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This article contains the general features of Napoleonic Era 2.01 for the game Age of Empires III and its expansions.

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  • Over 20 new maps such as Rhine, Aegaen Sea, Ural, Black Forest, Sahara, Malta, Italian Peninsula, Alps, Syrian Desert, Nile Delta, Levant, ...
    NE RhineNE Malta NE Alps
  • New natives such as Cossacks, Egyptians, Maltese, Tuareg, Vlachs, Wurttembergians or Westphalians.
  • 9 new civs with unique units, AI personalities and homecities:
    • Americans
    • Austrians
    • Italians
    • Inca
    • Persians
    • Poles
    • Prussians
    • Swedes
    • Swiss
  • 2 fully reworked civs: French and Germans (Holy Roman Empire)
  • Plenty of new unique units such as:
    • Geuzen (Dutch)
    • Drabant (Sweden)
    • Lange Kerls (Prussia)
    • Mounted Rifleman (United States)
    • Azap (Ottomans)
    • Grenzer (Austria)
    • Grognard (French)
    • Conquistador (Spain)
    • Merchant (Italy)
    • Lisowczyk (Poland)
    • Death Head Hussar (Prussia)
    • Line Infantry (Austria)
    • Schweizergarde (Swiss)
    • and many more ..

    Swiss Guards Death Head Hussars (Prussians)

  • New shared units such as Chevauxlegers, Fusiliers, Hand Cannoneers, Conscripts, Sharpshooters, Swashbucklers, Sappers, ...
  • Hand Cannoneers Swashbuckler Conscript\

  • New buildings like the University (technology building), Keep (small fort), Bivouac (Barracks-Stable, Great Basilica (conspirational content), Torp (House-Barracks), ...
  • New unit voices
  • Plenty of new shared and unique technologies of all kind in HC and buildings such as University, Saloon or Arsenal
  • New mercenaries like Pavise, Condottiero or Megaphant
  • New abilities for classic units like Explorers or the new ones such as Marines and Nuncio

This looks amazing :D

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it does indeed

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Looking forward to install it

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