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Version 1.72 of the Ultimate Apocalypse mod is becoming very very debatable now as to when exactly 1.72 should be released. Featuring many things left to do, most of the 1.72 content is done, for now, but it is up to the fans to decide when they want it!

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Ultimate Apocalypse Version 1.72 Vote!

Hello fans, players, newbies, and UA Team. I need your help deciding on when or how to release the version 1.72 patch for Ultimate Apocalypse. It is confirmed that version 1.72 will be absolutely a big patch. It is also confirmed that 1.72 is almost complete with its general purposes. It will add and fix the campaign, remove most game breakers, fix all bugs reported in 1.71 that needs fixing, balance issues fixed, new units, and more, much more. This is really good. However, it is not finished yet, and there is still a lot of things to do for a version 1.72 finale.

But let us have a vote! Click on the banner to vote properly! It is recommended you read this article first!

What version 1.72 Alpha contains today and for this months planned release!

New Map!

Almost done skirmish map for version 1.72

Reworked Space Marines and Chaos Marines!

Space Marines Revamped! Finally...

New and improved superweapons, balanced and reworked super structure functions! (Superweapons do not fire immediately when the super structure is built, which is quite nice)

New Superweapon FX - The Nuclear Missile Revamped!

Tyranids - Bio Bomb

Improved Tyranids!

Version 1.72 - Entertainment Screeny

New units all over the place!

Can you spot the new unit? Gretchins Is Ready! - 1.72 Patch RT2's Stuff Preadator Infernus/Executioner

New taskbars!

New Relic Resource ui taskbar Ingame! New Daemons Taskbar Edited by Soulstormfan

And finally the changelog (The change log is a lot longer, but it will be extremely updated upon release):

ART: |
* Chaos Reaver Titan model updated (Thanks to Warsmith).
* New taskbars were updated for most races.
* Daemons and Inquisition Daemonhunters now have a proper taskbar.
* Reaver Titan model was updated.
* Guidance Beacon model was updated.
* Necron eye and torso FX was updated.
* Soulstone impact fx was changed.
* New Zombies in Zombie Apocalypse: XP3 Arena!!!!
* Voidspinner Super-heavy Tank model updated.
* Tau Defensive Walls were updated.
* Hive Fleet FX was again redone.
* Warpstorm FX is now fixed.
* Kaurava campaign now works properly!!!!
* All global nukes were unfortunately removed because of various problems caused within the game, along with overall dislikes from most users.
* The Apocalypse Rules main wincondition is now updated to include a timer for an initial countdown for when the superweapons fire from the superstructure!
* A new advanced build icon was added!
* Main Apocalypse music was updated.
* Heroes wincondition XP generates at a slower rate.
* All Reaver Titan relic resource cost now = 6.
* All faction's generators no longer decreases the cost of super structures on immediate spawn, but now when built.
* The cost of all super structures increased by 500/500 req / power.
* All super structures can now only use three superweapons instead of four for balance reasons.
* Each and every superweapon now requires an added superweapon research.
* First superweapon research is now free to produce.
* All HQ limits except for the Necrons were removed.
* All Nuclear Missile superweapons were given a fancy projectile launch.
* Kaurava Campaign now officially works, for real, no kidding. No revamp though, it will be worked on in the future.
* Reaver Titan missile launcher ability now effects all targets and not just enemies. Overall damage also decreased.
* AI difficulty has been further made easier.
* Mega Melta morale damage and damage effectiveness over time increased.
* Mega Melta cost increased.
* Plasma Blast guns against Daemons and titans increased.
* Titan double turbo lasers overall damage increased.
* Commanders were nerfed, everything can now kill commanders easier.
* All weapon damage bases were increased from 0.3 to 0.6, which means all weapons ineffective versus armor type will deal this amount of damage at an 0.6 rate.
* All titan creation and heavy production structures were moved to the basic build menu.
* All walls and special support structures were moved to the bottom of the advanced build menu.
* The E hotkey upon deepstriking no longer collides with other units.
* ucs text errors showing up in the warnings.log has been fixed.
* MANY ucs text incorrect statements on multiple units and structures were fixed.
* All turrets now build faster.
* Chaos Attack Bikes are now ingame!
* Evil Chaos Psyker was added ingame!
* New Chaos Reaver Titan ingame (Thanks to Warsmith)!
* Khorne Terminators are ingame!
* New research "Accuracy Enhancement Research".
* New research "Wargear: Battle Armor".
* All Chaos Space Marine squads are now lesser in number (until specific research), and slightly more expensive now with movement speed decreased slightly. However, huge buffs were applied to each, such as health, weapon damage, grenade buffs, knockdown mass, squad morale, and basic overall durability.
* Terminators and Obliterators are now the finest elite tier infantry in the entire game. Very durable and almost unstoppable as a small force. However they are now incredibly expensive, move slower and their squad loadout is further decreased.
* Most if not all infantry were given multiple grenades.
* The Hell Drake was added to the Titan Wars wincondition, hence it can be built for free relic resource entirely like the rest of the titans.
* Hell Drake damage output versus everything increased.
* Hell Drake jump across battlefield ability was reworked.
* Hell Drake flamer weapon can now only attack air units as the model only shoots straight in OE.
* Summon Gate superweapon cost is now more expensive.
* The Bloodthirsters' health in combat now regenerates at a godly rate.
* The Bloodthirster was given a new ability called Blood Lust.
* Keeper of Secrets movement speed now heavily increased.
* Beauty of Slaanesh passive ability no longer affects commanders, and all units caught in the ability will now attack allies.
* Chaos AI no longer spams vindicators which causes game lag and log warnings.
* The Helldrake now has a proper icon, Hell Talon placeholder icon was removed.
* Hell Talon cost increased to 125/240 from 125/200.
* Storm of Change ability recharge time doubled.
* Chaos Rhino cost increased.
* Defiler's health increased.
* Dreadnought health decreased to 3330.
* Bloodletters melee damage versus commanders heavily increased.
* Bloodletters health increased.
* "Khorne Berzerks" was renamed as Khorne Berzerkers.
* Khorne Berzerk Fear ability was fixed and no longer causes the squad to freeze up.
* Chaos Lord's Daemon Fire wargear damage was nerfed.
* Rubric Marines are now given grenades, and their health increased.
* Ranged weapons (accuracy) research now applies bonuses to Tactical Melta Guns and Havoc's Heavy Bolters and Missile Launchers.
* Thunderhawks and Dreadclaws now shows garrisoned units.
* Chaos Marine infiltration research was removed.
* Hellhole icon changed.

