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Determine which C&C mod is the best by voting in the polls and it's getting close to the finals.

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Well it's getting close to the final four. Even though my mods are now out of the bracket, it doesn't really matter since I voted for the best mods to go through. Surprisingly the only C&C3 KW mod, One Vision has reached this far in the bracket. This time I decided to use Strawpoll instead of Pollcode because I don't want comments inputted there this time. When voting in Strawpoll (not Pollcode), make sure you enable pop-up blockers and plugins since they are highly recommended to prevent adware. Older polls are disabled. You only have a few days to vote on this.

Previous Round Five:
Previous Round Four:
Previous Round Three:
Previous Round Two:
Previous Round One:

Best C&C3 Mod:
BestCNC3Mod 4

Mideast Crisis 2 vs One Vision (link deleted) -- One Vision won by 55% of the vote.

Best RA3 Mod:
BestRA3Mod 4

Generals Evolution vs RA3 Undecided (link deleted) -- Generals Evolution won by 12 votes to RA3 Undecided 10 votes.

Best C&C Mod from the Westwood era:
BestCNCModWestwood 3

Mental Omega vs C&C Chaos Mod (link deleted) -- Mental Omega won by 71% of the vote (and 82 votes!).

The final four will be determined this Friday where the epic showdown of the four best C&C mods will begin.


I just realized... why are there no votes for Generals?
There are so many amazing mods for generals, including Rise of the Reds... don't tell me you just forgot those?

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PurpleGaga27 Author

I think you haven't seen The Best C&C Generals/Zero Hour mod bracket earlier? ROTR was ousted by Zero Hour Reborn on a late rally and thus later had C&C Shockwave declared the voted winner.

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okay, sorry ^^

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This voting for MO use the same Guy ? :D IP Changer FOR THE WIN ? :D

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Looks like someone is still salty about reborn losing to MO in poll.

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okay but other guys cry for ip changing and this votes... wow :D

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This is not a big surprise that i see MO getting bigger rating, esspecialy due to it popularity.

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I am very surprised that Tiberium Essence lost half way through, that MOD has a metric ton of fans. lol

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my oppinion too

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