In the name of Kane! Return to the Tiberium universe with Kane at the center of an epic new single player campaign spanning 20 years – from the rebirth of the Brotherhood of Nod after the Second Tiberium War through the dramatic events of the Third Tiberium War and beyond. With your help, Commander, the Dark Messiah may rise again!

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The following article is a basic list of Skirmish maps & their corresponding internal filenames that are used in Kane's Wrath (1.02). There are 64 maps in total, 5 pre-order maps, and 33 carried over from Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars. This list is useful to anyone working with the official Skirmish maps in any capacity.

Posted by on - Basic Mapping/Technical

bamap aw01_04 = Seaport Smackdown
bamap_dc01_4 = Grasslands Landgrab
bamap_dc02_4 = Badlands
bamap_dc03_3 = Desolation
bamap_dc04_3 = End of the Line
bamap_dc05_2 = Tournament Decision
bamap_dc05_3 = Split Decision
bamap_dc06_4 = Arid Remains
bamap_dc07_4 = Mountains of Madness
bamap_dc08_4 = Crosstown Conflict
bamap_dc10_4 = Murderers Row
bamap_dc11_4 = Empire City
bamap_ew01_4 = Unsound Investment
bamap_ew03_04 = Oasis Onslaught
bamap_ew05_04 = Safety Nest
bamap_ew06_04 = Shell Shocked
bamap_ew07_04 = Urban Blight
bamap_ew08_04 = Eastern Promises
bamap_ew09_03 = Suburban Slaughterhouse
bamap_ew10_06 = Tiberium Wasteland
bamap_ew11_05 = Isthmus of Insanity
bamap_jf01_4 = Dockside Devastation
bamap_jf03_6 = Dark Waters
bamap_kk03_3 = Tundra Triangle
bamap_rh01_4 = Heaven and Hell
bamap_sb01_4 = Missed Opportunity
eamap_sb05_4 = Craters of Camden #
map_mp_2_bass1 = Tournament Dustbowl
map_mp_2_black1 = Tournament Desert Redux
map_mp_2_black10 = Deadly Sertao
map_mp_2_black11 = Top Gun
map mp_2_black11_redz Gauntlet
map_mp_2_black12 = Schlachtfeld Stuttgart
map_mp_2_black2 = Tournament Arena
map mp_2_black2_redz Arena
map_mp_2_black3 = Barstow Badlands
map_mp_2_black4 = Ground Zero
map_mp_2_black5 = Small Town USA
map_mp_2_black6 = Black's Big Battle
map_mp_2_black7 = Tournament Tower
map mp_2_black7_redz Tower
map_mp_2_black8 = Tiber River Valley
map_mp_2_black9 = Pipeline Problems
map_mp_2_chuck1 = Tournament Coastline
map_mp_2_simon = Riverside Rumble
map mp_2_sim River #
map_mp_2_will1 = Tournament Rift
map_mp_3_black1 = Unfair Advantage
map_mp_3_black2 = Triple Threat
map_mp_4_bass = Downtown Dustbowl
map_mp_4_bender = The Battle for Middle Egypt
map_mp_4_black1 = Crater of Carnage
map_mp_4_black5 = Death Valley
map_mp_4_black6 = Backwater Brawl
map_mp_4_chuck1 = Coastline Chaos
map_mp_4_chuck2 = Wrecktropolis
map_mp_4_rao = Redzone Rampage
map_mp_4_ssmith_01 = Frontier Fracas
map_mp_5_black1 = Tiberium Gardens III
map_mp_6_black1 = Black's Bigger Battle
map_mp_6_black2 = Six Shooter Showdown
map_mp_6_hayes = Dead Six
map_mp_8_bass = The Rocktagon
map_mp_8_black1 = Bordertown Beatdown

# = Pre-order maps

For a fully sortable list, with map thumbnails, you can head over to the Command & Conquer Wiki

jmdigital Author

For some weird reason, the moddb article editor is cutting off the following lines;

map mp_2_black11_redzoned is Gunship Gauntlet (Pre-order map)

map mp_2_black2_redzoned is Decrepit Arena (Pre-order map)

map mp_2_black7_redzoned is Blighted Tower (Pre-order map)

map mp_2_simon_b is Ruined River (Pre-order map)

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there was a time when I really liked this editor
it let you color text properly and performed as you expect a WYSIWYG editor

what I'd really like with all this web-kit stuff is when they decide on new features you could find a drop-down box to select the legacy era you want to live in...

good going posting mapping knowledge too!

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How is this relevant to the C&C Generals Lovers page?

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