Dark Eldar:
* Warrior Sybarites can now use Haywire Bombs.
* All Dark Eldar global ability shortcuts were removed as they interfere with overlapping shortcuts.
* All Dark Lances overall damage and damage against titans increased.
* Slaves and Taloses now gather souls 50% slower.
* Superweapon soul cost heavily decreased.
* Dark Eldar Gonor Guard was added to the list of Apocalypse and hardcore winconditions.
- Hologram ideas - insert.
* AI Eldritch Spire can now use its superweapon abilities.
* Eldritch Spire icon has been updated.
* Eldritch Spire builds faster and is cheaper than the rest of the faction's super structures.
* Voidspinner Super-heavy Tank model updated by RT2 (looping FX glitch removed).
* Phoenix Brightlance weapons were given a buff.
* Corsair units updated.
* Eldritch Storm and Improved Eldritch Storm recharge time doubled.
* Dark Reapers cost increased, overall damage output decreased slightly.
* Storm Guardian's melee damage slightly increased.
* The Autarch has now a new voice.
* Soulstone ability can now target anything and damage anything, but it is still recommended you target and destroy enemy titans.
* Soulstone projectile was changed.
* Cobra Super-Heavy now has a proper icon.

* Stormsword main battlecannon damage decreased.
* Commissar and Commissar Cadet health increased.
* Lieutenant's health increased.
* Conscripts research - free to recruit. Like Orks.
* Leman Russ Vanquisher is now an anti titan unit.
* Leman Russ Demolisher weapon range increased.
* Leman Russ Conqueror weapon range increased.
* Leman Russ Punisher weapon damage increased.
* Leman Russ Exterminator weapon damage versus commanders increased.
* Leman Russ Eradicator accuracy slightly increased.
* Leman Russ Executioner health decreased.
* AI Sentinels can now upgrade.
* Lieutenant's and Command Tank's tool tip now accurately states what it can do.
* Nuclear Facility tooltip was fixed.
* Leman Russ Annihilator was updated.
* Stormsword was added to the Titan Wars wincondition.
* Valkyrie Transports now shows garrisoned units.
* Listening Posts no longer transports troops from one location to the next too quickly.
* Chimera Assault Tank hull heavy bolter strafe left-right has been fixed.
* Chimera Assault Tank troop transport weapons were fixed and non functional if not garrissoned.
* Valkyrie and Vulture Strikes were nerfed.
* Mars Pattern Command tooltip now states you can deepstrike super-heavies into the front lines.
* Mars Pattern Command cost time increased.
* Mars Pattern Command limit was removed.
* The AI can now deep strike Baneblades from the Mars Pattern Command.
* Mars Pattern Command is no longer the central Nuclear facility.
* Nuclear Facility was added to the Imperial Guard.

