Early this morning, following heavy artillery bombardment, a large German force has penetrated US positions in the Ardennes Forest in Belgium and Luxemburg!! Allied High command is hastily rushing reinforcements to the area, to counter the surprise attack and prevent them from crossing Meuse river.

Can you stop the elite of the German panzer divisions, or vice-versa, lead them to victory? Find out.

The new version is delivered as installer version but wont change anything to your original CoH-Files.
Note: This Mod requires the orignal Company of Heroes (vanilla) and/or ToV and will not run on Opposing Fronts only.

Battle of the Bulge is a Mod focusing exclusively on the battles in Belgium and Luxemburg, December 44 - January 45.

It converts the Summer/Normandy Scenario of CoH into a winter scenario along with winter Maps, Skins and units.

Lots of emphasize has been laid on the look of the Mod. All skins are as accurate as possible, from uniform detail to unit marking.
EACH soldier in a squad has individual uniforms and equipment.
Occlusion effects, team colors, even territory borders and selection markers have been removed for visual authenticity.

Furthermore, the Mod's aim is to combine CoH game play with more realism and it tries to reflect the battle properly.
Therefore Panzerelite and Brits have been taken off the game ( Brits will show up as doctrine reinforcements, though ).
You can call in battlegroups which have originally taken part, like the 14th Cavalry Group or the infamous Kampfgruppe Peiper.
Tons of changes have also been done to unit stats, gameplay and doctrines. The units you can produce depend on the doctrine you choose.

The overall game changes are too many to mention, here are some extracts:

  • More than 35 completely new winter maps, mostly historical battlegrounds, designed from photos and maps.
  • some maps even have dynamical weather, which influences units sight range, battle performance and movement speed.
  • Tons of new unit models ( Sturmtiger, Jagdpanzer IV, Panzerwerfer 42, M21 Mortar Halftrack, M36, Sherman Jumbo, Sherman E8, Stug III, FW 190, Me 109 , M5 AT Gun, Pak40, leFH18, M1a1 Pack Howitzer and many, many more)
  • realistical penetration values of Guns and armour, historical movement and turret rotation speed and loading times
  • smoke screens and HE ammo for almost all tanks.
  • New veterancy system: All units gain veterancy by fighting, each vet step increases accuracy, sight range, shortens reload times, decreases inflicted suppression of a unit.
  • special vet abilities
  • dynamical sight range - moving units wont see as far as standing units, cause they have to pay attention to their movement
  • new upgrade system, units can only upgrade when near to HQ or other special buildings.
  • removed unrealistic features, like building bunkers in 30 seconds
  • vehicles give cover for soldiers, tankwrecks cant be crushed and have to be demolished
  • barb wire may damage tires and tracks of vehicles
  • limits on almost every support/armored unit
  • heavy Infantry squads already have a bar / lMG when built.
  • smoke Grenades for Infantry Squads to conceal movement.
  • line Engineer Squads cannot repair tanks or vehicles anymore.
  • Special vehicle repair crews or repair stations have to be used to repair them.
  • and so on and so on - but maybe test it out yourself.

The in-game doctrines have been changed to reflect historical units, read more below:

Airborne Division:
becomes the defensive tree. You have a lot of powerful infantry like airborne infantry, AT-teams and heavy mortars, but only little choice of heavy artillery or vehicles force you to really use airborn tactics - dig in and wait for the Cavalry.
Doctrines will even strenghten your infantries combat value, until you get full air support in the late game.
( note: during the real battle, both US Airborn Divisions were transferred to the battlefield by trucks -
so you wont be able to paradrop in this mod, either. )

Infantry Division:
still well rounded, with good defensive and artillery units, combat engineers and fair armor.
Doctrines give you more production bonuses and send armored combat groups to the battlefield.

Armoured Division:
Like in vCoH, this is the most powerful, but slowest to build Division... but mobile artillery like Priest, and many tanks like the Sherman Easy Eight, Jumbo Sherman and the M36 let you gain the initiative.You will even receive tank reinforcements by the British.

7th Army
Consist of Volksgrenadier and heavy Fallschirmjager Infantry, light artillery and heavy antitank equipment, Mobile units are mostly antitank...the doctrine gives you enhanced defensive options like trenches as well as some armored support.

5th Panzerarmy
The most rounded tree... good Infantry units like Panzergrenadiere, some early ATs, mobile Artillery and fair battle tanks as well as doctrinal refitting options and powerful offmap units like Jagdpanther and Sturmtiger

6th SS Panzerarmy
Focussing on heavy mobile Firepower... mobile artillery units like Hummel and Maultier and the heaviest tank in the game, the Kingtiger, give you full force in your advance.Fanatism boosts your troops fighting spirit and the hidden "Operation Griffon" Teams spread sabotage and confusion behind enemy lines.

One of the the biggest changes is a general elimination of the Point Capture system. Now we use ATC, by AGameAnx which is a script that checks the No. of units in territory, and the faction with most units inside captures the territory after some time. Observation posts have been eliminated, too.
for more info about ATC, -> go here <-

The Credits:

Coding: Halftrack, Panzer Jager, TornadoX
Coding Aid: (with many thanks) Copernicus, Xalibur, Dartbourne, cf_nz
AI Coding Help: Sweeten 2142
Suurender Script: Wilco, Muad`Dib, Berse
Maps: Lord van Dalen, Tarlak501, Henry666, Nobody ,Empa,$-texas_$, Regis91, Halftrack, tskross
Skins: Halftack, tomarces, tskross, Mr.Scruff, Lord van Dalen
Skins used: Sig21Surgeon, Georider, GniGruH, Spaulick, Slayerknecht, Daniel_Pufi
UI GFX: Doombringer, Halftrack
SoundFX: LoranKorn,GameRisin, Xalibur
3D Models : Halftrack, Skyward, Inukshuk, Mr.Scruff,
Animation and OE work: Tankdestroyer, DarkbladeCR, BurtondrummerNY, serg_codmod
CoH Community models: DMz, Beefy^, BurroDiablo, Eliwood, Tiger 205, Hartkeks, Slayerknecht, Ellipirelli, LoranKorn, AGameAnx, Aidas2 , Gurdy, Inukshuk, Adiya.
Special Thanks to Eastern Front Mod.

