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This is it, the final four! After weeks of contemplating the bracket and polls starting from the C&C Generals Zero Hour section all the way to what it is now, it's now down to the best of the best C&C mods to be voted against each other. I wish if Mental Omega, Rise of the Reds, Tiberium Essence and RA3 Paradox were to be competing each other, that final result could be too close to call in the best C&C mod. Just like what I mentioned from round one, the final four isn't meant to be randomized and to be voted in a four free-for-all voting. C&C Shockwave, the best C&C Generals/Zero Hour mod voted by you guys from last month, now joins Mental Omega (the best C&C mod from the Westwood era), One Vision (the best C&C3 mod) and Generals Evolution (the best RA3 mod) in the final four. Surprisingly One Vision is the only C&C3 Kane's Wrath mod to make its own Cinderella journey. (must be Kane's disciples and fanatics favoring for it)

When voting in Strawpoll (not Pollcode), make sure you enable pop-up blockers and plugins since they are highly recommended to prevent adware. Older polls are disabled and/or removed. You only have a few days to vote on this.

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Previous C&C Generals/Zero Hour bracket:

Best Overall C&C:

BestCNCModOverall 1

Mental Omega vs Generals Evolution (link removed)
C&C Shockwave vs One Vision (link removed)

The final matchup will happen in a few days. The winner will be determined next weekend.


These polls are absolutely saying nothing due to a lack of votes.

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yeah, there's too much links each turn to do it right, it should have been done on 1 website.

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Was a cool ride and One Vision got much further than I ever imagined. But a one-man project can't really compete with the hordes of fans from Shockwave or Mental Omega ^^.

GG guys

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