BITGUN is a top-down shooter with a lot of blood and zombies. Burn zombies with a flamethrower, shoot them in the face with a sniper rifle, or go berserk with a shotgun!

In a world where people are fighting among themselves as well as against hordes of zombies nobody trust anybody now, and people are afraid of getting infected. Penny is traveling alone to find a safe place, and soon she lands in a small camp in the middle of nowhere. Maybe this is her chance to find a home?

The game features many enemies, and quick and difficult combat, loot system, upgrades and repairs, consumables, and most importantly mission system where you can choose between various different types of gameplay - defend supplies for a specified amount of time, shoot your way through zombie-infested narrow corridors, or explore deserted facilities to find a rare anti-zombie serum!

After finishing the story the game offers the possibility to start over on a higher difficulty which provides an additional challenge for those who really, really love to shoot zombies!

- Lots of zombies.

- Lots of guns and consumables.

- Lots of blood.

- Difficulty scaling from super easy to hard++++++++++++++++++.

Fight hordes of zombies

Use the environment in your advantage

Manage loads of guns and armor

Challenge the zombie boss

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BITGUN is a top-down shooter with lots of blood and guns. Go on missions and kill hordes of zombies. Bring enough guns as they break, but not too many because if you die, you'll lose everything. Dodge zombies jumping at you or crawling out of the ground and fight your way towards the zombie boss.

BITGUN gameplay

After a year of development, BITGUN is finally out. The game is developed by a 2 person studio called @LogLogGames, we are actually a married couple working together and we have been working really hard to finish this game!

The game is written in Godot game engine and in Rust programming language.

Our journey was not easy, we had to solve a lot of technical problems in order to achieve the possibility to have so much blood permanently staying in the levels without affecting the performance, as well as the number of zombies present at a single time.

The result is a zombie shooter which we believe is not just incredibly fun but also challenging and surprising. You should watch out not just for zombies crawling out of the ground but also for the spiders jumping at you from around the corner!


Enjoy playing the game and keep in touch via our Discord or Twitter, we will gladly hear from you, no matter what is the cause. Consider also leaving a Steam review, as it would really help the game to grow - we value honesty above all else!


Zuzana from LogLog Games

Prepare to shoot hundreds of zombies and spill tons of blood in BITGUN - free demo!

Prepare to shoot hundreds of zombies and spill tons of blood in BITGUN - free demo!


BITGUN is an indie top-down pixel art shooter with a lot of blood and zombies, and it launches the free demo during the Steam Next Fest!

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