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I promised to do this for quite some time, but after weeks of researching mods, it's finally time. Based on several brackets, the best of the best C&C mods from the Westwood era, Generals era, C&C3 era and RA3 era will all square off each other. Countless efforts were made for so many great mods for two decades and it's time for you voters to decide which is the best overall C&C mod. Not all mods make the cut to this bracket because some of them have been released with little prominence. When voting in Pollcode or Strawpoll, make sure you enable pop-up blockers and plugins since they are highly recommended to prevent infested ads in your PC. The final two from each era will square off and be posted via the Strawpoll site. Voting results can be unpredictable so anything can happen.

Here is the bracket for the Best Overall C&C Mod:

From as of today, C&C Shockwave is declared the winner of the Best C&C Generals/Zero Hour mod (by 76% of the vote) based from this last news: That C&C Shockwave mod will go up against the best C&C3 mod in the final four.

Best C&C3 Mod:

Tiberium Essence vs Tiberian Apocalypse
C&C3 The Forgotten vs CNC Fallout
Tiberian Dawn remake vs Tiberium Wars Advanced
Generals 2 vs Mideast Crisis 2
KW Reloaded vs C&C Retarded
Grantaball vs Tower Defense
C&C3 A New Experience vs Alternate Warfare
C&C5 Return of the Scrin vs Hyper Wars
Xenoforce Reborn vs One Vision
Tiberian History vs Crossfire
Talon Mod vs Only War 2
Rush to Supremacy vs Project ReGenesis
SysMod vs Heroic
Dune 20XX vs Dune
Kane's Revenge vs Tiberium Birth vs Cgfavynerf vs C&C3 Reloaded
Termination vs Reformation vs Tactix vs C&C3 Tactical

Best RA3 Mod:

Shock Therapy vs Conker Alert
RA3 Advanced vs The Red Star
RA3 Undecided vs RA3 Revolution
RA3 Transcending vs RA3 Epic War
Rush to Supremacy Origin vs FlakMod
RA3 Advanced AI vs Just Rules

Best C&C Mod from the Westwood era (divided into game sections):
(note that neither C&C Reloaded and RA Reloaded were my mods and were created by two different authors)

I'll start with the Tiberian Sun group leaving the rest of them to be voted off against each other in round two.

Tiberian Sun Group:
Orange Sun vs RA Reloaded
Return of the Dawn vs Lumix
C&C ChaosMod vs Tiberian Tale Evolution
Tsun Retro vs Tiberian Sun 3
Tsun Warzone vs Tsun True Power
Tsun Total War vs Tiberian Future: A Dying World

The next round will be posted in one week where the rest will be voted.

keksek - - 224 comments

Hey, brother, where is RA2-Reborn???

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ApornasPlanet - - 4,114 comments

Wheres Twisted Insurrection?

Tiberian Sun Retro and RA Reloaded are the best. But strictly speaking Reloaded is a mod for Yuri's Revenge.

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PurpleGaga27 Author
PurpleGaga27 - - 2,066 comments

Guys, you better tell me the rest of the popular RA2 mods before a new list is gathered for the next round... or else everything is final.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Zocker4ever - - 720 comments

I agree with my previous posters, some excellent mods for RA/TS has been forgotten.

Especially Twisted Insurrection should not be missing on that list.

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PurpleGaga27 Author
PurpleGaga27 - - 2,066 comments

That Twisted Insurrection mod is for the next round. There's just too many mods so that not all of them will be voted off at the same time.

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Zocker4ever - - 720 comments

uh, why didn't you just split it up into RA2, TS and remaining WW games?

Surely this way everything would had fit.

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PurpleGaga27 Author
PurpleGaga27 - - 2,066 comments

True, but then I have to make separate brackets of RA2, Tsun and remaining WW games. There aren't a lot of Tsun and older WW mods back then until now.

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PurpleGaga27 Author
PurpleGaga27 - - 2,066 comments

So far the following mods will be in the second round for additions: Red Alert History, RA2 Reborn, RA2 Red Combat (formerly Battlefield 1945-2012), Purple Alert, Total Destruction, Artificial Brutality, Empires At War, MooMan's Rules and RAX2.

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