Anonymous Messages is a first person type of game. You are lost in a bizarre looking forest. You can’t remember anything… and you have to collect the 6 recording tapes, each one with a weird Anonymous Message, these tapes help you to recover some parts of your memory… But it doesn’t end there, you have to watch your heart… And the forest itself! This game was developed during a 3 days competition called Game Zanga (Game Jam), back on March-2013. Then on June, we re-developed it. We changed almost everything based on the feedback thats we’ve received, and then we published it on GameJolt, and other indie games sites (GameTako, kongregate, and GameShed). From June till September of 2013, Anonymous Messages has been played/downloaded over 10,000 on GameJolt. And in total of over 16,000 play times in all the other indie games sites. Also, the game has received almost 200 gameplay videos on YouTube, with total of 1 million Views.

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You can play Anonymous Messages now for FREE on Desktop(Mac/Win/Linux) & on Web

Play/Download it on GameJolt:

Enjoy the Lost Feeling in a Dar
k Forest :S

JJjoinut99 - - 57 comments

Not a bad little game at all, though it does play a little too close to Slender: The Eight Pages. Still, it creeped me out when the trees started moving!

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Guest - - 688,884 comments

scary game , i freak out every time i play it !!!

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BugGames Creator
BugGames - - 1 comments

Thanks :) Glad you liked it

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