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SCP Containment Breach Celebrates 10th Anniversary; 5 SCP Mods That Secure, Contain, and Protect.

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The incredible SCP fan game, Containment Breach, has just celebrated its tenth anniversary. In recognition of this achievement and the modding community they've built surrounding the game, here's five great mods where all hell has broken loose!

SCP Janitorial Work


Image 10

This is a project for SCP:CB that modifies the story so that you are now a member of the cleaning staff during a common routine, but that due to adverse circumstances you end up in the middle of the containment breach. And your mission is survive as you can. No guns, no brains - and not even any prior experience with the SCPs like your usual D-Class. Clean-up is all you're good for - now run!

SCP: CB Nine Tailed Fox Mod

By Third Subdivision Studios

SCP: Nine Tailed Fox v0.2.0 (Multiplayer screenshot)

The "SCP: CB Nine Tailed Fox Mod" is a modification of the game "SCP: Containment Breach" and it will swap the role from the Class-D Subject D-9341 to one of the MTF Units from the group E-11 (Nine Tailed Fox). This mod is adding new mechanics, such as adding functional guns, having a "health" bar for the kevlar and so on. It will also add lots of new SCPs, NPCs, Rooms and other cool features to SCP:CB. Don't get cocky though - weapons won't save you against some of the truly terrifying SCPs the game has to offer.

SCP - Containment Breach Ultimate Edition

By Ultimate Edition Team

SCP - 096's Containment Chamber (Inside)

The Ultimate Edition is a global modification for "SCP - Containment Breach" game. The mod combines popular modifications into one full package! The mod features a lot of new SCPs, a lot of new content, and a TON of bug fixes! A REBORN version is currently being developed that will completely rebalance the game with new features and mechanics! Surviving the containment breach has never been so fraught with unknowable danger and unusual challenge.

Half-Life Resonance Cascade (Remake)

By Resonance Breach Team

Image 11

You, Dr. Ben Walker, Clearance Level 4, have been assigned to test on BMR-500, a robot that displays extreme hostility, but is fortunately only able to move while outside direct observation. Midway into the testing session, you hear the alarm. Sector C Personnel have been ordered to evacuate the area until further notice. How far will you go to get to the surface? Half-Life could easily be a horror game if you take away the weapons and power armour - and this mod puts that idea into practice.

SCP - Terror Hunt Mod

By llaezza_01


A second terror is felt by all players of Containment Breach within this mod - where new SCPs and environments will challenge even SCP veterans. A new story is there to dig into as well, giving players new ways to survive and escape the hellish scenario within.

Don't Blink

SCP is a unique franchise in that it is entirely community-driven, with copyright exceptionally rare and almost anything being possible within the realms of non-commercial (and in some circumstances, even commercial) grounds. The most famous illustration of the SCP universe is Containment Breach, a now-decade old fan game putting you squarely in the shoes of the expendable death row inmates who test the properties of the horrifying creatures within the labs whilst a containment failure makes every corridor a possible death sentence in new ways.

In-game screenshot

Containment Breach has captured the hearts and minds of indie horror fans for years,
with creative (and horrifying) realisations of the biggest SCPs from the community

Breached But Not Buried

One of the best ways to ensure longevity is allowing the community to do it for you - giving them the tools, ability, and freedom to provide more content for your game. That's just what happened with Containment Breach, where openness has resulted in a community that is self-sustaining with many amazing mods over the years and, surely, more to follow. It's an incredible milestone that few games can boast - ten years of active community for a free fan-game - and we hope to see more from this team in the future.


no way this is 10 years old i though it released in 2016, damn time sure flies.

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Thanks for mentioning my first big project!

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Kralich/David Author

You're welcome! Keep it up :)

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Oh, this is cool.

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