As a asymmetrical multiplayer, Retro Rockets offers a multitude of playstyles. Each character comes with it’s own play style, strengths and weaknesses.

Playing as Destructo you will be hunting down Retronauts and eventually destroy the entire space station. Although you are stronger than those Retronauts, you will have to be mindful of their traps and gadgets. More challenging are the Securobots that spawn after killing a Retronaut. You will have to utilize your weapons, gadgets and abilities in order to be victorious.

As a Retronaut you will have to work together and rely on your abilities and equipment. Even though you may be fragile, utilizing these will help you survive and complete your objective of rebooting the station. Rebooting the station will enable the security system, which will make short work of Destructo.

Avenge your fallen comrades, and yourself! Your game is not over if you get killed while playing as a Retronaut! You will return as a formidable Securobot. Able to protect your surviving team mates and dealing serious damage to Destructo, you can aid your team towards victory. Either try to destroy Destructo with your weapons or aid any surviving Retronauts in completing their objective.

In Retro Rockets you are able to customize your character’s appearance, by changing colours, patterns and by swapping out parts/helmets. Customize your character to be the most awesome, bad ass or groovy!

Besides visual appearance you are also able to change your loadout. Experiment with different gadgets weapons and abilities. This allows for strategy variations. How about a Retronaut that is less vulnerable and more beefy, a.k.a. Rambonaut. Weigh in the pro’s and con’s to create interesting playstyles.

Our composer has done a tremendous job at creating an awesome and diverse soundtrack. The soundtrack in our game is heavily inspired by 70s disco, funk and epic, orchestral scores. Our orchestral pieces are even recorded at the Abbey Road recording studios. Music and sound effects are integral to our game and Sjoerd is the right person to get this done.

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Retro Rockets is now on Kickstarter with a free demo for everybody to play! Click the button image above or Kickstarter Campaign to go to the campaign and play the demo.

Be one of the first to play as Destructo, a Retronaut or the powerful Securobot.

As you may know, making a game is expensive, really expensive. We have already made major investments into the game over the past two years. During this period the game has blossomed from a humble prototype to a full-blown alpha with all c ore features present. Our next major milestones will be the beta version and of course a full release. If you want to be part of the closed beta, be sure to check out our rewards.

This is where Kickstarter comes in. A successful campaign makes it possible for us to reach these milestones and provide you with an amazing game. A big part of the budget will go towards development, allowing us to not have to worry about external clients or jobs on the side. Furthermore, the budget allows us to bring in external help and have Sjoerd compose even more kick-ass music!

We hope you will consider supporting a small indie team trying to realize their dream.


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