Act of Aggression – Reboot Edition brings the techno-thriller RTS game Act of Aggression to a higher level. The Reboot Edition offers a full gameplay overhaul: new resource system, playable builder units, new base buildings, simplified research system, and many major mechanic improvements for smoother and more dynamic gameplay in skirmish mode against the AI and in your multiplayer battles. Either launch the original game or Reboot Edition as you see fit, and experience the new benchmark of real-time strategy games.

With three global super-powers, there can be only one victory.

Across three distinct factions each armed with the greatest modern and prototype military weaponry, head into some of the world’s most volatile conflict zones, building bases for mass production, establishing resource supply lines, and waging war in Eugen Systems’ explosive RTS.

Build and manage the cogs of war in a return to strategic base-building, resource harvesting, and dynamic tech-trees. Capture banks and enemy soldiers to generate cash income. Upgrade units with specialization and unlock new skills. Embark on an epic single player Campaign with a thrilling original story, and fight throughout the world on realistic environments. Compete online in visceral PVP battles and become the best commander!

Act of Aggression Reboot Edition brings new features to skirmish modes:

  • Streamlined Economy: Manage two resources: oil and cash, allowing you to focus on the action. Unit expenditure is up-front, meaning no more micromanaging production lines.
  • New Base Building System: Like a traditional RTS, base building units are selectable. Build directly from the builder (or destroy your opponent’s builder!)
  • New Airstrikes: You no longer control the planes mid-flight. They go directly to their target and strike, much faster than previously.
  • Huge balancing update and unit model improvements as well as UI tweaks and changes: for example, all units now accelerate and decelerate faster, with more streamlined, action packed RTS gameplay.
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Good afternoon everyone, the following are the notes for Act of Aggression: World War V1.0, explaining in detail the changes implemented in the mod, feel free to leave any comments if you need some clarification, I hope you enjoy the changes I have implemented.



The mod brings 14 colors to choose:

  • Blueish clear grey
  • Dark reddish grey
  • Desert Beige
  • Dark red
  • Metallic blue
  • Military green
  • Very dark grey
  • Vitamin Orange
  • Electric Blue-Violet
  • Plasma Cyan
  • Golden Yellow
  • Earthly Brown
  • Sky Blue
  • White Greyish
  • Forest Green
  • Radioactive Green

NOTE: The satellite view option may not work well with some of the darker colors.


Your base economy has received a major buff:

  • Banks now have a stock of 50000, 75000 and 100000 respectively, and garrisoned infantry gathers at 25 credits per second for unit.
  • Harvester stock doubled and transference rate tripled.


  • Improved sighting angles of the main camera.

New angles of battle


  • Sight vision for most units improved in 71% although this may vary according to battle conditions.


America’s army has been geared up to become more resilient via their individual upgrades and larger HP pool, with units such as the Abrams having up to 60 hitpoints when equiped with TUSK2 they will be capable to endure a beating while giving one with interest in return, there has been also some buffs in other essential areas.



  • ACCE hitpoints improved in 20%
  • ACCE TUSK hitpoints improved in 25%
  • Damage halved, rate of fire doubled, reload time decreased to 1 second


  • Marine HP increased by 33%


  • Speed improved by100%


  • Delta HP increased by 33%


  • All Hunvees versions now have 25% additional hitpoints


  • Standard version now has 20% additional hitpoints
  • TUSK 1 now has 25% additional hitpoints

ATGM Stryker

  • Standard version now has 20% additional hitpoints
  • TUSK 1 now has 25% additional hitpoints

FCS Mortar

  • Standard version now has 20% additional hitpoints
  • TUSK 1 now has 25% additional hitpoints

Apache Guardian

  • Autocannon reload time reduced to 1 second


  • Speed improved by 50%

M1 Schredder

  • Hitpoints improved by 50%

M1 Hercules

  • Speed increased by 50% although the M1 cannot longer use roads

MH6 SOAR Little Bird

  • Hitpoints doubled


  • Avenger model size reduced to 50%

M1203 NLOS

  • Attack damage reduced to 33%
  • Reloading rate is now 33% faster
  • Speed increased by 50% although the NLOS cannot longer use roads


  • Hitpoints increased by 20% in all versions
  • Speed increased by 50% although the M1A2 cannot longer use roads

Superweapon PeaceKeeper II Silo

The Peacekeeper now works more like a saturation weapon, while not as strong at its central area of effect as the original version it now can cover a far greater radium, allowing you to exterminate unprotected bases and armies with ease:

  • Vanilla missile reduced to 66%, Upgraded reduced to 75%
  • Area of effect doubled

More area of effect



Chimera’s units have received a wide array of changes to improve their tactical flexibility and come on top of skirmishes, for example, Felins can easily dominate most firefights with their speed and resilience while the Valor can unleash a continuous barrage of rockets to erode enemy positions.


