Battle Realms' gameplay is like many other real-time strategy games. There are several factions which all have various types of available structures and units to produce. Unlike other real-time strategy games though, the basic worker units (peasants), which are used for resource gathering and construction, also act as the base unit to be upgraded into military units. Thus, military buildings in Battle Realms are used for transforming and upgrading units rather than producing them directly.Another unusual trait is unit generation, where peasants are produced automatically at no cost. The rate at which new peasants are produced is inversely proportionate to the current population of the player's army.Peasants gather two resources in the game: rice and water. They also round up horses which can be used to enhance military units or can be outfitted as pack horses for peasants. Only one type of builder unit is required. Peasants are the only units that can be produced outright. Most of the buildings available are training structures where peasants are trained to become other units.All factions start off with three basic training structures which produce units along different paths of warfare, such as melee or ranged combat. In most cases, units can be trained in three different structures to produce more highly skilled infantry or Battle Gears (commonly abbreviated as BGs) to improve their combat ability. This allows lower tiered units to defeat higher tier units, which they could not normally defeat. BGs also allow the player to further define the role of a unit, such as damage absorption, building destruction, or reconnaissance.Another key element of Battle Realms is the Yin/Yang system. Each army obtains points of Yin or Yang when in combat, depending on their moral alliance to the forces of light or darkness. Hero units, or Zen Masters, require Yin/Yang to be summoned and increase their damage. Yin and Yang are also used by structures in the faction's base for military upgrades. The rate of Yin/Yang growth depends on the strength and flair of the army and how far they are from the main base.FactionsThere are four available factions, called clans in Battle Realms, and each has a different philosophy towards life and combat:

  • The Dragon clan is a race of warriors who favor honorable and valorous combat.
  • The Serpent clan is a renegade offshoot of the Dragon clan which uses stealth, trickery, and brutality to further its goals. Unlike their predecessors, they have mastered weapon technology to a certain extent (especially gunpowder) and has also dabbled into Necromancy.
  • The Lotus clan is an ancient group of sorcerers that delves deeply into the corrupting aspects of magic.
  • The Wolf clan is a race of formerly enslaved miners. Their clan members live basic, healthy lives, and their culture emphasizes strong ties to nature. Their former enslavement allowed them to develop armor made from the shale they used to mine.

Story In single-player, the plot mainly revolves around Kenji, last heir to the Serpent's Throne. When he returns from exile, Kenji comes across bandits raiding a peasant village. He can choose to either kill the bandits and save the peasants, or he can side with the bandits and kill the peasants. If he chooses to save the peasants, he will follow the path of the Dragon clan. If he aids the bandits, he will follow the path of the Serpent clan.In Kenji's Journey, the player may choose which territories he or she wishes to attack first. (Otomo, his lieutenant, gives you the options.) Kenji returns from Malcomson. He must decide whether to rebirth the Dragon Clan and save the peasants honor with righteousness or take up reigns in his brother's and his father, Lord Oja's, footsteps and lead the Serpent Clan. Taking specific territories might give benefits, and other Zen Masters may join Kenji. Later on, the player can summon these Zen Masters from the Keep. The story focuses on an artifact Called Tarrant's Orb/Orb of the Serpent which Kenji, the NPC Clans, and The Wolf and Lotus Clans are seeking out. Kenji must get to the Orb before them.There are four clans in the game: Dragon Clan, Serpent Clan, Wolf Clan, and Lotus Clan, each with their own motivations. The ancient Dragon Clan prizes honor above everything else. Due to their devotion to honor, the Dragon deity assists them during times of great peril. The Serpent Clan have forgotten their honorable ways and have resorted to thievery and deceit. Serpent clansmen are Yin followers. Wolf Clansmen prizes freedom above all else. Wolf Clansmen are down to earth, hardworking people, and take a delight in nature. Lotus clansmen follow the Forbidden Path, which focuses on death and decay.

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In the span of 1 week there were so many changes that I might not be able to list them as detailed as compared to the one with the release.

Fixed the previous mod's bug that Fan Geisha riding horse escapes death when used Demoness Battle Gear on.
Protagonists Heroes and their heroes gets affected by Techniques (training building upgrades).
All WOTW units now has changes (previous mod only focused on Serpent Witch).
Innate ability for Grayback.
Restored and added some visual effects.


  • Serpent Kenji's Innate Ability has been changed from Inspiration (adds 20% damage) to Corruption (adds 20% attack speed). This ability also gives 15 stamina when triggered. The chance has been tested to be on par with the original Kenji Inspiration ability (but this chance % is hidden in the source code so all I can do is test and compare). The ability also triggers rain. Added an aura effect that lasts until death when first triggered, and visual effects on affected targets.

kenji corruption

  • Dragon Kenji Innate Ability Inspiration effect, added 5% health added when triggered. Added visual effects on the affected targets and a visual effect on Kenji. I tried to make this skill stop rain when triggered but it doesn't seem to work, I'm guessing it's not implemented in the game. Kenji now uses the One with the Dragon model (model only and not the stats).

kenji inspiration

  • Grayback now has an Innate Ability, added a chance to summon a Werewolf companion when he is attacked. This Werewolf is not controllable (behavior similar to tamed wolves), and the health and resistances are half of the real Werewolf. Though the attack power is the same, and it attacks 30% faster than the real Werewolf. An aura effect that lasts until death is added to Grayback and this summoned Werewolf (to easily distinguish it from the real Werewolves). Only one can be summoned at a time and doesn't count towards unit cap.

grayback master of the pack

  • Zymeth's projectile has been changed to be bigger white lightning. Zymeth now uses the same missile damage for Master Warlock and not of Warlock's. The melee attack values has been nerfed. Zymeth's mist effect also has been restored.

zymeth projectile

WOTW units


  • Guardian's Last Stand is now an innate ability. The battle gear from Shrine is now a targetable skill on allies, uses 60 health to give blunt and cutting armor bonuses, last 10 secs. The ally also regenerates 5% of their health.
  • Chakram Maiden now has an innate ability, summons a melee version of the Chakram Maiden with very low health (3 hits of a peasant) but deals the same damage as the melee attack of the original Chakram Maiden. Only 1 can be summoned per Chakram Maiden and doesn't count towards unit cap.