"Box Art": Gareth Hector

Translators: Dartbourne, Ernestin1, Ursidey ,Hibana_Sister, Saukopf, Hunter_ITA, Bobby_Wan_Kenoby, Pitchy8, Mmaruda, tskross, Volskinator

Betatesters for 4.0:

Ashkabd, Bas, Blitzkriegrekrut,Celution,Hibana-sister, Justin Slater,Jovan, olecsandr, RAlexander,
Reich, SniperPro! ,Volskinator, Walderschmidt

and all hail goes to the many,many betatesters of the former versions, players, feedbackers,all the helpful people in the CoH modding forums, which are unfortunately too many to mention

*BotB will neither affect your ability to play regular CoH, CoH:OF or CoH:ToV, nor will it affect your ability to play other CoH mods.

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Finally! Battle of the Bulge 4.0 released!

While Europe is suffering under a hot sun, the BotB Mod Team is taking you again
to the cold winter of 1944/45.
Take control over the german force thats startingthe Operation "Wacht am Rhein"
- a surprise attack to capture the port of Antwerp.
Or take command of the U.S.First Army that ,after some confusion,
put up a fierce resistance and stopped the german Panzers.

Battle of the Bulge 4.0  -

>>Donate with Paypal if you like<<


Real life squad sizes & historical equipment, more maps, especially for "Operation Nordwind". New vehicles, new weapons, enhanced tank combat effects, overhauled stats,skins & models. Better performance.
Choose between "Realism" Modes that make use of Automatic Territory capturing, Troop surrendering and
Ammo and Fuel consumption. Or play in "classic" CoH style.
And the beginning of a SP campaign ( therfore Pt.1 ). More missions to come.

And dont forget to join the >>BotB & Immersion 1944 Discord<< for help, more infos and bug reports.

Thank you for all the patience during these years.


Betatests and Discord

Betatests and Discord

News 4 comments

New Battle of the Bulge version is still in production. Once again, I need your help. And holymoly, finally a Discord Server.

New Version of BotB in the making

New Version of BotB in the making

News 19 comments

The Battle of the Bulge will continue. Finally resumed work on a new version.

Battle of the Bulge "Unternehmen Nordwind" released!

Battle of the Bulge "Unternehmen Nordwind" released!

News 9 comments

What was meant to be a small fix with a few additions finally turned into a major update. And Battle of the Bulge Mod opened up a new front in Alsace-Lorraine...

BotB is recruiting: Betatesters & Translators

BotB is recruiting: Betatesters & Translators

News 18 comments

The new version of "Battle of the Bulge" Mod for Company of Heroes is almost ready. To speed up the process, we are recruiting Betatesters.

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Historical Flags & Medals for BotB 4

Historical Flags & Medals for BotB 4

Skin Pack

Battle of the Bulge is a history-based mod, so you should be able to display the historically correct flags and medals ingame.

Hotfix for pink tracks

Hotfix for pink tracks


This small hotfix provides Marder III, Flakpanzer 38 and Grille tracks with their correct skin.

Battle of the Bulge 4.0  - "Wacht am Rhein"

Battle of the Bulge 4.0 - "Wacht am Rhein"

Full Version 4 comments

After so many years, Battle of the Bulge is finally back! Once again, take command over historical german or american units in this epic struggle in the...

Battle of the Bulge 3.5 - Documentation

Battle of the Bulge 3.5 - Documentation

Guides 11 comments

This pdf contains the changelog, credits and troubleshooting guide for the new release. It already is part of the 3.5 download, but we also provide it...

Battle of the Bulge v3.5 -  Unternehmen Nordwind

Battle of the Bulge v3.5 - Unternehmen Nordwind

Full Version 76 comments

The bitter fighting in the forests of Belgium continues. Both sides have suffered heavy losses and the offensive has lost momentum. But in the night of...

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I've noticed that the King Tiger which randomly you can call with the 7th Armee cannot upgrade the "Flieger MG". And some units don't always dislay their ammo/fuel status.

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Hello, during long time playing, I've noticed jadgtiger also has pink wheel too, need fixed, thanks!

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Halftrack Creator

thanks. but what is not possible now??

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I congratulate you and your collaborators, great mod!

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There is some kind of problem with the SS Koenigstiger that you can call with the Kampfgruppe Peiper ability; instead of the HE ammo has the smoke launcher and the ammo/fuel status isn't displayed. And the ambush lockdown ability of the Jagdpanzers doesn't seem to work; I order the tank to ambush and it correctly hides itself but it never shoots, so it doesn't really work unless veterancy is required to do it but I don't think so.

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Halftrack Creator

The ambush lockdown switches automatic firing off. You need to target manually. Otherwise the Jagpanzer would fire at everything it sees and reveal its position immediately.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Oh that is why. Thanks for the answer!

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