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Aug 12 2008 Anchor

Hello to all you top modders out there!
I write the Mod Report section each month for Total PC Gaming magazine (please check my profile for a link - I'm new and can't add one to this thread), and I'm on the lookout for the latest mod news. Naturally I keep a close eye on ModDB's pages to see what's happening in the community, but I thought it might also be prudent for me to stick a post on here inviting modders to tell me what they've been up to and hopefully get their news in the magazine.
There are three sections, so please ensure your news fits neatly into one of them and, all being well (no promises, of course) you'll be featured in magazine. The sections are as follows:

NEWS: Speak pretty much for itself, and constitutes the bulk of the double page spread.
WORK IN PROGRESS: This section deals with mads that are making interesting headway, but aren't yet ready for a full version release.
NEW RELEASES: If you've got a newly completed mod, this is the place to tell us about it.

In order for your news item to feature in the magazine, I'd need the mod's name, a relevant URL, which game the mod is for, at least two print quality, un-watermarked screenshots and as much information as you can impart. Although I'd like lots of info, I'm not asking you to write the news item - that'll get taken care of, but if there's something special about your mod, do let me know so I don't miss it out if you're featured in the magazine.
So, if you've got something your think would constitute as hot news for Total PC Gaming's Mod Report section, please reply to this thread using the following format:

News / Work In Progress / New Releases (delete as appropriate)

I look forward to hearing from you!

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Aug 19 2008 Anchor

MOD NAME: OverDose
Work In Progress
GAME: Quake 2
RELEVANT URL: www . / overdose
LINKS TO SCREENSHOTS: www . / overdose / media . htm
INFO: OverDose is a Multiplayer team objective based game with online and offline play. Two sides, Earths Confederate Marine Corps. and the evil alien Marauders, battle for control of locations on Earth. Based in a first person, the two conflicting teams must battle not only each other, but large open terrain areas. Every class has his own strong and weak points, but every class is a vital role to the game. Built using Quake 2's source code, OverDose is a team based game more akin to RtCW. Using a heavily modified rendering engine, OverDose brings per pixel lighting with soft shadows, real time water effects, Doom 3 .md5mesh and .md5anim model formats, Quake 3, Doom 3 and Quake 4 .map support, fully scriptable UI's/weapons/game events using simple to use UI files, a complete material system more in-depth and detailed than Doom 3's and much, much more.

projektariel Playing Shakespeare
Sep 7 2008 Anchor

New Releases / Work in Progress
GAME: Far Cry
RELEVANT URL: Mod - site on ModDB
Live Performance of the Mod
Mod Screenshot
INFO: Projekt A.R.I.E.L. (ARTificial Research in Electronical Life) proudly presents the Sturm - MOD, created in the Sandbox - Editor of FarCry ((c) Crytek / Ubisoft). The mod is part of a theatre / media arts production done in summer 2008 as a project of students of the scenical arts at the university of Hildesheim, Germany. It provides an environment in which the places and actions described by William Shakespeare in his play "The Tempest" can be visited, explored, experienced and reflected by the player. The mod was performed live in the production "Projekt A.R.I.E.L." which is explained in detail on our homepage Version 1.1 is currently in development to be released in October!

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask (e.g. I can send you other screenshots via mail!)


Edited by: projektariel

Trestkon Radish Farmer
Sep 11 2008 Anchor

Mod Name: The Nameless Mod

Section: News/Work In Progress

Game: Deus Ex

Relevant URL:

Links to Exclusive Screenshots:

Executive Summary: The Nameless Mod ("TNM") is the largest mod in existence. With two distinct storylines comprising over 30 hours of gameplay, 200 unique characters, and more than 10 hours of voice acting, its development has been a giant undertaking. In production since 2002, TNM is currently in the beta testing stage and will soon be available for download. TNM takes place in a virtual representation of an online forum, thrusting the player into a city in chaos. Surrounded by religious fanatics, evil corporations and panicked citizens, the player must unravel the mysterious kidnapping of a powerful moderator.

Plot: Chaos rules Forum City. A powerful moderator has been kidnapped, religious cults are at war, and opposing factions all seek to gain ultimate control. Returning to the city after a two year hiatus, ex-operative Trestkon must seek to unravel the mysterious kidnapping and bring some semblance of order to the troubled City. Allies must be sought to carry out your mission; friends gathered. Will you join the existing government, or side with the evil mega corporation? Perhaps you'll seek the wisdom of the worshippers of the Great Goat OOn, or their bitter rivals, the worshippers of the Llama deity Lamar. But as you make your way through Forum City, be sure to watch your back; not everyone is happy about your return...

