Red Alliance is a game that was in development since 2012. Over the past 4 years the game has changed its direction a bunch of times and the story-line as well as gameplay were reworked. Red Alliance is a storyline based FPS game with a co-op feature. Game is being developed in Unity 3D Engine.

This game has been Greenlit by the Community!

The game takes place in early 2000s in a small Eastern European country where the weak government was taken down by a group of Neo Nazis that conquered the government and brought up their dictatorship. Player alongside with his best friend Stanko are few of the many people living in the capital who tried opposing the new government and were imprisoned. Not only does the prison has inhuman guards that know no pity, but also a large portion of the prisoners are being used during the experiments of the scientist named Dr. Grey. Experiments focused on getting control of human minds. And player is no exception to that and has went through a bunch of experiments.

The game begins by player making his escape out of the prison and the city. On his path he discovers that while he was imprisoned the resistance group was formed named "Red Alliance". Player's goal is to get to the resistance group and from there on go off on his own mission - to find and stop Dr. Grey and his inhuman experiments as well as find out what exactly did Dr. Grey do to him during his stay in prison...

The game consists of 8 playable chapters as well as a separate survival mode that can be played alone or in co-op. The game features elements of horror as well. The estimated release date for the game is during autumn of 2016. Feel free to download Red Alliance Demo 2015 V0.04 if you haven't already, thought keep in mind - the game has changed a lot over the past year. Also make sure to check out Red Alliance on other web sources.

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We're excited to bring you update 1.4 for Red Alliance! Featuring a new extra perk, updated weapon animations, balance improvements, lots of quality of life improvements throughout the game, and a lot more. And the game is currently on a discount for 50% off on Steam!

Heading towards the train station

Big Changes:
- Added “Mirrored World” extra.
- Animation improvements & fixes for pretty much every weapon.
- Achievements have been localized.
- Improvements to the boss battle. The progress is now visually displayed, which makes planning and resource management easier for the player.
- Major backend changes and improvements to game’s architecture. These aren’t the changes you’ll see, but they are important for long term support and future changes. The game's engine has been updated as well resulting in more stability.

Visuals & Graphics:
- “Retro Mode” visual improvements.
- All weapons have been correctly adjusted to 21:9 aspect ratio. No more gun or hand clipping.
- Added shadows from muzzle flashes. Can be toggled from settings menu.
- Patched many visible gaps in weapon geometry.
- Fixed a texture issue for one of the player skins while M4A1 was equipped.
- Corrected the brightness on fire & sparks particle effects.
- New pause menu blur effect.

Prison environment of Red Alliance

- New fonts for various UI elements (subtitles, menus, HUD). Cleaner and without aliasing.
- HUD no longer starts shaking while player moves around in some levels.
- Added an outline to subtitles and in-game instructions for better readability.
- Added missing localization. Now the entire HUD is correctly localized.
- Loading screens now have correctly aligned text for all aspect ratios.
- Dot reticle is no longer stretched at wide aspect ratios.
- Low graphics settings no longer affect UI & HUD elements.
- New scope texture for the sniper rifle.
- Fixed blurry UI in main menu.
- Various localization improvements both in game and in store page description.
- The HUD is no longer visible when the pause menu is up.
- Updated game’s “Red Alliance” logo in the main menu, loading screens and credits.

- In-game video files now have higher bitrate at no performance cost.
- RPG and grenade ammo now gets highlighted as well to be in line with other supplies that can be picked up.
- Updated screen space reflections visual effect.
- Collision of a drivable vehicle has been improved.
- If the player performs no mouse input while driving a car, the camera will get recentered after a short period of time.
- Balance changes. Added more supplies to various sections of the game, including Oppressive Units' outpost.
- Improved the puzzle hint asset in “Ad Stygem” chapter.
- Improvements to navigation in “Sudden Escape”, “Red Alliance” and “Ad Stygem” chapters. Environment now does a better job at guiding the player.
- Increased time between waves in the “A Means to an End” chapter.
- In “Red Alliance” chapter player can now stealthily acquire the supplies from one of the houses where an angry citizen resides.
- Various improvements to stealth sections.
- Objective indicators are now more visually intuitive. In “Red Alliance” and “A Means to an End” chapters especially.
- Scrolling with a mouse wheel down now brings up next weapon instead of previous one.
- Alt and Tab keys are no longer detected during level loading, which previously resulted in unwanted level loading complete action.
- During boss battle enemies no longer shoot from behind the force field.
- Apply button in settings menu now correctly saves the settings.
- Mouse 3 button can now be used to go back in menus.
- During a final encounter in “A Means to an End” chapter, antagonist’s lines aren’t repeated now.
- Various minor level design improvements throughout the game.

- Major code refactoring and optimization: UI, physics, caching, gameplay logic, etc.
- Fixed recurring lag spikes that could occur if the game was running for too long.
- “Retro Mode” can now be activated much quicker and doesn’t crash the game on some machines.
- Reduced build size significantly by using a better compression method for some assets.

