I made this game project while I was learning how to use Unity Engine, but I liked so much what I did on it, and also am seeing so much potential on it, that I'm updating it and see how far I can go with this project.

The game premisse is letting you create your own guild, recruit members and explore the world with them.

This is not a gacha game, and I will not add vile mechanics to hinder your progression in the game. As an example, your characters can gain experience by doing anything that gives it. Even low level monsters will give you their full exp.

You may notice the precarious state of the game assets, but it's because I'm developing the game alone. I have nearly null knowledge of 3d modeling, so I used raw assets Unity provided, alongside my creativity, to create what I needed for the project.

I will not use assets from Unity Store, because I know really well how people dislike games with assets taken from there. The only thing I actually got from external sources was the sounds, whose I got from freesound.org.

I don't recruit anyone to help me with the project, because I doubt anyone would be willing to work on something without being paid for in the mean time. This game project is not funded in any way, so it's only me being stubborn and really invested into working on it.

You can find videos of the project on my Youtube Channel, on this playlist:

If you want to try the project, for now, you can get the download from the Itch IO link on the side of the page, or from my blog:


The game is fully playable, and there's nothing locked, except for what is currently under development.

You'll notice what's locked because is under development if you see, for example, npcs or paths with dismissive messages.

I don't update the game regularly, but I make sure that the changes are worth the wait.

What I seek of posting about my project on IndieDB, is players to try out my project.

I hope you like it. If you have feedback, feel free to give it.

And if you're interessed in knowing more about what I've been doing on the project, follow my twitter: Twitter.com

You can also access the discord server of the project.

Have fun :)

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Hello Guild Masters, I came to tell you guys that the project is still up and running, but to make it easier for myself, I will be posting the update news of the game project on its Itch IO page, and I will explain why bellow:

The update release days are generally quite tough to deal with, since I have to spend a long period of time testing the game to seek bugs I might have missed (of course, having fun and doing some quests meanwhile), wait a long number of minutes for the game to executables to be built, push the game to Itch IO, write the news article with what is coming with the update and share the news on the Discord Server and Twitter (or X, dumb name).

That's actually quite tiresome, so I'm trimming a bit part of the process by leaving the news at one place.

The Itch IO page of the game project, can be found to the right side of the screen, I believe. Or just access through the link bellow:


Now, let me try to make a resumé of the news you missed from the game project:

[v0.3.1] Bug Fixes and changes to Active Guild Members management

Due to the number of somewhat bothersome issues found on previous patch, I decided to lainch a update with bugfixes, a new Loadscreen, and also a change on active guild members management on guild hall.

Changes to Group Management

The group management is now a fixed list of active members on the group you'll take to the exploration.

That change, will make so if you remove, for example, the second member of your active group from the group, the second slot will be free, and you can pick another character to take that slot.

With that, swapping guild members from active group should actually be better, easier, and less bothersome.

Change Log

Added missing headgear frame position to Samson.
You can no longer see Wolfgang's campfire in the map before you use the skill.
You will no longer be able to find Samson in the place he shows up after you already recruited him.
Wolfgang can no longer walk over sewage.
Samson's Combat Technique is now correctly named "Fist Fight".
Treatment and Medicate buff skills will now correctly remove at least 1 stack of debuff.
Changed how the weather is handled by the game, regarding rain.
The regions of the game now have different weather settings.
 => Also introducing clear weather, and snowy weather.
Added campfires to Gavea Southeast Field and City of Gavea.
Discord will now let people know on your status when you're fishing, if you have rich presence on.
Campfires now produces light.
Ending fishing skill while Wolfgang is showing you the catch will no longer make his recent catch his extra accessory.
Takedown skill will no longer knockout monsters larger than your character.
 => But will instead inflict Confused debuff.
Changed how guild members can be managed from the Guild Hall.
 => One of the side effects of that, is that now you can remove and add guild members to your group, without having to remove other members to readjust their position in the group.
The quest "For Lavanda!" will no longer flood your group list with characters.
Changed how the individual and group selection buttons are displayed.
Fixed a few dialogues which had "disponible" instead of "available", in their texts.

