i am one to point it out and point it i will.

Graphics: 8 though textures are becoming a bit dated, they still stand good especially for the war theme conveyed.

Sound: 8 good sounds, especially those of explosions and rotor blades, armored vehicles and some fire shots are spot on.

Gameplay: single player 4 forget about it, you may use single player to train your pilot skills though.

Gameplay: online multiplayer 9.8 great.

If you enjoy battles in a grand scale and actually want that little more realism put into it than i guess there's no other game at the moment providing you as much as this one does, perhaps battlefield 2 is hot on this one's heels but still wishing it had söldner's more serious gameplay.

Do you enjoy arcadish mindless fun? tere's room for it in söldner's gameplay, just ignore your comander's orders and go about having your fun (just as long as you don't kill your team players, in which case you may have your butt kicked in less than it takes to say it).

Do you prefer to take your time thinking a more strategic approach? well why don't you become commander of your team and launch a thunderbolt ground suppressing, first air-strike attack, followed by second sweep of attack choppers as your blackhawks disgorge your highly trained snipers and some infantry teams in the background, deploying them right under your oponent's nose. My! you can wreak havok with that sort of combination, helicopters hovering around, bombing the enemy base to rubble and over 700 round per second mini gun, shooting any still standing opposiiion while your carefully placed and constantly changing spot after each kill skilled snipers take care of any daring dodger especially the ones clutching a stinger launcher (which may be fatal to your chopper pilots and their rides) in their sweaty grimy fingers, or just taking care of any still remnant armored vehicle in the perimeter, ( always, always cary a launcher, depending on your environment arena, either anti tank of which only one is really nearly 100% effective on a single shot, anti personnel, anti bunker, or anti anircraft of which there's only one, the stinger launcher).

Did i wet your gaming taste buds already? well no matter what i write here can actaully prepare you for this monster of a game, if you really are into war tactics and if you are the sort of person who has an interest in weapons, from side arms to B2 bombers and whatever's involved in the making of a battlefield, this game is spot on.

This still isn't a real war,real wars are no fun i'll tell you ( some weapons should be more effective than they are in the game) there's still some room for nit picking but what game doesn't. but you can ask yourself the question, "... but is it any realistic, doe it feel like real war on my computer screen ? "
my answer to you is, closer than any other game to date.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
vixion - - 3 comments

When Soldner first came out had alot of bugs thats why it got bad scores but Wings (The game creators) is not working on the game anymore, ProjectZero is now working on this great game and they made available patches to correct all those bugs and add features to the game, there is allways new patches! Its a multiplayer game altough you can play alone in Training missions.

This game has fully destructible environment, more then 60 weapons, including pistols, snipers, machine guns, rocket launchers, grenade launchers, grenades, c4.

More then 70 vehicles including civilian cars, jeeps, tanks, jets, helicopters.

You can customize your character from head to foot.

The multiplayer online modes are: Capture the Flag, Capture the Vehicle, Death match, Team Death match, Conquest and Super Conquest.

This game will worth your money! Its very fun to play and i promise you wont get bored!!

Check the official site for more info and YouTube for videos of version 33673 by squishless.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
0ggy - - 28 comments

Soldner is actually a really good game guys.... Download the latest patches and get the addons, then get on there, play a 10k server and have some fun! Good buy!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
[GE]Specialist - - 291 comments

Looks ok, but so many people giving it bad score. I'm not even going to waste me money on it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
KinkyJedi - - 70 comments



Reply Good karma Bad karma-6 votes
ConfusedMaster - - 321 comments

Consider that this game is from 2004.
If i think about more or less comparable games like OperationFlashpoint, JointOperations and Battlefield1942 they are all from around that time and don't really make Söldner look that bad if you ask me.
I would describe this game as a simpler OperationFlashpoint.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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