World Warfare & Economic is an in-depth country management game.

Manage countries with laws, new buildings, diplomatic actions, wars and much more...

Play as one of 220 countries and choose the way you want to lead your population.

Control entire countries economy

Build facilities, modify laws, increase and monitor your manpower

  • Health
  • Security
  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Technology
  • Media
  • Welfare
  • Environment
  • Education
  • Entertainment & Sports
  • Tourism

Resources & Trade

Produce & Trade resources to fulfil the demands of your population and increase revenues

  • Trade with every country
  • Lift embargos on other countries
  • Control every resource tax rate and income
  • Increase your gross domestic products (GDP)

Develop your army

  • Produce weapons, missiles and variety of different military units
  • Set a solid defense infrastructures with anti-air, anti-missiles, radars and more...
  • Build new military bases, missiles silos and military factories
  • Train and monitor your army soldiers

No army without intelligence !

  • Create intelligence network across the world
  • Inflates spies and agents to accomplish variety of different missions
  • Hack and spy countries with cyber security
  • Secrets attacks on enemies countries to prevent from arming and more...
  • Share intelligence information with allies

Diplomacy & Wars

Interact, meet and war with every country

  • Appoint official meeting with other countries presidents
  • Ask\Give economic aid
  • Make arms trade
  • Increase your global influence
  • Sign military\diplomacy\trade agreements
  • Fight wars in real time
  • Bomb countries with ballistics missiles \ nuclear missiles \ biochemicals missiles
  • Conquer regions and annexing countries
  • Sign\Push to peace agreements
  • Join and create organizations
  • Monitor and improve relations with other countries
  • Monitor your relations with the UN

Technology & Media

Research technologies and improve media infrastructures

  • More than 200 different technologies to research
  • Each technology unlocks new features and bonuses
  • Deployment of internet connection and technologies (Fiber, 5G and a lot more...)
  • Space technologies and missions
  • Build universities to produce more scientists and research new technologies

Disasters & Events

Control country and helps other Countries in time of crisis

  • Tsunami, earthquakes, heat waves and tornados
  • Pandemics and viruses
  • Countries bankruptcy
  • Global warming


Play with your country on different scenarios

  • Real world simulation scenario
  • World war 3 scenario
  • Sandbox scenario
  • Pandemic scenario

More features

  • 3D real world interactive map
  • Real countries data
  • 220 playable Countries
  • 74 songs in soundtrack
  • More to be announced...
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Hey all,
I'm Lotous21 and for the past two years I'm developing a modern grand strategy \ geopolitical simulator for PC.

Feel free to contact me in every available channel for criticism, feedback and ideas !
I know that together with the help of the community I can adapt, improvise, overcome, and create the game we all want to play

If you like the game and wants to help the game grows please join the communities:

Steam Page: Store.steampowered.com

Discord: Discord.gg
Reddit: Reddit.com
Twitter: Twitter.com
YouTube: Youtube.com
Facebook: Facebook.com
Instagram: Instagram.com
Official Website: Worldwarfare-economic.com

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