People Behind the Mod: TNM has been put together by the amateur development studio Off Topic Productions. Dozens upon dozens of people have contributed to TNM, with a core team of 3 people being involved from the very beginning, and another 5 who've been a tremendous help over the last 2-3 years pulling the entire mod together and polishing it to a high sheen. Over 15,000 man hours have been invested into TNM and its developers are all proud of the final product and ecstatic about the upcoming release.

Partial List of Features:

· 30 hours of gameplay split between two completely unique, parallel storylines
· More than 10 hours of amazing voice acting
· More than 200 interactable characters
· More than 4 hours of brand new music
· Over 30 unique maps ranging from slums, to caves, to high tech laboratories
· 4 unique endings
· More than 20 new weapons
· Hundreds of new models (all high resolution)
· Hundreds of emails, books, newspapers, notepads, and datacubes
· Incredibly deep game world reactivity and player freedom
· Exciting new mini-games
· Countless hidden easter eggs

Edited by: Trestkon

SinKing bumps me thread
Sep 13 2008 Anchor

TPCG wrote: Hello to all you top modders out there!
Unfortunately, the deadline for this month's news is Thursday 14th August. It's very short notice because, well, I only just thought of putting up a post asking for news! You can also reach me by PM if you've any questions, or would rather submit your news that way.
I look forward to hearing from you!

Thursday 14th August? What are you still writing in the thread?


User Posted Image

projektariel Playing Shakespeare
Sep 13 2008 Anchor

SinKing wrote: Thursday 14th August? What are you still writing in the thread?

TPCG wrote: I write the Mod Report section each month for Total PC Gaming magazine [...] the deadline for this month's news is Thursday 14th August.

Sometimes it helps to read the provided texts thoroughly... ;)



Mod DB - Game Modder --> Far Cry meets Shakespeare`s "The Tempest": SturmMOD
Mod DB - Game Writer --> INQUISITOR (revision), WINTERFEST (dialogues), A NEW BEGINNING (dialogues for one chapter), ROMEO&JULIET (co-writer cutscenes)

SinKing bumps me thread
Sep 14 2008 Anchor

yeah, I know that, but apparently he never appeared again afterwards, so I'm guessing he just needed some hot news for one episode. Has anyone asked this guy, if he plans to carry on with this thread? -Because if not I believe this is pretty much over.


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Trestkon Radish Farmer
Sep 14 2008 Anchor

It's a monthly feature and he confirmed in a PM that it's an ongoing thing.


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Sep 15 2008 Anchor

Mod report section means 'no indie games' doesn't it?

Ennui Dayvan Cowboy
Sep 16 2008 Anchor

Next release of HL2:Wars I'll definitely post up in here.


The Definitive Half-Life 2 RTS Modification

Sep 17 2008 Anchor

Hello - apologies for the absence, but this is indeed and ongoing thread. I've been getting lots of PM stuff sent through (which is excellent), but I do keep checking in here to harvest information :)

Unfortunately this is indeed mod stuff only. Which is a shame, as lots of the indie games are awesome. If we ever do anything with those, you can bet you guys will be the first to hear it :-)

Keep the info coming, dudes!

Sep 17 2008 Anchor

Yes, the indie games are. OAD and Infinity are two indie games that have definitely caught my eye :P
And there's so many more. But a good mod if you have not featured them already is Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II.

Pretty much my favorite mod. :P

masterofnone Twitter/ModdingNews
Sep 26 2008 Anchor

MOD NAME: Viking Invasion II
New Releases
GAME: Rome Total War (Barbarian Invasion 1.6)
INFO: The cult-classic Medieval Total War: Viking Invasion comes to the BI engine! Now play your favourite strategy campaign in 3D!

"Breathes new life into one of TW's tightest and most atmospheric iterations with simplicity, balance and superb quality." - Antagonist

For much more information, screenshots, aids and resources see link above.


Modding News on Twitter at

ben72227 CryModder
Oct 2 2008 Anchor

MOD NAME: Petrograd

SECTION: News / Work In Progress

GAME: Crysis

INFO: Petrograd is a single player mod made with CryEngine2. Petrograd tells the story of a covert agent of the government sent into a city in Eastern Europe that has recently been taken over by a warlord and his faction. Using the CryEngine2, Petrograd makes full use of advanced techniques such as ambient occlusion, depth of field, soft shadows, hi-res texture maps, a fully interactive and destructible environment, particle effects and much more!

