The Protectors (in short TPC) is a stand-alone mod of the game Warlords Battlecry 3, produced by
Infinite Interactive. Stand-alone means that it can be run without having the original game installed.

Currently, TPC is under development (since 2010) and has not reached a stable version.
However, there are beta versions available for download. All users are encouraged to report
bugs and suggest improvements on TPC forum, as they are considered beta testers. Becoming a
member of TPC official site will also ensure your name's (or nickname's) appearance in the credits list
once the mod is fully developed.

Official website | Forum | Download | Feedback

For multiplaying, we suggest you join our Discord server:

List of highlighted improvements:

  • Story driven campaign (new locations, quests, characters, videos)
  • Improved RPG part (dialogue choices, multiple endings, psychological profiles)
  • Improved RTS part (new units, buildings, terrain, food system, temples)
  • Improved A.I. (no longer freezes or gets stuck, seeks quests, builds mortars etc.)
  • New hero system (new spells, perks, racial synergy bonus, proficiency)
  • New items and item sets
  • Improved editor (scene events, interface, manuals, custom portraits)
  • Support for high resolutions
  • A lot more music (warlords themed)
  • New graphics (portraits, GUI, loading screens etc.)
  • Cheat codes
  • More multi-player scenarios
  • Hundreds of bug fixes
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Version 0.8.9 FULL

TPC beta v0.8.9 FULL

Version 0.8.9a patch

TPC beta v0.8.9a patch

Version 0.8.9b patch

TPC beta v0.8.9b patch

What's new?


Twenty months have passed since I've last written to you about the magical lands of Etheria. Much has changed since then. Firstly, the gateway interface into this world looks more appealing, in a dark and sinister way and it easily adapts to all resolution sizes. When a hero is born, you are presented with all his achievements, stats, skills, perks and psychological profile. Engraved in the tablets are also his racial background, class background and even faction background, with lore extracted from texts of old.

The peoples of Etheria have never-before been so divided and war-hungry. Every race has split into several factions, each with its own beliefs, culture, strategies, armies, buildings and researches. I have once met, for instance, a faction of undead who seek to do good, or gnoll pirates trying to steal foreign technology. Some talk of snakemen laying in ambush, totally camouflaged under the cover of jungle, Minotaurs gaining more strength the more enraged they are, Daemons teleporting their buildings to and from their plane of existence into ours, giant scorpions laying eggs into their victims… the list goes on. I will leave attached within this letter all the details I managed to gather about all of the different factions. Notice their symbols and emblems and act accordingly.


AfflictionsIt has become harder and harder to survive these perilous lands. Strategies vary so much, you rarely know what to expect next from the enemy. What is worse, there’s been talk of a supreme being, a Demigod AI, which, using its superior intelligence, outmaneuvers, outsmarts and destroys any and all armies that stand in its way. Battles are sometimes fought on 16 different sides – can you imagine 16 warlords and their armies all clashing together? Truly fearsome. It is of no surprise to meet despairing units, terrorized ones, frozen, disease stricken or simply frenzied. I've also seen bleeding, frostbitten and even crippled soldiers. Gore is everywhere, with large blood pools of naga-green, human-red, demonic-black colours mixed together with scorchmarks, arrows and broken axes.

Naturally, more stories have cropped up in this period of time. Several new chapters have been written in the book of The Protector’s Campaign and some remembered and re-edited the War of the Broken Oath, The Tears of Dawn and other war-related tales. I find it quite exciting to relive these historical events.

Alas, war brings profit for those who know how, so many creatures have set up their shops. They buy and sell weapons, resources, potions and information. Sometimes they have to deal with thieves too, and most shopkeepers now have hounds and guards hired. They are also highly competitive with each other, and so overall prices fluctuate a lot. Often I’ve managed to obtain a profit by buying wares at a discount and selling them at a different shop.

You have to be careful though, some items carry a curse. I once bought myself what looked like an ordinary ring, only to find out that once equipped, it got stuck onto my finger forever. The ring was whispering to me with evil words, telling me the name of the curser. I eventually met this creature and slew it and so the curse was broken and I was a free man again. Yet I somehow lost the ring’s beneficial powers too. I’ve later discovered that you can also break the curse at a shrine or mausoleum, and that some prefer to live with their cursed items instead of getting rid of them. Curious, is it not?

Well, with all this new information I’ve started writing it down and cataloguing it into an Etheriary – a compendium of all creatures, buildings, quests and items I’ve encountered along the way. I’ve heard others are doing the same in order to help them craft theories and new battle tactics. You should keep an Etheriary too, along with your Journal, for it is a very useful habit.

I bid you farewell for now. Remember to sharpen your sword and revise your spell chants. You will need them for what is to come. Enclosed I leave you my changelog to provide insight.


A Grand Councilor of The Protectors Team

P.S. If you want to help each other out with much needed coin, you can do so by donating. I also frequent the pub at Discord for friendly chats with other warlords… and warladies.

The Protectors version 0.8.8 FULL now available

The Protectors version 0.8.8 FULL now available

News 8 comments

My fair warlords and warladies: it is with great pleasure that I announce the release of the newest and most awaited version of The Protectors. Witness...

The Protectors version 0.8.7 FULL now available

The Protectors version 0.8.7 FULL now available

News 5 comments

Dear warlords and warladies, rejoice! 'Tis the time to celebrate the release of the newest version of The Protectors. After almost one year of development...

Showcasing the new quest system

Showcasing the new quest system

News 3 comments

As the new version is about to be launched, we would like to present a feature we’ve been working on intensively: the quest system.