Enjoy :)

Polar Summer Break Update is out. (Sadly, it's now over)

The Polar Summer Break is up (probably, I have not much idea), and so, comes a new update with a new event for you to partake.

Polar Summer Break Event (June 16th ~ July 28th)

Senior Rolek can't really get to enjoy the summer break off his magic school, while knowing that 5 students still have to do their summer break task before new school period begins.

Help those Students, and they will give you accessories based on their magic class speciality. Help all of them, and Rolek will reward you with the Old Book, a heavy book that increases Experience gain for the character equipping it.

Not only that will be awarded, since you'll be able to pick a Fullmoon Magician Hat to get for free, and will also be able to more from him as the event is active. You can check how the hat looks bellow.


Since I value your time, I didn't made the tasks complicated to complete, neither time consuming, except for the part of finding where the mages are or where some of the objectives are but... Well... At least is still on the same map, so that's good.

This event is yearly, but at least this year, It will have a start time later than in the following years, since the event came out late.

Naturally, it will begin on the first Friday of June, and run for 42 days.

Lavanda Cave Entrance Opened

I actually had something more planned for this cave. There's still work for me to do in this cave, not only on that map, but also on another map of this cave that I'm also developing. Due to the heavy dialogue work I'm doing on the other map, and some more dialogue work I still need to do, the second area of this cave is not available for accessing.

There are a few new monsters in this area, but their loot are still quite disappointing. I do recommend you to be careful here. Also, no quest asks you to kill the monsters introduced on this cave.

Seasons Implemented

If you check above screenshots, you'll see that next to the clock, there's a Season counter, with day and season currently active.

The season currently only will affect the weather. I still need to figure out how I'll make the season also affect terrain and environment.

Font Changes

Some fonts in the game have been chaneed, and maybe even for the worse.

I might need to review what fonts to use for many interfaces in the game, aswell as add more fonts to interfaces still using generic fonts.

To tell the truth, I still haven't fully gotten the hang of how text mesh pro works, so I'm just exploring its options and seeing what they do.

Please don't call me an idiot.

Removal of Mastery Skills

Skills that only boosted character status based on weapon, like Sword Mastery, Magic Mastery and stuff were removed from the characters skill tree, and their final status bonus added to the character.

That should make your character build easier to make, aswell as making the character less harder to hit its potential.

The only exception to this are skills like Bare Knuckles Boost, since that skill is actually a bit more complex than simply boosting status.

Reputation System Introduction

Upon completing some quests, you'll be gaining some Reputation changes with some factions. Those reputation levels you gain will have use in the future for extra content you can do, and also rewards. Right now, they will only increase the reputation level you have with the faction you're helping.

Those reputations aren't only related to factions. They might also be likeliness levels a npc has towards you, or more. You'll see more use of that once Lavanda Cave second region is implemented.

Gavea Guild Academy and Lavanda Settlement Bounty Boards have their respective reputation factions, and there's no downside for gaining levels with them.


