The Protectors (in short TPC) is a stand-alone mod of the game Warlords Battlecry 3, produced by
Infinite Interactive. Stand-alone means that it can be run without having the original game installed.

Currently, TPC is under development (since 2010) and has not reached a stable version.
However, there are beta versions available for download. All users are encouraged to report
bugs and suggest improvements on TPC forum, as they are considered beta testers. Becoming a
member of TPC official site will also ensure your name's (or nickname's) appearance in the credits list
once the mod is fully developed.

Official website | Forum | Download

For multiplaying, we suggest this Hamachi server: 160-127-061. No password required.
Or join our Discord server:

List of highlighted improvements:

  • Story driven campaign (new locations, quests, characters, videos)
  • Improved RPG part (dialogue choices, multiple endings, psychological profiles)
  • Improved RTS part (new units, buildings, terrain, food system, temples)
  • Improved A.I. (no longer freezes or gets stuck, seeks quests, builds mortars etc.)
  • New hero system (new spells, perks, racial synergy bonus, proficiency)
  • New items and item sets
  • Improved editor (scene events, interface, manuals, custom portraits)
  • Support for high resolutions (up to 1920x1080)
  • A lot more music (warlords themed)
  • New graphics (portraits, GUI, loading screens etc.)
  • Cheat codes
  • More multi-player scenarios
  • Hundreds of bug fixes
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Version 0.8.8 FULL

TPC beta v0.8.8 FULL

Version 0.8.8a patch
TPC beta v0 8 8a patch

Version 0.8.8b patch

TPC beta v0 8 8b patch

What's new?


Though it has been a long journey, I finally bring some news. I have entered the realm of Etheria through its dark, mysterious interface. All the menus have been redesigned and adjusted to custom resolutions. Loading screens now possess impressive concept art and rich text about the universe, history and general hints collected from wise men of old. The world map has been redrawn at a higher, more detailed and lore-accurate scale and all the chapters, campaigns and custom add-ons have been updated to support the new coordinates. The battle UI also benefits of a few graphical tweaks, as well as the ability to shrink or expand by user preference. The stats, tags, weaknesses and other details are now viewable in the control panel both for units and buildings. Each spell now has its own unique visual particle and sound effect, along with a suggestive icon visible in the hot-keyed spells area. The elapsed time is now also constantly displayed on the top, while mission specific information is still stored on the right side of the screen. Spell timers remain on the left side, with only high priority messages popping up in the middle of the screen, such as diplomatic changes, perk adjustments or important resource modifications.

Several units seemed to me visually different… they better fit their nature and theme now. Minotaurs are now bigger in size and more ferocious for instance, while slimes and hydras look more sickly and infested. I have witnessed some gruesome battles too! All units now bleed upon impact depending on how much damage they receive, while other elements such as scorch marks, decaying bones, arrows, etc. remain on the battlefield. Footstep sounds, along with other terrain and weather impacts, all collaborate now as ambient-defining elements.

New chapter

New creatures have joined in the fray. The Rock Giant hurls boulders at the Barbarian’s enemies, while the Praetor trains the Imperial Armada. Devourers and Dust Devils roam the vast deserts. I also spotted Witch Doctors, Slayer Knights and green Oozes lurking in swamps. Even the well-known units now have new abilities. Zombies and Ghouls may now spread their infection to their victims, greatly multiplying their numbers. Sergeants may now encourage their soldiers to not be afraid or terrified of dragons, reminding me of the old knightly Order of The Dragon. The Swarm can now drain resources and mana while it digs its great hives to increase the already big population of insects. Dwarves have become extremely resistant to harmful magic spells and their beer is now more potent and “different” in effect. Orcs have discovered a new type of bolts for their kobold snipers, while the Dark Elves have imbued their arrows with lethal poison from fresh spider blood. Many other dangers await in this world.

On the bright side of things, I must say browsing through items in shops is now a slightly more pleasant interaction. Items now carry a baggage of lore in their descriptions. Comparing two items was made easier by creating help boxes detailing the items in question. Their stats have been rebalanced, some offering entirely new bonuses and curses. “Pick-up” and “drop” sounds can also be heard, imagine that!

0.8.8 Items (Part 1)

Yet, Etheria is known as The Land of Heroes and indeed new heroes have emerged. Master Paladins are now filled with fervor and Rangers may now cast nature spells and use their bow at the same time! Assassins like to weaken their targets before hitting the final, lethal blow. Merchants now always carry an “emergency fund” with them available at all times just in case a battle starts. Tinkers have learned the benefits of tactics, increasing the efficiency of nearby mercenaries. You can’t be too careful these days. Times have changed, what can I say? Maybe a Chronomancer is using one of his newer spells. Others have gone out for more nontraditional ways of magic. Warlocks now cut their own veins to cast spells although I’ve heard they are having problems healing the resulting wounds. Only the powerful Battle Potions the Brewers do have an effect on them. Then there are the Alchemists who now only use resources such as gold and metal to cast their spells. Now that’s something a thieving Double Dealer could really profit from.

