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A walkthrough of the new Single-Player mission included in the FXmod. Protect your fleet from a much larger Turanic Raider assault!

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Eden is a bonus Single-Player mission (or as we call them, a Mini-Campaign) included in the FXmod. It is the first of its kind, and is designed for players who like a challenge. Protect your fleet, your resources, and an allied fleet from a much larger Turanic Raider force -- using the limited tools at your disposal.


Mission Briefing

At Eden, a remote Hiigaran resourcing outpost in the Great Wastelands, a lone carrier and her strikecraft escorts are to guard a field of resource tanks until a freighter fleet arrives to transport the containers to Hiigara. Said freighter fleet has been delayed for unknown reasons however, and when your patrols find evidence of increased Turanic Raider activity in the region you realize that you may have gotten yourself more than the simple garrison duty you initially signed up for.

General Tips

  • Your carrier's engines are disabled (obviously, as you need to protect those resource tanks). Letting big, bad ships come near it would be a very bad idea.
  • The gun platforms sphere can cover against lighter craft, but you will need something heavier for anything beyond.
  • Attempting to collect your own resource tanks is an offense punished by death. Tanks previously moved by others seem to have been exempted from this rule, however.
  • Turanic Fighters generally outperform yours. You'll need to select your targets -- and timing -- wisely.
  • The more resource tanks the raiders manage to steal, the stronger their forces will become.
  • You can re-position the RU Controllers at the two patches already being mined for faster RU gain.

The map


Stage 1 - Collector Raid
- Queue interceptors and at least 4 bombers.
- Research RU Collector Armor & Repair ability.
- At least 2 interceptors will be required per resource patch. Target the enemy bombers only.

Enemy Forces: 2 Bombers, 4 Fighters

Stage 2 - Turanic Collectors
- Send bombers after the Turanic collectors. Then use some of your own collectors to retrieve previously moved containers. Stop their orders once done or they will continue to harvest containers and blow themselves up. Repeat until the carrier is gone.
- Queue Pulsar Gunships, Multi-Gunships and/or some Minelayers. Once you have a good number, send them into the dustcloud and take out the carrier.
- Cap out remaining fighter slots with interceptors.

Enemy Forces: Fighters, RU Collectors (as long as carried is around), Carrier (hyperspaces out below 40% health).

Stage 3 - Allied Fleet
- Use all RU collectors from the top RU patch to heal the transport.
- Send over all interceptors, pulsar gunships and multi-gun corvettes to heal the transport. If it dies build more next time.
- Move bombers/minelayers up to mid of the map.

Enemy forces: Bombers, Interceptors

Stage 4 - Interference & Main Fleet Arrival
- Set up a defense perimeter at the mid of the map. If you built minelayers, set up some mine screens when the main Turanic fleet is coming close. Alternatively you can retire your gun platforms after the Turanic carrier hyperspaced out and queue max ion cannon platforms to put there.
- Split bombers into teams of two and have each team go after one interference source each. You'll need to move them carefully and precise or you'll miss the interference sources.

Enemy forces: Sensor Distortion Probes (x2), Bombers, Interceptors

Stage 5 - Main Fleet Assault
- Focus on the engines of the big ships.
- You can help the allied fleet with your forces.

Enemy forces: Carrier, 1-2 Heavy Gun Cruisers**, 6+ Ion Array Frigates **

** = Scales with your fleet size

Walkthrough - Video Version


Download link?

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WildHeart|GENESIS| Author

The 'Downloads' tab.
Alternatively you can grab the mod on Steam:

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