Blood Omen is a two-dimensional action-adventure game. The game camera is fixed in a bird's eye view position and follows Kain as the character travels the world of Nosgoth. Gameplay is divided between outdoor exploration and visiting internal structures, including crypts, houses, castles, cathedrals and temples.

The game screen constantly displays three features, being the sun gauge, and health and magic meters respectively. The sun gauge monitors the passage of time via the use of icons (e.g. sun and moon), with the screen also becoming lighter or darker to accurately reflect the time. Certain doors, or "Moon Gates", possess a "time trigger" and only open when a full moon occurs. A full moon briefly occurs once every two hours of real time.

The health meter is a red blood vial that monitors Kain's current level of health. By finding small vials throughout the game it is possible to increase the size of the vial. The magic gauge is signified by a series of blue glyphs, and by finding additional glyphs the gauge increases in length.

During the course of the game, the character Kain acquires a variety of abilities, weapons, armor, magic and items.

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In today's update:

Stuff that was done in summer/autumn 2012 and in Blood Omnicide 0.1 progress at whole.


Chapter I: Retrospective.

Blood Omnicide v0.1 being in development for almost 3 years now. It was started as a map pack and features update to the demo version. With time, we got large response from community: the critics, opinions and requests. Many of them was right and we decided to add new features to the plan for v0.1: raising overall quality, get more blood omen-like gameplay (and restore things that was missed), add real-time physics for destruction and interaction, improve multilanguage support and add new faithful features to extend gameplay. Making all that stuff required us to re-visit the whole project skeleton. There is very little amount of things that was left unchanged since demo was released.One of side effects of that major re-route was growing entropy. You can't significantly change many things without adding chaos to the structure. Big improvements demand new improvements, making rewrite cycle last longer. For example: by increasing lighting quality, we got nice surface shading and it starts to demand high definition textures. Once high definition textures was done, it was clear that sprites, even being upscaled with advanced techniques, start to look blury and misfit with map environments. It requires to upgrade all sprites to models. Models require rag doll animation for nice death scenes... STOP. Improvements without any doubts is nice thing, but thats too much work to do in single update. It is unacceptable that too much features will throw project into remaking hell, holding it away from the release.

Chapter II: The plan.

After all reflections we've decided to dedicate summer and autumn to stabilizing Blood Omnicide development - finishing up stuff that is not done and cutting out some most slow progressing features (such as first person viewport, models for all characters and so on).


The task list was:

  • Lock the texture quality level at 8x (8 times higher than original tiles) and make all textures looks same.
  • Finish mausoleum retexturing.
  • Fix and polish lighting technique.
  • Start the spirit forge and blood fountain themes.
  • Start with finalizing Wilderness location.
  • Temporarily disable code parts which is not required by the current game progress, lowering amount of supported code.
  • Fix and lock progress for all new game features until v0.1 will be out.

Chapter III: Result.

Massive texture update, about 300 HD textures were produced (with normalmaps and gloss maps that would be around 800 textures). ~20 new map models, and many existing ones (~70) was updated to use smoothing groups (recent version of Darkplaces .MD3 exporter - a tool created to export map models got support for smoothing groups). Wolf cave and wilderness location got progress, test colored materials for location prototyping was added etc.


On the rendering side, global sun light to simulate sunset/sun dawn was added. Q3map2 (map compiler) got new ambient occlusion technique for lightmap calculations, this new techique produces both highlight and darken effect. World textures (such as town signs) can be translated now. Blood Omnicide Development Wiki was created in order to increase effectivity of team work.As one of results, we would like to present a new gameplay video:

blood pill 1.0 release

blood pill 1.0 release

Blood Omnicide 3 comments

Some of you might know that Ben Lincoln, the creator of, did a research called Map Survey. Inspired by the discovery of the secret BO...

Spring and summer in Nosgoth

Spring and summer in Nosgoth

Blood Omnicide 3 comments

Quite much time has passed since previous big news from Blood Omnicide. Winter has gone, then spring and summer begun. Nosgoth is a dying world, but seasons...

Small news pack for the last month.

Small news pack for the last month.

Blood Omnicide 4 comments

Project now has page on Mod Database, thanks to Mkilbride. Patch 1.01 is progressing, many fixed get approved, yet some more on the way.

Blood Omnicide Demo released

Blood Omnicide Demo released

Blood Omnicide 6 comments

Blood Omnicide Demo - second release of the project. It consists of two of the very first chapters of game - Prologue and Arrival to the Pillars. Additional...

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HQ Sound Patch v3

HQ Sound Patch v3

HQ Sound Patch Patch 6 comments

This update includes an xdelta patch. This download contains a set of files that replace the some of the lower quality audio files in the Windows port...

HQ Bink Video Patch

HQ Bink Video Patch

HQ Bink Video Patch Patch

This download contains all the files necessary to add Bink support to "Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain". The files were taken from the now defunct

HQ Sound Patch v2

HQ Sound Patch v2

HQ Sound Patch Patch 4 comments

This download contains a set of files that replace the some of the lower quality audio files in the Windows port of "Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain" with...

HQ Sound Patch v1

HQ Sound Patch v1

HQ Sound Patch Patch 1 comment

This download contains a set of files that replace the some of the lower quality audio files in the Windows port of "Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain" with...

Bink Video Support Pack

Bink Video Support Pack

Bink Video Support Pack Patch 2 comments

A compilation with every Bink video support patch from, which has shut down.

Blood Pill v1.09

Blood Pill v1.09

Blood Omnicide Archive Tool 1 comment

Blood Pill got a minor update to 1.09 version, which includes improvements for Blood Omnicide installer and common bugfixes:


is there a way to play the original in Widescreen ?

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ps1 is still alive

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes

Silicon Knights really developed the game, but development of the LoK games was taken over by Crystal Dynamics later on, no Silicon Knights Developer groups

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Crystal Dynamics published it originally, though, while SK developed it, I put Edios as they're the current publisher of all LOK games.

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