Codename Nemesis is an indie, top-down, action/stealth RPG set in a 70's Noir-themed world with story-rich movie-styled cinematics and retro low poly, comic book-styled graphics.

Follow Sam, a goofball hitman through a dark city filled with scum as he tries to find his friend, Neil, who's in the wind after the alleged assassination of their boss, a powerful crime lord. With every goon in the city wanting Sam and Neil dead, our hero takes off into the dead of night in search of his brother while eventually coming face to face with his ultimate nemesis.

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I'm Sunny and I'm the developer of Codename Nemesis.
First and foremost, I offer you my deepest apologies for the delay in the game production, and the intensive lack of updates.

I've had multiple feedbacks since the demo was released back in Dec 2018. Since then I had been working around every positive feedback to bring out an even better experience of Codename Nemesis. But sadly, I could not deliver on time as I had planned earlier. There were multiple reasons which most of us did face in recent times. As a solo developer on the game, I did take an emotional, financial, and situational hit during and before the COVID 19 Pandemic. But that did not stop me from leaving that behind and kept moving forward. The progress was slow but ongoing.

And finally, I wanted to slowly unveil the complete makeover the game has taken visually, story and gameplay-wise. So here is the new and improved Game box art for #codenamenemesis

The game's art has taken a turn around from grungy dark to a livelier and funkier 70s comic vibe.

Trust me. All this is done only so you could have a better experience with our debut title, Codename Nemesis, and we don't want to leave any stones unturned.

And last but not the least, I have taken down the demo from the #steamstore page. The current gameplay, mechanics, graphics & storytelling have taken an intensive makeover for the good. I will be revealing them slowly and steadily on our social media handles and website and also the store page. You're definitely going to love every bit and piece of changes done.

A big thank you for playing the demo, loving Codename Nemesis, adding it to your wishlists, and most importantly, waiting & not giving up on it even when I've left no breadcrumbs to follow. To make up for this, I will post an update at least once every week to keep all of you in the loop in how far we are close to the game release.

Add Codename Nemesis to your wishlist on Steam here:


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