Wind MillNow they have new or improved rules of battle. Start locations may be random and so can be an allegiance. Treason and treachery are common just to become King of the Hill these days, which is why having experienced bodyguards with you at all times is more important. Sometimes, skilled healers may be hired to resurrect heroes, although they charge for extra each time they perform the ritual. Bigger battles happening on bigger lands are now also more frequent, especially in the archipelagos and dense jungle areas, though some battles even spill on open farmland.

What’s more, all the Barons, Dukes, Lords, Princes, Kings and Emperors have gained much more experience in the matters of war. Some have even gained the reputation of Demigods, quickly erecting fearsome strongholds, raising huge armies, deploying deadly strategies, razing enemy mines, retreating when necessary only to strike back again and eventually vanquishing their foes with such unhuman efficiency that some accuse them of possessing artificial intelligence. Expect great difficulty when dealing with these types of warlords.

Alas, my time for writing letters has come to an end. Battle draws near! Attached are the detailed changelogs and quests I have observed up until now. Godspeed!


A Grand Councilor of The Protectors Team

P.S. I leave to you directions to my bank account, if you so desire to further support my journey with much-needed coin.

P.P.S. We can indulge in more letter writing over at Discord. Many warlords share their experience there.

The Protectors version 0.8.7 FULL now available

The Protectors version 0.8.7 FULL now available

News 5 comments

Dear warlords and warladies, rejoice! 'Tis the time to celebrate the release of the newest version of The Protectors. After almost one year of development...

Showcasing the new quest system

Showcasing the new quest system

News 3 comments

As the new version is about to be launched, we would like to present a feature we’ve been working on intensively: the quest system.

The Protectors version 0.8.6 FULL now available

The Protectors version 0.8.6 FULL now available

News 15 comments

The Protectors dev team is finally ready to present the long awaited new version of your favourite game mod: The Protectors version 0.8.6. With over 580...

The Protectors needs you!

The Protectors needs you!

News 4 comments

Is your hero doing well? Having fun leveling up, fighting foes, building empires, converting mines, casting spells and what not? Good, good. Mine's doing...

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TPC beta v0 8 8b patch

TPC beta v0 8 8b patch

Patch 19 comments

Quick fixes regarding multiplayer stability and other minor gameplay tweaks. Requires patch 0.8.8a. Heroes and saved games are NOT deleted.

TPC beta v0 8 8a patch

TPC beta v0 8 8a patch

Patch 2 comments

What started out as a hotfix ended up as a patch. Requires version 0.8.8 FULL. Heroes and saved games are NOT deleted.

TPC beta v0.8.8 FULL

TPC beta v0.8.8 FULL

Full Version 38 comments

My fair warlords and warladies: it is my pleasure to announce that the newest and most awaited version of The Protectors is finally released. Witness...



Full Version 68 comments

Dear warlords and warladies, rejoice! 'Tis the time to celebrate the release of the newest version of The Protectors. After almost one year of development...

TPC_beta_v0.8.6a_patch HOTFIX

TPC_beta_v0.8.6a_patch HOTFIX

Patch 56 comments

*Fixed hero level up bug *Fixed host migration message *Fixed AI special retinue not taking ASP costs into account correctly *Maximum AI special retinue...



Full Version 71 comments

The Protectors dev team is finally ready to present the long awaited new version of your favourite game mod: The Protectors version 0.8.6. With over 580...

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The Difficulty is f*cking absurd.

i was playing the c chapters with the dwarves and the Ai show no mercy on your ***. It doenst matter how i tried, i tried of everything till now i just cant win. Even in the other campaingns its to hard. I liked everything about the mod but this difficulty. Still crashes too much though, even with compatibility with XP\98\99

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Patrick_Winekiller Creator

Stability is an ongoing work in progress for this mod. Thankfully we improve it with each version and I must say in version 0.8.9 I seldom have any crashes whatsoever.

As for difficulty, try lowering it down and/or trying different hero combos (as heroes have a great impact in this game). You can also practice AI difficulties in skirmishes to help you get accustomed with your favorite races and classes and preferred enemies.

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Sorry i lost my account there.

I tried of everything but still hard very hard as i said i like everything about the mod but the difficulty it still very hard. And i still cant win against the plague in that particular episode. And the Demons are OP.

I encountered with a new bug, but it happened a few times, it happens to be with the Sprites. Example the fey sprites the silver one for the High Elves, or the female barbarian, sometimes the sprite when they walk they become transparent and when they die the games crashes. At least it happened to me though. Sometimes crashes when a full battle between mages casting spells.

