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All Information regarding Twisted Insurrection's GloboTech Infantry.

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This is a complete list of the GloboTech Infantry assigned to your command during Twisted Insurrection. Each unit has it's own introductory during the campaign progression so you can figure out what unit is best for what roles. Please note that changes will more than likely occur over time and some unit/cameos are still using placeholder images as we are still in our beta stages.


Unit pcture

GloboTech's basic infantry, Peacekeepers are fast and cheap but individually vulnerable, they are best when pitched against other light infantry. However, when used in large groups, they can be devastating to even the mightiest units. Tiberium causes harm to Peacekeepers, like most other unprotected infantry.

  • Cost: 50
  • Requires: Armoury, Barracks
  • Primary Weapon: Assault Rifle
  • Purpose: Anti-Infantry
  • Firepower: Low
  • Armour: None
  • Speed: Average
  • Tech Level: 1


Unit pcture

GloboTech Engineers are capable of repairing friendly structures, as well as taking complete control over those of an enemy.

  • Cost: 300
  • Requires: Warehouse, Barracks
  • Primary Weapon: Repair Kit
  • Purpose: Support
  • Armour: None
  • Speed: Average
  • Tech Level: 3


Unit pcture

Extremely valuable soldiers on the field, GloboTech Medics restore friendly soldiers to maximum health as quickly as possible.

  • Cost: 600
  • Requires: Hospital, Barracks
  • Primary Weapon: Medkit
  • Purpose: Support
  • Armour: None
  • Speed: Average
  • Tech Level: 4


Unit pcture

The protectors of GloboTech cities and research areas, Guardians are well armoured and heavily armed infantry capable of removing Tiberium Mutations and enemy Infantry with great ease. Their special Shotgun shells also cause a fair deal of damage to light vehicles.

  • Cost: 550
  • Requires: Armoury, Barracks, War Factory
  • Primary Weapon: GT-11 Heavy Combat Shotgun
  • Purpose: Special
  • Armour: None
  • Speed: Slow
  • Tech Level: 5


Unit pcture

These Special Forces operate in the most contaminated environments around the globe. Their X-O powered combat suits are armed with integrated 40 mm grenade launchers capable of dealing with hostile forces at great range.

  • Cost: 700
  • Requires: Armoury, Barracks, Technology Center
  • Primary Weapon: Dual 40mm Grenade Launcher
  • Purpose: Anti-Armour
  • Armour: Heavy
  • Speed: Average
  • Tech Level: 7
conran7 - - 91 comments

No infantry anti aircraft?

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Guest - - 696,348 comments

These structures and weapons are very special. They are not a force of themselves. They are capturable and allow you to do special things. Like you can capture a power station they have built which is civilian and it can give you the power of several power stations. It can give you medics. It is basically like easter eggs rather than a full fighting force. Also, the civilian weapons are at least par if not better than your own forces. They are exceptional to take control of. I played a couple hours. I realized that capturing and defending these easter eggs are very important! With them you can do all kinds of non-traditional things. They are a great ally in the war!

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Guest - - 696,348 comments

Also, the easter eggs can be defended by their own army. Their own weapons. And they even can use firestorm technology. Be careful. The civilians are deadly. :D

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