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Humble Bundle has just launched a Vermintide-oriented Warhammer bundle, so here's our picks for five mods set in the Warhammer Fantasy universe!

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Humble has just unveiled their Vermintide franchise bundle, including both games in the series and a bunch of DLCs. Vermintide may not be a very moddable franchise, but Warhammer Fantasy has been modded into all sorts of games, so here's our picks for five games that got the total conversion treatment into the medieval madness of Warhammer Fantasy!

Call of Warhammer: Total War. (Warhammer FB)

By SiCh Modding Team

New Orcs

There are too many Orcs in the Badlands again, and little space for them. A new WAAAAAAGH! lead by the Big Boss begins. Fenix King sends his expedition to the Old World to help the Empire and Kislev, because if the North unites, they won't have a chance to survive - and the Empire and Kislev? They just have to save the world one more time, and stand once again for the South.

Warhammer: Geheimnisnact - Legacy

By Komioski/Team

Image 4

Warhammer: Geheimnisnacht lets you play as nearly every faction in the Warhammer Fantasy world. featuring a massive map that extends from chilly Naggaroth and sweltering Lustria in the west to the impenetrable Mountains of Mourn in the east; From the deadly Chaos Wastes of the north to the blistering deserts of Araby and Nehekhara to the south. Will you fight the forces of chaos, or will you succumb to their cloying temptation?

Warhammer: Heart of Chaos

By Ploeperpengel

The Undead: Skeletons

Warhammer is a total conversion of Civilization IV Beyond the Sword based on the dark and dangerous world of - well you guessed it -Warhammer Fantasy Battles. Different to Civfanatic's primiere Fantasy - Mod "Fall From Heaven 2", it's focus is clearly on warmongering and epic battles, thereby utilizing premade maps for which the different factions will be balanced to play upon.

Warhammer: Eternal Strife

By Nightmare2077

Warhammer: Eternal Strife

Several Altered Melee maps (and a new campaign) feature 14 unique, fully-developed playable races: Skaven, Lizardmen, High Elves, Empire, Dwarfs, Warriors of Chaos, Orcs&Goblins, Dark Elves, Beastmen, Wood Elves, Vampire Counts, Ogre Kingodms, Daemons of Chaos and Tomb Kings. All 4 original Warcraft III races are intact and are also playable. The custom races are analogous to Warcraft III original fractions: each race (normally) contains 4 unit-producing structures, 3-level townhall, item shop, 4 heroes, 10+ combat units, including spellcasters and siege units... all that good stuff!

The Old Realms

By The Old Realms Modteam


The Old World will have the player meeting and fighting (Or WAAAAGHING!!) alongside legendary characters such as Karl Franz and Grimgor Ironhide, as well as exploring well known locations such as Karaz-A-Karak and Castle Drakenhof. The overall end goal is to recreate the entirety of the Old World within Bannerlord, ensuring all factions and locations are lore accurate and immersive while maintaining the sandbox elements that make Mount and Blade so enjoyable.

For Sigmar!

Vermintide is a co-op survival game in the Warhammer Fantasy continuity, where you play as an agent of the Empire in largely suicidal missions against hordes of untamed Skaven and Nurgle worshippers. Both games have quite a bit in common at a raw gameplay level with titles like Left 4 Dead, relying on teamwork and careful resource consumption to see the mission through. The sandbox is quite a bit larger, though, with customizable loadouts, subclasses, and more. Darktide - a Warhammer 40,000 game of a similar nature - is coming soon, so Humble Bundle has made it easy to get caught up with the Vermintide bundle.

Image 12

Vermintide and its sequel will soon be joined by Darktide,
taking players into the grim darkness of the 41st Millennium

Rats, Rats, Rats...

The bundle is available until October 22nd for £16.05 GBP/$18.00 USD, and comes with basically everything released for Vermintide and its sequel over the years. Darktide's taking a lot of the focus now for fans of co-op survival, but it'll always be fun to jump in and kill some ratmen with a handful of friends.

highblood89 - - 304 comments

I expected to see Warsword Conquest (for Mount & Blade: Warband) in here. Well, I guess not.

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cofa88 - - 489 comments

if only would work properly :D

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Kralich/David Author
Kralich/David - - 832 comments

We've featured Warsword Conquest twice recently:

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cenkiss - - 146 comments

there is a mod for 0 a.d.

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Arenfi0roThree - - 19 comments

Where's Beginning of The End Times?

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Kralich/David Author
Kralich/David - - 832 comments

A mod not being on this list doesn't mean it's not great! We just like to spread the love a bit. Though it was a while ago, we did cover this mod during another Warhammer Fantasy editorial last year, so when the chance came up again, it felt like a good idea to give some other mods a turn:

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