The Protectors version 0.8.6 FULL now available

The Protectors version 0.8.6 FULL now available

News 15 comments

The Protectors dev team is finally ready to present the long awaited new version of your favourite game mod: The Protectors version 0.8.6. With over 580...

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TPC beta v0.8.9b patch

TPC beta v0.8.9b patch

Patch 30 comments

Warlords rejoice! Version 0.8.9b of The Protectors is finally here. Requires version 0.8.9 FULL and patch 0.8.9a. Heroes from previous versions are NOT...

TPC beta v0.8.9a patch

TPC beta v0.8.9a patch

Patch 20 comments

Warlords rejoice! Version 0.8.9a of The Protectors is finally here. Requires version 0.8.9 FULL. Heroes from previous versions are NOT deleted, but saved...

TPC beta v0.8.9 FULL

TPC beta v0.8.9 FULL

Full Version 25 comments

Warlords rejoice! Version 0.8.9 of The Protectors is finally here.

TPC beta v0 8 8b patch

TPC beta v0 8 8b patch

Patch 20 comments

Quick fixes regarding multiplayer stability and other minor gameplay tweaks. Requires patch 0.8.8a. Heroes and saved games are NOT deleted.

TPC beta v0 8 8a patch

TPC beta v0 8 8a patch

Patch 2 comments

What started out as a hotfix ended up as a patch. Requires version 0.8.8 FULL. Heroes and saved games are NOT deleted.

TPC beta v0.8.8 FULL

TPC beta v0.8.8 FULL

Full Version 39 comments

My fair warlords and warladies: it is my pleasure to announce that the newest and most awaited version of The Protectors is finally released. Witness...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 1,569)

What are the small yellow shields that sometimes appear next to units?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
WBCKharn Creator

They're "cover" icons.
When a unit is near a moderate amount of features (trees, rocks etc..) they count as being in cover which can do "stuff".

Small units gain an evasion bonus to missiles fired at them, large units suffer a speed penalty and there are some perks which specifically only work when in cover.

There are 4 levels of cover - light which is illustrated by just an outlined shield. Medium which is a half filled in shield. Heavy which is a full shield. And then there's negative cover which shows a shield overlapped by a red circle containing a diagonal line through it. Negative cover is applied to units travelling in marsh or fords.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Ah, thank you for clarifying it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Try deleting some json files in documents\the protectors.Then try reconfigurin, please remember to never click on cancel in the options menu(you have to start allover again if you do that)

Also try reinstalling the game but install 089, 089a and 089b each in different folder, then overwrite the patches to the main folder. This way the game seems much more stable.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hi, I got a PROBLEM.

I installed 0.8.9 downloaded from here, then 0.8.9a, then 0.8.9b.

when I open the game it starts windowed, so I entered the settings but the game didn't respond to my clicks, if I press on the resolutions tab at the top it won't respond, but when pressed the thumbdown to go back to the manu, for a nanosecond I saw the tabs change but hen I'm back at the main manu.

PLZ Help, I wish I could play the game again.

(running on Win10, with nice computer Y700, tried changing a lot of compabilty settings, but nothing worked).

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

Faced a similar problem. Noticed after a few attempts that the problem is alignment of mouse pointer and actual focus area. Focus area was about 100 pixels right to the actual mouse pointer. It happened mostly with resolutions where vertical resolution was higher than 1024 [1600X1050, 1920X1080].
Although I switched to TPC_beta_v0.8.9_full and didn't see this problem anymore.
Yet to try again the 0.8.9.a and 0.8.9.b addon patches.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
WBCKharn Creator

Have you restarted your computer since installing the updates? Sometimes the interface stops responding for me as well but restarting my computer fixes it.

If that doesn't work, then it might not your default resolution or something. In which case, you can manually set the game's resolution (and other options) by editing the file "Options.JSon" found in My Documents / The Protectors / Settings. The resolution entry is the first in the file and this file can be edited with any traditional text editors, such as Windows Notepad (you may need to right click the file and choose "open with" and then select Notepad).

Reply Good karma+1 vote

So I've played The Protectors for weeks now, and it runs fine usually, but now the game crashes whenever I try to access the World Options in Campaign (any campaign).
I've read this is due to garbage data, and I tried rebooting and restarting my computer several times as well as opening other apps, but I still seem to be getting the same error.

Is there perhaps a way to tweak the campaign options via some configuration file? If not, then perhaps you could consider making it an option in the future versions of the game? We already have various advanced options available for tweaking via the .json files in the protectors app data folder, would it be too complex to make it work with campaign files?
It really sucks not being able to tweak the fog of war options because by default it's set to "Hidden Map + Fog of War" which is probably the most annoying combination.
Alternatively, perhaps you could change it so that the default option is "Hidden map + No Fog of War" for the campaign, at least, for future versions? I don't think I'm the only one who dislikes the WBC3 fog of war.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Patrick_Winekiller Creator

We've already fixed this bug in version 0.9, but until then try deleting some of the .json files in documents/the protectors folder to reset options.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Thanks a bunch, that helped! Embarassing I haven't figured it out myself.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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I've been a huge fan of Warlords Battlecry II and III. The protectors is a mod for WBC III which brings some nice ideas to the original game such as an improved hero leveling-system, balance changes (in the first skirmish I played to try this mod out, I ran into barbarian war hounds which were strong and pretty useful, compared to their weaksauce-version in WBC III) and the re-introduction of bronze and zinman-mode. The new perk system brings an interesting twist to alter your playstyle. You can…

Jan 11 2014 by MCDT

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