Last Colony demo
Last colony demo
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This will be a 3D real time strategy game in the 4X genre.

I've played this genre of games really much and now is time for me to try to give you a my idea about it.

Most of the 4X games are too intensive expecially in middle-final part of the game, imagine check the planetary production turn by turn where every turn can be several minutes long. In multiplayer can be really frustrating!!!

In Last Colony I have made a solution to this problem. Simply decide your entire faction production instead planetary! That is too generic you think? Thats why you need to try this game. Personally i think is a great solution and gives an "entire view" of your empire also when a specific production is required somewhere else. You have to upgrade your logistics, try better solutions, and research new tecnology or you will be paralized by your bigger and biggest empire.

This is a strategy game not a tactical one. Some title like StarCraft are too much oriented in micromanagement giving the game an aspect of caotic need of time. In Last Colony the strategic view of tactical aspects is made controlling entire fleets planet by planets, move by move, minute by minute, second by second.

Three are the empire productions: Fleet (raising your ship number untill supply are enough), Economy (raising planetary value and supplies for fleets), Research (a multipurpose production, really important to master in beginning of the game because is easy to fall in an overproduction, and most important on the end because some final technologies are the difference between victory and defeat). You need to select the right moment to switch to another production, an overproduction or underproduction is a big error!


Thanking to contributors ideas this is the plot:

The year is 2075. The Earth has been ecologically destroyed by humans.
In the last few months they builded some ships thinking this is the only solution between life and death: The travel will be a century long, but for now only these ships can save them from destruction.
Some humans were left on the planet. Not enough space and some of them wanted to die in the same planet where they was born.
Only after about 1 century the ships entered in orbit around a new compatible, free, fantastic world. They started colonization, building houses, cities, roads but looking forward avoiding ecological disaster and now after years of astrophysic studies in space they understood the meanings of some space anomalies called Warp Points.
Will the humans can decide itself their destiny around the galaxy? This will be really the new world where evil never come?

I need contributions in order to make this dream a reality

This is not the first C# i have coded. I started coding in several languages since my childhood looking my father an electronic researcher.This is time for me to follow my dream. I need a new PC, with a better 3D card, more time and Pizza! Oh yes pizza is the greatest thing for my brain in order to code in C# :P

Dont forget to specify your name and save the payment confirmation, in future you will have a big discount on final release.

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Until now i've coded the game adding new features every day, upgrading the graphic, looking around for inspiration. Now is time to draw a line, and take fly following it.

Pre-demo version: (1 March 2013)

Oldest screenshots show it. Really un-happy version... simply codes, codes everything!!!!!

Demo version: (10 March 2013)

This is the final release of what i've done till now.
From now on the game will have a more "marketing policy", will evolve in the way most of the users want, and... as ever where I want.
For now the game is a full strategic skirmish game, the demo (look on downloads) is a standard 4 systems 1v1 battle... i think the perfect solutions for 1v1 PvP multiplayer matches...
AI is not extremly intelligent but enough to take a little fun.

Beta version: From 10 March 2013 and beyond...

In progress: (what will be or have already done for further versions) in bold most important things or what is already under work

  • Better graphics
  • Better AI
  • Lesser AI as CPU-intensive (imagine 200 systems with 100 factions... a really long game but also laggy i think... never tried XD)
  • Main menu
  • Single player domination game mode (what is now but selecting number of stars, enemies and so on...)
  • Single player tutorial game mode
  • Single player campaign game mode (yes a strategy game with a story...strange but true)
  • BUG FIXES (more things added, more bugs were born)
  • Multiplayer domination game mode
  • Multiplayer coop / campaign game mode
  • Balancing gameplay
  • More researches and lesser rare (My concept: I want to make a game where NO ONE knows exactly ALL researches. I want multiplayer research advantage given to who played much more and know more tech than enemy. For example: Hyperspace tech is already in game but condition to obtain it are not reveled. Play play, understood what researches are necessary in order to unlock Hyperspace. Or for example: Shields, Intelligence tech, Cloaking, Beacons, Motherships and so on.....
  • i forgot others ....................................

Too much? no it is my dream-game... and Last colony will be this.

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Last Colony demo

Last Colony demo

Demo 1 comment

Read Description (I hope it works fine, first time i upload a download)

d10sfan - - 494 comments

looks interesting, is a linux version planned?

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SirFred Creator
SirFred - - 13 comments

When the game will be released, it will be for Windows, Linux and Mac.

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d10sfan - - 494 comments

ok great thanks! tracking

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