Devoroth is a tab-targeting RPG inspired by old-school classics such as KOTOR and Dragon Age.

Set in the high fantasy world of Devoroth. The player sets out on a epic adventure to explore the world and fight off a yet unknown threat.


Epic story
Learn of an emerging enemy threatening Devoroth where story and lore is delivered through old-school dialogue.


Discover the open world of Devoroth with all it's secrets and lore.

Tab-targeting Combat

Fight your foes using a tab-targeting combat system inspired by the most popular old-school RPG's.

Role-playing game

Customize your character through gear, spells and classes.

Character Stats

Optimize your characters 14 stats such as critical-strike chance, magic resistance and health regeneration by modifying your 5 main attributes Strength, Agility, Intelligence, Constitution and Willpower.

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Devoroth Demo Release


Finally! After one year of learning Unity and Blender, I have finally released the Demo of Devoroth.

The game is available here:

I estimate the Demo to have at least 2 hours of content for a new player.
If you try out the game I would love to hear what you think of it.

The feedback I get from the demo will greatly influence how I move forward in the development.

- Niklas Fasth, Frostward Games

Devoroth Demo Release Date

Devoroth Demo Release Date


This time I have some great news to share! I now feel confident enough to announce the release date for the Devoroth Demo.

Devoroth - State of the game #1

Devoroth - State of the game #1


In this article, I want to focus on what I have done so far, and what I have left for you to finally try the game.

Devoroth - A classic single player RPG

Devoroth - A classic single player RPG


This is Devoroth: Remnant of Ascension. The game takes place in the high fantasy world of Devoroth. I intend for it to be an "Open world single-player...

progorion - - 28 comments

Keep up the good work sir! :)

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