Edited by: ben72227

VulpineComplex Hello, I'm a journalist.
Oct 3 2008 Anchor

MOD NAME: Ragnarok Arena
SECTION: Released / Work in Progress

GAME: Half Life
LINKS TO SCREENSHOTS: (Since ModDB doesn't watermark their images anymore)

Side scrolling deathmatch action for the Half Life engine! Ragnarok Arena combines fast paced, frantic deathmatch with the gameplay and perspective of yesteryear. Play as your favorite mod character and get completely eradicated in over twenty levels. We're currently working on a complete remake of the mod which should be out at the end of the year and will contain all the recent engine upgrades from the past few years or so, like shader water and normal mapped textures.

BlackOpsRacoon The Paranormal Making Man.. Or something like that... I think...
Nov 25 2008 Anchor

MOD NAME: Paranormal - Episode One: Exodium Quod Terminus
Work In Progress
GAME: Crysis
Paranormal is an atmospheric horror mod, inspired by Alien and H.P Lovecraft's Call of Cthulu series.
Become John Hart, once an average cop that was torn apart by the murder of his parents, fiancé and friends. Being no realistic explanation for thier death, John trains and becomes a Paranormal Detective, the people who hunt 'Ghosts & Ghouls', the creatures that lurk in every shadow. Then, suddenly, Tommy his only surviving friend, calls asking him to help him in a unexplained murder. John's interest is his downfall, as he soon is framed by the killer and uncovers a deadly conspiricey. On the run from the Police, demons and God knows what else, John must survive, unravel the cunning consipicy and prove his innocence. Told through narration, the games story is one of the most focused on parts with a huge emphasise on voice acting and breath-taking cutscenes, and its all on the stunning CryEngine 2.

tskross BotB 2d Graphics Mapping and PR
Jan 2 2009 Anchor

MOD NAME: Battle of the Bulge
SECTION: Released (v.2)

Company of Heroes and Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts
RELEVANT URL:, Official BotB website

Features include but are in no way limited to:
-The new Automatic Territory Capture system (thanks to AnyGameX) No more flagpoles simply capture territory by having more men in it than your opponent, the more the faster!
-Realistic tank combat featuring historic penetration values, tanks have their turret rotation times reset to the actual speeds of real
life, visibility reduced to reflect the limited line of sight from tanks' vision blocks.
-new units such as the tiger sturmmorser, jagdpanzer IV L70, maultier panzerwerfer, m36 'slugger', sherman jumbo and many more...
-All new skins and maps
-New Doctrines specific to the units named in Historical records of the battle
-And many more changes to the original gameplay and graphics

Edited by: tskross

Jan 4 2009 Anchor

MOD NAME: Edge of the Sky
Work In Progress
GAME: Crysis, Crysis Warhead & Crysis Wars
RELEVANT URL: Edge of the Sky MODDB site
INFO: The Edge of the Sky modification is based on allowing the player to experience an modern city environment. The modification is inspired by the game Mirrors Edge, and as in the game, the player can jump from buildings, climb on ladders, run on walls, and find new creative ways to find her/his way to the destination. The maincharacter is called Trianna, a young woman that is struggling to escape her past and to fit into the rebel group, Runners. She does her best to finish important missions that can save the city.

Features include, but are not limited to:
- The new slowmotion system that allows the player to slowdown moments, to enjoy firing in midair
- The new bullettime system that allows the player to watch the bullets path, and to follow them into their target with the camera
- New weapons and vehicles
- New balancing system that allows the players to balance themselves when walking on ledges by moving the mouse to the sides
- Climbing/Wallrunning system that allows the player to walk on walls and jump onto edges and grab onto them
- And lots of more changes to the original gameplay and graphics

Once released, the Edge of the Sky modification will include several singleplayer and multiplayer modes. The mod will be filled with actionpacked moments, new models and superb environments! Be sure to check it out, and enjoy the Edge of the Sky experience!

Hendrix Tea maker extrodinaire
Jan 5 2009 Anchor

MOD NAME: 1985
Work In Progress
Half-Life 2
Set in a a 'what if?' third world war scenario. After an escalation of the Insurgent activities against the Soviet union in Afghanistan, a small nuclear exchange is followed by serious international tension. Politicians fail to break the stand off, and on the 4th of August 1985, hostilities commenced between NATO and the Warsaw Pact.