Fixed an issue where the snowing weather wasn't visible.
Fixed a issue where entering a map where it's either raining or snowing, didn't had its effect playing.
The monster Licker will now spawn in Gavea Sewer B1.
Lowered the level of the Lickers.
Added new bounty quests for Vile Bugs, Poodgeys and Lickers.
You can now see the name of the map when you enter the map.
Implemented seasons system to the game.
=> There are 4 seasons based on real life seasons in the game.
=> Each season will affect the kinds of weather the maps can end up having when you enter them.
=> Currently, seasons don't affect the map textures and objects.
Characters whose corpse has been eaten will now show a ribcage as their sprite, instead of making their body invisible.
Changed the font of the Dialogues, Quest Log, Damage and Npc Names.
Added different background for active buffs, showing as red if is a debuff, and green if is a buff.
Fixed an issue where during the quest "Fido is missing!", Fido was really missing. Only finding out where he is by the glow.
Peekers and Zombunnies will no longer spawn on the same time frame as Plasma Eaters, on Gavea Southeast Field.
Renamed Gavea Southeast Field to Gavea Southeast Plateau.
Fixed an issue where Samson disappeared when he just sent you his guild application, leaving you without any context of what happened.
Lowered the distance from the ground of the windows on a number of maps, including guild hall.
=> At least now you can make your character look through the window.
Gelking will now receive only 50% of Confused debuff duration when afflicted by it, instead of 33%.
Added some mages to the game world.
Stack picking interface will now close whenever you close the shop window.
=> I'd rather not think of what could happen if this was left happening.
Added a button to exchange and crafting interface, which lets you check the description of item recipes.
The health bar will now be fully empty if a guild member is knocked out or dead.
=> It's a better indication than a fraction of the health bar being displayed when they were knocked out.
Dialogues will no longer have their scrollbars starting at their bottom, instead of starting from the top.
=> Stupid inverted Y axis.
Fixed an issue where Discord Controller would somewhat still be running even if you turned it off.
The Crafting and Exchange interface will now show in red required items or golds if you don't have enough of them on your inventory.
Added some extra clues to the Missing Bunnykin hidden quest.
Skills like Sword Mastery, Pistol Potence and Healing Power were removed from characters Combat Techniques, and their full bonus added to the respective Combat Techniques.
=> Skills like Toughness and Stealthy Move will stay because they give extra bonus to your character, instead of defining their build.
=> Collin and Samson will not benefit from this, since their Bareknuckles Mastery skill also involves unarmed combat.
The quickslots of all characters were reseted. Please set them up again once you get in-game.
Added a fail safe for Discord Rich Presence, which will avoid it from crashing the game when it loses connection.
Some buffs and debuffs will now be saved when changing maps and leaving game world.
Tweaked the loot of a few monsters, to have more items to drop.
Added some loot to Zombie Doggie.
Fixed some issues with Tyrone and Kiki quest dialogues.
Fixed a bug where the game would incorrectly affect characters that shouldn't be targetted in a number of occasions.
=> Ex: Gelking being able to hit with basic attack characters trapped inside him.
Giant creatures from the same gender as the caster will no longer feel intimidated by flexing.
=> Opposing gender ones will still be affected by Infatuated.
Renamed "El Guarén" to "El Rato".
Changed Max Health increased by Cooked Fish from 60 to 160.
Renamed "Gavea South Field" to "Gavea South Entrance".
Characters absorbed by Gelking can no longer evade or block Feast and Mass Feast attacks.
Added Lop dialogues to Magara on Gavea Training Field.
Reduced the number of times the game updates the status of the characters.
Polar Summer Break event is active:
=> This year, it will be happening from June 16th until July 28th.
=> On the other years, will begin on the first Friday of June, and will last 42 days.
=> Senior Rolek in Gavea will ask you to help 5 Mage Students on Gavea Field, complete their Summer Break tasks.
=> => A different accessory reward will be given upon completing the student and Rolek's requests.
=> => Rolek will also offer you the choice of picking either a Blue or Red Fullmoon Magician Hat for free.
=> => You can still buy more hats from him if you speak to him after completing his requests, while the Summer Break event is happening.
Added an interface which will allow you to either take item rewards from quests, or convert them all to golds.

Finishing Words

Well, the dialogue system in the game is being really detrimental for me, implementing new npcs and their dialogues is so annoying. I'll have to work on a new dialogue system, once I finish with Lavanda Cave quests.

Due to the Lavanda Cave, you'll find a new character in Gavea Guild Academy, named Joe. I plan on giving him some extra use outside of quests, alongside eventually making him be a recruitable guild member. Stay tunned on my Twitter or Discord, and you might get news about what he might offer.

There are also 3 guild members I need to finish working on, being that 1 of them still requires me to finish their spritework. Sadly, I've been jumping around so much on my project, that I hardly managed to finis working on the contents that were in development.

I do think that once I finish with Lavanda Cave, I'll develop further the game outside of Lavanda Region. Gavea itself needs some quests and stuff, that aren't simply randomly given quests from Gavea Bounty Board. There might be some npcs who need help of guilds, but doesn't want to pass through bureaucracy to get their requests visible.

And with the addition of Reputation system, I will have to expand further the use of it, aswell as add new factions that you could help, and the benefits you get from doing so, like Gavea Kingdom, Lavanda Survivors, and the Bigfoots of Gavea Farmlands.

