A petty small-town ruffian, Sam, gets framed for the assassination of a powerful criminal mastermind which ticked off unrest among his henchmen in the entire city. With every goon in town wanting him dead and nowhere to hide, Sam is forced to take the bloody path to unravel the mystery behind the chaos and finally confront his ultimate nemesis.

Codename Nemesis is a 70's Noir themed Action RPG with an immersive story-line and cult action movie-styled cut-scenes. Backed with classic top down RPG elements, it takes you on a non-fantasy based urban RPG ride that is massively inspired from many classic games of the 90s. A visual treat if you're looking for a low-poly, low-spec, classic 90s styled PC game that could take you back in time.

Journey as Sam as he starts off being a small time goon and eventually grows stronger and more ruthless as he nears his ultimate goal to find the person who framed him for no reason at all. In game cut-scenes will keep you intrigued for hours while RPG elements of the game will make you plan ahead to choose the right weapons, skills and tactics to keep Sam alive in the big bad city till he ends his journey.

Codename Nemesis demo is out on Steam.

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With immense joy and a festive spirit, we are thrilled to announce the launch of Codename Nemesis Demo. The demo is out now on Steam and is available for Windows and Mac platforms.

Go grab your piece of action from the Steam store page HERE

Get more info about the game via the links below:
Demo Trailer


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