Underground combat with the shotgun

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed camera clipping at high field of view and 21:9 aspect ratio.
- Reload action now correctly gets canceled if it was interrupted by picking up another gun.
- Fixed a bug when player could switch guns just before entering a vehicle, which would result in a gun appearing while driving.
- Weapons can no longer be equipped or switched during cutscenes.
- Fixed a bug when a weapon would not appear after loading a new scene while holding an object.
- Fixed an animation bug with melee weapons which could be triggered by spamming both mouse keys.
- Improved an encounter in the last level of “Red Alliance” chapter abandoned house, where a few hostages are facing severe consequences with Oppressive Units.
- Ratko no longer hits objects while walking around the resistance base.
- Fixed a visual bug with color correction which could be encountered in “Urban Hazard” chapter.
- Fixed a visual bug with a flashlight which could be toggled in a few sections of the game.
- Fixed a rare bug which could be encountered while dropping a weapon and saving the game.
- Fixed a spot where a player could get stuck behind a fence at the Oppressive Units’ output.
- Fixed player swimming physics being tied to frame rate.
- Fixed a bug where a player could toggle saving or loading actions with a key input while in settings menu.
- Can no longer trigger saving / loading action while a minigame is being loaded.
- Vortex mode now gets correctly reset when exiting to main menu.
- Fixed a rare critical bug that could happen if a save file would be loaded while a vehicle is in a drift state.
- AI navigation fixes in some levels where odd visual bugs could occur due to wrong pathfinding.
- Fixes to physics where unintended clipping through the floor could occur. The old functionality can be reverted via console command player_allow_clip (for speedrunning).
- Dropped weapons no longer occasionally clip through the ground during boss battle. This ensures that dropped weapons always remain in reachable distance.
- Fixed issues while switching weapons with a mouse scroll wheel. Now certain slots are no longer skipped.

- Fixed r_tex_quality console command not working.
- Added a few player movement related console commands.
- About 30 more minor changes throughout the game that aren’t worth documenting.

The game is currently on sale on Steam, available at:

Red Alliance June 2022 Update. On sale at 50%

Red Alliance June 2022 Update. On sale at 50%


A new update on the game brings numerous important changes & fixes, such as better resource distribution, new music, better animations, and many stability...

Red Alliance patch notes since release. On sale at 50% until October 12th!

Red Alliance patch notes since release. On sale at 50% until October 12th!

News 2 comments

This is an overview of all updates the game has received since its initial release 3 years ago. Red Alliance is on sale until October 12th!

Red Alliance Trailer 2018

Red Alliance Trailer 2018

News 4 comments

A 2018 trailer for Red Alliance - a singleplayer semi-survival game with elements of horror.

Red Alliance - Update 68 - Stealth Mechanics, Visuals Improvements

Red Alliance - Update 68 - Stealth Mechanics, Visuals Improvements

News 3 comments

After 1 year Red Alliance is back with a new development update video. Introducing stealth mechanics, huge visual and gameplay improvements, and new levels...

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Red Alliance Demo 2015 V0.04

Red Alliance Demo 2015 V0.04

Demo 4 comments

Red Alliance Demo 2015 V0.04 features miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements as well as new stuff added. Most important fix is Co-op mode, now fully...

Red Alliance Demo 2015 V0.01

Red Alliance Demo 2015 V0.01

Demo 10 comments

Consider downloading the updated version V0.04 instead, as it features important fixes and improvements. The long awaited release of Red Alliance Demo...

Red Alliance Demo 2013

Red Alliance Demo 2013

Demo 11 comments

This demo consists of a full phase 1 of the campaign. There are 6 levels with a boss in the end and 2 endings.

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kingdruiduk.AKA.DJ - - 777 comments

Wow! I'm using a Recompiled Reshaade that unlocks raytracing on my RTX GPU. The graphics are awesome, not too much fog or reflections, bloom high sometimes. I need to make some sort of software where I can actually change the RTX settings. I really dont understand why Valve & Steam won't get their act together. Rayshade is in portal but standardised? How long ago was that?? so Vulkan get's used for that.
I know this is unity, I tell you it looks awesome. At least the skybox moves. good work. i have a lot more to say about RTX raytracing software?
That big company's charging well over the top for, because it looks nicer.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Armcoon - - 798 comments

Dev, I found a bug, I reported on Steam, but you still no reply, so I write again here: "When you wear brown suit one and using M4A1 / M4A1 K, that arm texture is going weird, other weapons is fine." And last, have possible make survival mode at future?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
FlippedOutKyrii - - 3,535 comments

With the October 5th release coming up quick, do you have a clear-set idea what the price of the game is going to be? c:

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
alaTBC - - 156 comments

can it work with geforce 9400gt

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
RedAllianceGames Creator
RedAllianceGames - - 37 comments

Should be able to, but probably not at the highest settings.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
alaTBC - - 156 comments

ok thx

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
NukularPotato - - 1 comments

Played the demo and it seems very good, there are some flaws with the physics however but I believe that it could be justified by the version of Unity. The gameplay seems pretty solid, apart from some bugs when picking up weapons. The story too seems pretty interesting but could be made clearer with some posters, news papers, etc... scattered in the map. AI is good but friendly NPCs lack some character, I suggest maybe some random lines for them to say now and again. Sound design is a bit bland, but then it is a demo. Over all the game is pretty good and the full release is looking even better!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
FlippedOutKyrii - - 3,535 comments

Will difficulty settings make a difference when it comes to enemy placement and ammo/health drops?

HL2 has a thing where higher difficulty settings decrease the amount of ammo obtained from pickups but increased the amount dropped from enemies to influence the players aggression in replenishing their ammo pool.

What will Red Alliance implement?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
RedAllianceGames Creator
RedAllianceGames - - 37 comments

Sorry for late reply
The difficulty setting makes ammo drops as well as enemy damage varied. So playing at harder difficulty will make the game feel a lot more like a survival. :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote
FlippedOutKyrii - - 3,535 comments

Man, I'm just stoked to play a new SP oriented FPS, you any closer to release? :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
RedAllianceGames Creator
RedAllianceGames - - 37 comments

Soon this year :) New trailer will be airing in a month or so.

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