  • Digger now deals 30% slow and 50 magic damage to enemies on the target location.
  • Dryad now has 3 option for Battle Gears. Dryad can now be trained in Cairn to gain Summon Wolf Totem Battle Gear. Wolf Totem provides armor bonuses to Berserkers, Werewolves, and Pack Masters. Should be destroyable (but AI doesn't seem to attack magic objects so I can't say for sure it's attackable).


  • Enforcer's Low Blow is now a 20% chance innate ability. The effects are the same. Enforcer's battle gear has been replaced by Call Reinforcement. Use this BG on an ally peasant to instantly convert him to an Enforcer (no rice and water cost but will review this for balancing).
  • Witch's cost and training time has been reduced to almost match the other clan's WOTW units.


  • Reaper now has an innate ability. Deals 50% health damage to all Tier 3 units surrounding the Reaper (Samurai, Berseker, Ronin, and Warlock). Removes their battle gear.
  • Overseer now has an innate ability. Has 20% chance to kill surrounding peasants and produce 1 Soban's golem. Only 1 golem can be produced per Overseer.


  • AI now uses Kenji and Serpent Kenji (though it would only use Kenji as often as it would normally use Kazan and Budo). I will try to look into making it use Kenji as often as it would normally use Shinja and Otomo or Vetkin and Teppo.
  • Restored the projectile model of Master Warlock
  • Changed visual effects of Dragon's Warrior innate ability and its targets
  • Added visual effects on Demoness and Demoness Released
  • Added 100 health to all buildings
  • Fixed the bug where Fan Geisha escapes death when riding a horse and used BG on by the dying Demoness

I forgot the other things but these are the major ones. Let me know if you found any bugs or have any suggestions.

This feature was scrapped due to accidentally hindering AI to use the heroes affected by this change:

Some heroes are affected by techniques


  • Kenji is now affected by Dragon's Fire and Tempered Steel
  • Arah is now affected by Zen Accuracy and Arrow Craftsmanship


  • Kenji and Shinja are now affected by Lethal Overdrive and Steel Plating
  • Utara is now affected by Pressure Points and Flexibility


  • Grayback is now affected by Freedom's Howl
  • Longtooth is now affected by Eagle's Eye and King of the Mountain
  • The Shale Lord is now affected by Petrified Wood and Blast Furnace
  • Wildeye is now affected by Foraging


  • Zymeth and Yvaine is now affected by Issyl's Boon
  • Koril is now affected by Field of Souls
Corruption of the Lotus - UPDATE

Corruption of the Lotus - UPDATE

Battle Realms - Corruption of the Lotus MOD 1 comment

Mod is expanding, more than I anticipated and so I think it's time to post the first article for people interested in the mod or the ones who follow my...

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Battle Realms WOTW Units Unleashed 30May Update

Battle Realms WOTW Units Unleashed 30May Update

Battle Realms WOTW Units Unleashed Full Version 1 comment

To install, make a backup of your original Battle Realms.dat file. Unzip the attached file and copy and paste it into your Battle Realms folder.

Hero Upgrades V3 - Techniques Disabled

Hero Upgrades V3 - Techniques Disabled

Battle Realms - Hero Upgrades Mod Full Version

This version is a quick fix that lets the AI use heroes again. Though heroes still get upgrade icons, they are no longer affected by any of the upgrades...

Hero Upgrades V3 - No Sound

Hero Upgrades V3 - No Sound

Battle Realms - Hero Upgrades Mod Full Version

This is a smaller version of the mod that does not include the replacement SpeechFX.H2O. The mod still functions, but the Nightvol, Hordelings, and Shale...

Hero Upgrades V3 - Full Version

Hero Upgrades V3 - Full Version

Battle Realms - Hero Upgrades Mod Full Version

This is the full version of the Hero Upgrades mod, which includes new sounds for the Nightvol and Hordelings. PLEASE NOTE: This is only for Battle Realms...

BR MOD - Ultimate Kenji and Grayback in Campaign (Rerelease)

BR MOD - Ultimate Kenji and Grayback in Campaign (Rerelease)

Battle Realms - Expansion MOD Full Version 14 comments

This is a re-realease of the same MOD after fixing the crash problem on the Serpentholm mission. This MOD basically changes the campaigns to use Ultimate...

Balanced Realms

Balanced Realms

Other 1 comment

Standard Battle Realms modded to improve game balance.


Does anyone have an archive of the old maps on (aka the Gaming Territory forums)? I recently reinstalled the game and wanted to get the maps from there (Serpenterra in particular), but it seems like the site is dead along with the download links.

If I still have a backup of some of the maps on an old hard drive, I might post them here (obviously with credit to the creators as well as the original map descriptions if possible).

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

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One of awesome RTS game. Story of the campaign is also good. A mix of samurai and mythology theme is what makes this game great.

Jul 16 2016 by Nana_Joo

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