The action of the game takes place in the era of the war between 3 galaxy empires: Lexamor, Caoprium and Discidium in the period of their technical prosperity. New special mobile prototypes, named gravitanks, were created during this period.
The main feature of game universe are 3 types of basic bacteris - firyon, freeza and biozard. After their discovering, the special organizations, named Circles, were created in these empires for biofield manipulation.
Each empire chose only one type of basic bacterias, so the researchers and warriors of these empires influenced on basic bacterias using their own mind, such influence could fire or freeze the material, and corrode it as well.
Such abilities of elite warriors were taken into consideration during gravitank construction, so the special components, named bioclasters were built into each gravitank, these components allowed to concentrate biofield flow and enlarge the scale of destruction, using the influence on biofield.

Key features:
- Players' vehicle: gravitank.
The abilities of gravitank:
- jumps, pulling to any solid surfaces
- flying and amphibia modes
- Role-playing system:
- 6 base characteristics
- no strict gameplay class division
- different skills (an influence on biofield, gravitank control skills, technical skills, team/support skills)
- A variety of abilities to modify the gravitank:
- different weapons (up to 3 equipped guns per tank)
- engines
- armor
- several types of additional slots
- Multiplayer key features:
- a variety of map types (from land battles up to space combat)
- modes:
- Deathmatch
- Team Deathmatch
- Capture The Core (CTF)
- Domination (capture and control the points)
- Death Race
- Destroy The Base

dpsstudio - programmer, team leader
cleadis - game designer, 3D artist, composer, concept artist
RedSensor - QA
NNP- translator and tester

If you are interested in our project, PM me

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We are proud to announce about collaboration with Neoaxis Group - authors of Neoaxis engine, that we use for our game. Our team implemented and continues to implement new effects for the engine, that improve graphics of the game, for example SSAO, DoF, Lens Flare and Light Shafts. Such collaboration brings us an opportunity to optimize the game properly and to speed up development as well, avoiding internal engine problems. You could admire new graphics effects on these screenshots of new map - Onyxion:

Onyxion Onyxion Onyxion

And simple Lens Flare demonstration:

Currently we don't have proper maps for Light Shafts effect, but it looks like this in the engine :

User Posted Image

Keep on track of the project, guys :).

Sevenor: Multiplayer, recruitment

Sevenor: Multiplayer, recruitment


SEVENOR IS NOT DEAD! :) Read more information about new project in this post

Alpha version release

Alpha version release

News 5 comments

Our team released alpha version of the project - check it out!

Update #1

Update #1

News 2 comments

This is our first public update, new gravitank texture, achievement system and new members in team!

The beginning

The beginning

News 3 comments

The start of project Macrolepsis: Sevenor. Short demonstration of abilities of our team

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Old Single-Player Alpha version

Old Single-Player Alpha version

Demo 1 comment

Alpha version of the single-player version of the project The alpha version of our project is added to download section. System requirements: Windows...


Looks awesome guys!

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Good looking, considered UDK???

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dpsstudio Creator

No, we use Neoaxis engine ( and all content is authentical and made by us. I'm glad that our project is compared to UDK, it's a surprise for me:)

Reply Good karma+7 votes

what an awesome start! You already have seem to have a lot in place, will be checking for updates often XD

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