- The game engine is written from scratch with XNA. - The game's development team is just two people as i said and don't forget; game is in alpha stage. Colored Tactics is a RTS. The game allows you to do some customization on your units and it is still playable. You are doing this with changing amount of three type of minerals of units before production. These minerals affects units' health & armor, firepower, speed (acceleration, turning speed, maximum speed) parameters. Because of that, strategical deepness has increased vitally. Battle System: There are AP, HEAT and HE rounds. Each unit type is using one of them. Every shot has a penetration point(pp): AP rounds' pp is decreasing with distance and increasing with firepower. HEAT rounds have more pp than AP in general. They are not effective from distance. In HE case distance from explosion point is important. Both HEAT and HE are doing less damage than AP.

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You can download the latest version of the game from the following link: (Version Alpha15-1)


*Currently game supports up to 4 players multiplayer games.

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