That's about it. Sorry for the wall of text. I hope to see you next update, and hopefully surprise you with lots of new stuff you can look for.

And sorry about taking too long for the update. Any trouble, contact me.

Enjoy your gameplay :)

Hotfix Update

Well, beside a few nerfs to Bare Knuckle fighter characters, this update brings some fixes to exceptions that can happen to guilds.

Due to how saving and loading save files changed as the game updates, some issues might have still have managed to pass through the fail safe scripts, and left the guild with some issues, like for example missing tutorial, or nameless guilds.

This update brings a fix to those issues, including a issue that can happen to some players, where dialogues could end up not being triggered on the guild hall.

Change Log

Nerfed the Confusion infliction rate of the following skills:
=> Punch Combo, Forceful Punch and Chained Punches.
Buffed a bit Bareknuckles Boost Confusion infliction rate.
Added a fix solution in the case guild names ends up lost for some reason.
Added failsafes to character selection dialogues, to avoid dialogues from trying to give quests and step further in the process, when you have a full quest log.
Changed when dialogues are loaded, to reduce the chance of issues where dialogues wouldn't happen end up happening.

I hope you enjoy your gameplay, and make the coolest guild in the game world.

Until next update :)

Item Rewards from Bounties and Model Changes

Hello again. This new update doesn't only bring new things and changes, but potentially a fix too,
so I'll try to breakdown what is coming in a way that isn't tiresome.

Item Rewards from Bounty Quests

One thing I was wanting to do for a long time, is making bounty quests have a chance of giving you item rewards upon completion.

The bounties themselves will have 60% chance of giving you between 1~3 potions based on their difficulty, upon reporting them.
You can click the item to directly claim it, click Take All to take all the items you got as reward, or click Turn to Golds to convert it all to golds.

At least for Gavea bounty board right now, some bounties might give you extra items upon completion. Either consummable or equipments, either unique or not.

I will still need to add rewards to Lavanda Bounty quests, beside they will at least have the chance of giving you potions.

Model Changes to some objects

4 objects in the game got model changes on it, being they the Bench, the Tree, House and Mansion objects.

Those models I made with Blockbench, which I was recommended by a friend once we were talking about the
game project. The simplicity at working with it when making the models made it handy for me to create objects
with it, compared to how it was when I were trying to use Blender.

You can see some of the new models on the twitts bellow.





I believe the worst model of the lot is the tree, because of how squared it is, but at least is a lot better than the other
tree model that was in the game.

Shield usage allowance for some characters.

The following characters and combat techniques will be able to use shields:

  • Denis [Novice]
  • Benny [Peddler]
  • Umbra [Swordsman]

Beside the shield will not be visible on their sprite, their effect will still happen, and might help increment your team
composition further.

Potential fix for missing tutorial

One issue that's scratching my head since a player reported, is that dialogues weren't triggering on the character selection

This update changes when the dialogue interface initializes, and possibly will resolve that issue, and make it so not only
dialogues appear, letting you proceed with the tutorial, but also unlock character movement in the screen, since your
character don't normally move while in dialogues.

Or at least I believe this update will fix the issue, if that is the issue.
Do let me know if the issue stopped happening, if you were having it before the update.


Added item rewards to bounty quests.
=> There is a chance of potions being given as reward.
=> Extra items can end up being given as quest reward.
A few monsters gained extra loot they can give.
Fixed a issue where invisible characters were punchbags.
Changed the tree models from the game.
The following combat techniques will allow you to equip shield on the characters:
=> Denis's Novice CT.
=> Benny's Peddler CT.
=> Umbra's Swordsman CT.
Reduced the firing time of Magara's Vital Shot skill.
Increased Attack Speed of Magara's Defensive Shot Combat Technique.
Wolfgang's Fishing Combat Technique renamed to Slicing.
=> Also added a description to it.
Fixed a bug where Wolfgang wouldn't show his catch when using Fishing skill.
Added new models to:
=> Benches, Houses, Trees and Mansions.
Changed how dialogues scripts loads in character selection screen, to avoid an issue where important dialogues weren't showing up.
Added a link to the Discord server of the game on the Main Menu.
=> Yes, that's Discord icon. Or at least was my intention when I drew it.

Well, that's it for the news.