Do you guys accept ideas? Why just you guys give the High Elves knight like sprite for them rather the Fey one i think it fits better (From the Knight race) could be Golden, Silver White and you guys could paint the Fey sprite for the High Elves entirely silver, removing the brown pants. And for the Undead, Dark Elves, and the Knights, A full Black Knight sprite for them (From the Knight race) And for the Wood Elves the Barbarian Sprite too?

And sorry if i'm being rude, i don't mean to be rude.

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Some Bugs/issues:

Sometimes (very rarely) in C. Campaign, after finishing the battle to enter the enemy capital you end up in New Selentia instead. (so far it happened to me with the Orc, High Elf and Empire capitals)

The daemon Lightning Spire durability upgrade ignores or cancels the HP bonus from the hero building perk. (you'll even get less HP for Lightning Spire if you do the upgrade with a high level hero with building perk)

The units seem to get a stats (even skills) reduction when they level up from 19 to 20. (for example a Dwarven Smith had 20 build skill at level 19 then dropped to 17 when he reached level 20, I also had an Iron Golem with a lot of armor which was reduced after it leveled past 19)
Then the stats continue to slowly grow again from level 20.

While in C. Campaign, the A.I. seems to have issues and doesn't seem harder to beat if I select Hard mode, sometimes it doesn't develop it's base much and only sends some weak armies to attack. (for example when sacking the Swarm capital, then enemy was particularly weak on Hard compared to Normal, it was same in some other battles)

The Dark Elf tortured souls can hider base repairs.
There's cases where I can't select my towers and walls to repair because there's too many tortured souls near and over them, left from the enemy casualties.

The A.I. sometimes builds so many walls in the base that it's troops get stuck there.
Sometimes it pointlessly builds large clusters of walls (no towers) near mines outside it's base.

In C. Campaign, the game always crashes when trying to replace a retinue unit with a water elemental for Calm the Desert. (it only works when I have a free retinue slot)

In C. Campaign, the Attack Malbec mission, the Plague A.I. is pathetic and gets beaten by the Orc quite easily.
While sacking the Plague Capital, the dwarven ally alone can overwhelm and destroy both Plague enemies, I don't even need to attack at all.
In Treasure Hunt #2, there's a lone undead hero in a cave near mines and 2 towers, should he build a base and mount attacks? Only the Daemon enemy builds and attacks, but he's too easy and mostly attacks the undead towers outside the cave.

I've seen A.I. elementalist heroes who kept summoning animals to excessive numbers, it was very annoying.
They weren't even part of a faction that has use for animals.

If you garrison a unit in a tower, save game and then load game, the unit in tower gets duplicated (even a hero) and the tower stats are increased. (if I exit the duplicate, then it vanishes after a short while)

Very rarely, something goes wrong with the A.I. and causes significant lag, it's keeps producing troops and doesn't send them to attack, not for a long time at least. (it recovers sometimes if I save and load game a few times)

The game freezes a bit often before the battle, right after selecting the retinue (in C. Campaign at least) since I installed the patches 0.8.8a and 0.8.8b

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Patrick_Winekiller Creator

Thank you for the report, we will address these issues to the best of our abilities in the upcoming version.

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Hi. Is it true that diplomacy will depend on faction instead of race? If factions actually become that much important, I suggest that there should be a hero race selection per faction instead of faction selection per hero race. This way many factions (notable examples are: The Dark Path a dark elf-demon-empire hybrid; Iron Fortress an undead-demon hybrid) could have more than 1 hero race (with synergy bonus) choice (based on the races of non-foreign units in the faction) encouraging more unique hero setups among players using the same faction. What would you say?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
JoeTheBartender Creator

Campaign diplomacy will indeed by based on faction by 0.9.0. Multi-racial factions make sense. Races are still the largest determining factor so I suspect that the respective multi-racial faction would just become available for multiple races. It's fairly complex so I doubt something like that will be implemented for a while.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Hi there! I've got a problem regarding downloads, it seldom happens but if it does, it's a huge headache to me. It's when I click download, it just ends in an instant with nothing in it. Even the mirrors are the same. I tried using different browsers and still fail. Can you please give me some alternative. A torrent and mega downloads never fail me. I feel bad that I won't be part of the thousands of downloaders :(

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I've got a way around it. I just used my phone for downloading and it worked! Gotta sacrifice some of the files though.
The patches can be downloaded in my pc, maybe it is because of the size of file? Weird because I downloaded 4gb in moddb in the past and it worked.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Patrick_Winekiller Creator

You can find more mirrors here:

Reply Good karma+2 votes
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I've been a huge fan of Warlords Battlecry II and III. The protectors is a mod for WBC III which brings some nice ideas to the original game such as an improved hero leveling-system, balance changes (in the first skirmish I played to try this mod out, I ran into barbarian war hounds which were strong and pretty useful, compared to their weaksauce-version in WBC III) and the re-introduction of bronze and zinman-mode. The new perk system brings an interesting twist to alter your playstyle. You can…

Jan 11 2014 by MCDT

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