1985 Single player puts you in the boots of a British Corporal, and his Rifle Section, torn from the heat and comfort of a tour of Gibraltar, to the fiery hell of at first line of Defence on the inner German border. After repatriating to the UK, the unit is sent to civic duties in London, in preparation for another invasion of europe. Its then that the un-thinkable happens.

1985 multiplayer puts you directly into the firing line, playing as either British Army, Soviet motor rifle infantry, or union- A decended organisation from the TUC, bent on overthrowing the Provisional Emergency government in the wake of Nuclear Exchange.

-Realistic weapons
-MP experience system, trade experience for weapons and skills.
-Transport and logisitic systems
-No more HUD, view it directly from the eyes of the common man
-Iron sights, SUSATS and SUITS
-Bayonets, knives and non-lethal weapons such as riot guns, gas and rubber bullets
-Chemical warfare, wear your gas mask, or reap the rewards as your lungs fill with deadly gas.
-Fireteam control in Singleplayer, Gun group covers, assualt team go's in with fixed bayonets etc, a similar system to Brothers in arms.
-Rescue wounded buddies and drag them back to a medic for treatment.

Many more features are planned, but we dont want to spoil it too much for you.


User Posted Image

Jan 6 2009 Anchor

Thanks to everyone who's posted their mods on here. It's great to uncover some of these gems that I might have missed while browsing the database. Please keep 'em coming!

Jan 6 2009 Anchor

MOD NAME: Devil Behind Canvas
Work In Progress
Unreal Tournament 3

"When Alice Meets Silent Hill" -- Devil behind the Canvas is an ambitious action adventure game. The project was started in late 2006 by Yuan Cui, who is the original story creator as well as art director. In the game you play as Amy, a traumatized girl whose mother was killed. Amy's father is a dark artist. Amy needs to travel between the worlds of her father's paintings in order to survive and find out the truth behind her mother's death. The project features an atmospheric theme and a unique "traumatized" gameplay, also a special "Canvas" system allows you see a real-time paranormal world


-New Character Models
-New Atmospheric, Haunting and Bizarre Environments
-New Sound and Special Effects
-Professionally composed musical score
-Beautiful 2-D and 3-D art
-Amy wields multiple weapons and magical attacks
-Diaries will be used to give clues to the player and to tell them the story of DBC. In the game you will find many diary entries written by Edward or other people. The player can pick them up and read them to learn about the story and background, or they might just keep focusing on the gameplay without touching them. We give the player the choice.

Jan 7 2009 Anchor

MOD NAME: Afrikafeldzug
Work In Progress
GAME: Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts


Afrikafeldzug transforms the muddy fields of normandy into the barren deserts of North Africa. Changing the theatre of War and the style of play. Afrikefeldzug strives for both realism and fun; hoping to find a healthy compromise between the two. Not only are there new mpas, but every unit has been reskinned and gameplay has been tweaked.

This time around you can control 3 armies, The dreaded Afrika Korps, The British 1st Army or the US forces. Each has their own style of play and beuatifully textured units, (Thanks to Halftrack and Brother Mattias).

-New maps
-New Textures
-More realistic and intense gameplay
-Reworked armies
-Expereince the African front, a completely different experience to the invasion of Normandy

Edited by: Colonel_Temp

Squiggers I'm British, you Muppet.
Jan 19 2009 Anchor

Hmm, I'm going to get the Northern Ireland mod up here as of Friday, when we decide whether it's CryEngine 2, or the Source engine we're using. 4 days... :P

Feb 3 2009 Anchor

MOD NAME: Portal : Stories.

SECTION: Work In Progress

GAME: Portal

RELEVANT URL: Portal Stories

LINKS TO SCREENSHOTS: Portal : Stories Screens

The Textures on the Screens are not the Final.
There were just placed to show you how it could look.
Im Corregating them at the moment.

Portal : Stories plays in another Part of the Facility Aperture. Laboratories.
It plays around the same time like Prelude.

We are going to take MARIS insteed of GLaDOS.

More Updates coming

-Mfg Daniel ( Speedfire493 ) D.

Feb 3 2009 Anchor

MOD NAME: Doom 3 Boss Contest
GAME: Doom 3
Boss contest done in Doom 3. It was about 1.5 months for people to complete the submission. 5 of the 7 entrants got theirs in on time. Voting ends 2/15:


Go play some Quake 2:
It's like Source v0.9, only... better!
Play Paintball for Doom 3!:
Doom 3 Paintball to the Max!

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