I hope you have fun, and enjoy your gameplay :)

Pre-Lavanda Cave Update Hotfixes

An update wasn't intended to come out this early, but Lop's Combat Technique had no weapon type set, so I had to correct that issue... Well... Not entirely the reason though... Since the Fighter characters like Collin and Samson were having 200% chance of inflicting Confused debuff, but that's another thing this update fixes.

Wait! Don't go away, there's cool new stuff this update brings too. I will list them bellow:

New Title Screen Logo

Beside the fact the new logo seems unfitting, at least is better than the old Liberation Sans Logo.

That is the default logo that will appear on the game upon opening it, but there is 10% chance that logo will change. Lets say that I had waaaaaaaay too much fun playing with the logos.

The logos were made by cooltext.org. Feel free to check it out if you want to make cool texts for some reason, heh.

Guild Storage Sorting Improvements

It really sucks to manage your items, right? I managed to make the Guild Storage management a bit quicker with a few changes:

One, the Quick Store button will automatically store stackable items in your inventory to your guild storage, making it a bit less tedious to send stuff to the storage.

The second, is that when clicking an stackable item from the inventory, the stack selector will automatically appear with the max stack of items selected, so you no longer will need to move the slider to pick the max stack of an item.

Hopefully that change will be as useful for you guys as it is for me. By the way, I believe I just discovered why I didn't had resurrection spell catalyst when I faced Gelking earlier this day...

Font Changes

A number of fonts in the game got changed, including the damage font.

You can see on the screenshot above an earlier state of the font change, which was spoiled on the discord server.

In case you see issues with fonts, be sure to report them to me.

Change Log

On your Guild Storage Interface:
=> Upon clicking a item from the inventory, the stack value will be the max stack of the item you have by default.
=> Upon clicking a item from the storage, the stack value will be set to 1 by default.
=> Added a "Quick Store" button, which will move items from inventory to the storage automatically, if the storage doesn't have max number of the item.
Changed the font that displays damage numbers.
Tweaked the weight value of many items.
Flame Breath skill now follows the target again.
Quest escort npcs will now try to keep up to you.
=> The only moment they will not is when chasing a monster.
Added a button to the character selection screen which allows toggling visibility of interface.
Lop's Slingshot Combat Technique now correctly allows usage of Slingshots.
Changed a number of interface fonts.
Bare Knuckles Boost skill will no longer give native 200% chance of inflicting stun.
Added new Title Screen Logo.
=> That title screen might change...
Fixed issue where Zombie Doggie had no name set.

Well, now that this hotfix is out, I can continue working on the Lavanda Cave plotline, which involves quite a lot of dialogue, new faces to meet, and more info about the events of Lavanda Kingdom.

I hope you guys enjoy the update, and prepare yourselves for the upcoming one.

Until next news :D

Finishing Words

Just like I said earlier in the news, I will be posting the updates of the game on the Itch IO page.

If you want to be notified when new updates comes out, either follow the game Itch IO page, follow me on Twitter (or X, still a dumb name), or follow the Discord Server of the project.

That's all. I hope you enjoy your gameplay, and lead your guild to more and more victories.

See ya :)

Edit: By the way, as a side note:

Posting news here is quite a pain in the behind. There's some criterias I have to meet with the post in order for the news to be posted, like posting at least 3 images.

[v0.3] New Guild Members and Various Tweaks

[v0.3] New Guild Members and Various Tweaks

News 1 comment

2 New Guild Members, 2 New Monsters, Tweaks, Bug Fixes and Skills Rebalance.

[v0.2] Huge Patch arrives to Guild Management Game Project

[v0.2] Huge Patch arrives to Guild Management Game Project


New Starter Guild Member, and Easter event extended by 7 days. A good number of tweaks throughout the game.

Lavanda Districts Exploration continues, and Easter Event is up

Lavanda Districts Exploration continues, and Easter Event is up


The exploration of the fallen kingdom of Lavanda goes deeper, with the exploration of the North District, and finally being able to reach the Settlement...

The Revamp Update arrives!

The Revamp Update arrives!


Continuing the revamp changes started in the previous version, this update is going to change severely, and for better, your gameplay experience.

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