  • Hitpoints improved in 25%
  • Speed improved in 25%

Heavy SAS Sniper

  • Hitpoints improved in 75%


  • Rate of fire doubled


  • Hitpoints increased by 20%
  • Speed increased by 50% although the Terminator cannot longer use roads
  • Cost increased by 30%

Chimera's MBT cost most but last longer


  • Reloading rate reduced to 1 second
  • Hitpoints increased by 33%


  • Hitpoints doubled


  • Rocket rate of fire decreased by 20%
  • Rocket rate reloading time reduced to 6.6%
  • Rocket attack damage reduced to 50%
  • Hitpoints increased by 100%

A flying saturation artillery


  • Speed increased by 50% although the Buratino cannot longer use roads

DENEL Y3 Grenadiers

  • Grenadier reloading time reduced to 1 second
  • Grenadier attack damaged halved



Cartel forces have been improved to stop enemy deathballs while making a few of their own, with most of their units being capable to unleash massive amounts of well-coordinated firepower, you can use Koalitsiyas as a hammer while your Specters and Comanches are the daggers.


  • Reaction time improved in 2 secs
  • HE damage decreased to 39%, AoE increased in 43%
  • AP damage decreased to 57%, AoE decreased to 72%
  • Reload time halved
  • Speed improved in 75% although, like most heavy vehicles, the Koalitsiya no longer benefits from the 50% speed bonus of roads


  • Hitpoints increased by 50%
  • Autocannon damage halved
  • Autocannon rate of fire improved by 100%
  • Autocannon reload time reduced to 1 second
  • Weaponry range equalized, the autocannon now has 71% more range and the rocket pods 7% more range
  • Cost increased by 250 credits to reflect changes

More expensive but healthier


  • Speed increased in 78% in order to ensure this plane can deliver its payload in the middle of battle, SEAD missile no longer works.


  • Speed increased by 12% and acceleration/desacceleration factor in 79%


  • Attack damage reduced by 20%
  • Rate of attack delay and reloading time halved


  • Autocannon rate of fire halved
  • Autocannon damage doubled
  • Autocannon reload time reduced to 1 second
  • Autocannon range improved by 77%
  • Speed increased by 50% although the Specter cannot longer use roads


  • Speed increased by 50% although the BREM cannot longer use roads

Superweapon THOR Control Center

The THOR no longer has a major area of effect for its attack, instead, it can unleash a massive amount of damage in a concentrated area, making it ideal to remove strategic heavily armed building with ease, its platform is also cheaper.

  • Attack Damage doubled
  • Area of effect reduced to 71%
  • Cost of the WMD factory reduced to 55%

A more affordable WMD

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"Generals" mod would be awesome on this game's engine or act of war's engine

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Thanks a bunch for supporting this game.

I really appreciate the mod.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

hello, some suggestions for improvement: If you use the left mouse button to move and attack the same in c & c. You can choose any position of the map, there is no way to choose any higher positions, no matter which position you choose, it will always be in the lower ones. maps could be ffa compatible, because only in ffa I can choose colors, in cooperative mode (2vs2) I am forced to play with gray or brown. Best rts game forever.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

HQ of every faction can build every HQ of other factions (and Chimera Outpost)! 3tech at your fingertips
And not just HQs, light vehicle bays of every faction can as well, including Chimera Outpost and US FOB;add these changes to a.i. too, if possible. Imagine a megabase with 3 factions in 1 attacking ...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Could you implement these suggestions to make them in Reboot Edition?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Great news, now finally the game is more balanced, finally A.I. attack more, attack with super weapons anywhere on the map, congratulations and thanks for this great update, tested and working on version 780061183.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


I would like to be able to follow the super weapons, as I follow the planes, clicking on the camera button, it is possible to do?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Is there a patch for this version of the game to download? I did not find it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hi, great job, many need you to work on codex version v260000390 / 770000739, do you have plans for these?

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