-! Too slow in beginning, OP at the end. FIX
* Doomsday Monolith now has a new VO.
* Superweapon overall damage to structures decreased.
* Superweapon aftermath damage versus structures and builders decreased.
* Superweapon no longer destroys an entire base in one blast.
* Chronometron AddOn for energy Beacons; global ability modifier was nerfed.
* Necron Pylon, Doomsday Phalanx and AEonic Orb now costs 2000 power.
* Necron Pylon weapon damage nerfed against all but titans and super structures.
* Necron Pylon health decreased.
* Necron Pylon short ranged attacks were reworked.
* Necron Pylon now costs 4 relic resource.
* Necron Pylon jump recharge required time increased.
* Pylon main gun rotation speed decreased.
* Doomsday Phalanx Siege Monolith health increased.
* Doomsday Monolith health increased.
* Doomsday Monolith squad costs are now more expensive, but can reinforce faster.
* AEonic Orb crystal weapons now fire correctly from left to right. (Thanks to boychaos)
* AEonic Orb alternative special ability now costs 1000 power from 800 power.
* AEonic Orb now costs 6 relic resource.
* All Living Metal units health regeneration increased.
* Necron Lord and Destroyer Lord artifact researches are now more expensive.
* Wargear now requires the "Improved Artifacts" research.
* Greater Artifacts research cost time increased.
* Necron Warriors, Flayed Ones, Immortals, Deathmarks, and Pariah health decreased.
* Both Death March researches cost increased.
* Restored Monolith now costs 800 power.
* Immortals' Tesla Carbine is now short ranged.
* Shroud of Antigravity recharge timer increased to 600 seconds from 460.
* Shroud of Antigravity cost increased to 600 power from 410.
* Shroud of Antigravity Shroud aura radius decreased.
* Scarab defense against melee and ranged attacks decreased.
* Attack Scarab health increased slightly.
* AI no longer uses global chronometron.
* Veil of Darkness research cost increased.
* Veil of Darkness and Beacon of the Deceiver abilities no longer affects living metal or titan units.
* Veil of Drakness ability now requires at least 75% of health.
* New eye FX for Necrons were created. New green lazer fx for Deathmarks were added.
* Necron Lord jump recharge time increased.
* Necron Lord jump, screaming jets area of effect damage and radius decreased.
* Restored Monolith squad cap removed.
* Sterilization Obelisk limit is now 6.
* Advanced turrets health increased.
* Restored Monolith hero ui icon was removed.
* Solar Power research time cost increased.
* Attack Scarab build time decreased.
* Fixed several ai invalid weapons.
* Necron Lord's name changed to just "Necron Lord".
* Air Attack Scarabs ucs description was fixed.
* Monoliths ucs description was fixed.
* Boomy Platforms were added ingame.
* Boomy Platforms were added to turret upgrade researches.
* Grotz Gang added ingame. Grotz can also field with them a grot cannon as a leader unit.
* Grot Tanks were added in game.
* Population increase addon is now instant.
* Honor Guard Slugga Boyz were changed into Spanna Boyz.
* Spanna Boyz are tougher and more in numbers, and can upgrade with maximum flamers.
* Spanna Boyz can be instantly spawned from Stompas.
* Great Stompa name was renamed to "Betta' Stompa".
* Betta' Stompa eye zzzap gun overall damage decreased.
* Betta' Stompa cost increased.
* Betta' Stompa rotation speed decreased from 80 to 20.
* Betta' Stompa voice replaced with a new one by Jazz-Sandwhich.
* Orks ai can now use the Global Waaagh!!! superweapon.
* Gretchins now have a "squad leader" unit - the Spanna Boy.
* Fixed several ai invalid weapons.
* All new units were added to researches.
* Some units affected by the heroes wincondition regarding wrong upgrade stats are now fixed.
* Teleporta' cost increased.
* Waagh Banner Rokkit Launcha damage minimum increased by 100.
* Tank Bustaz infiltration research was removed.

* Living Saints were redone and no longher infuriating as any player or cpu can no longer spam them.
* Exorcist MKII is now renamed to Exorcist Sanctorum.
* Sanctorum Exorcist damage versus structures great increased.
* Rhino Transport cost increased.
* Divine Slaughter ability recharge time tripled.
* All generators built will now decrease the cost of their super structure.
* LPs ucs add-on name was fixed.

* Chapter Master Gladeus and Force Commander Killeus in Terminator armor was drastically nerfed.
* Space Marine Attack Bikes are now ingame!
* Scouts are now updated with the FOK models, and are now equipped with knives, bolters, shotguns, and Snipers for true codex style infantry.
* Deepstrike Beacon structure was added ingame!
- New research "Wargear: Battle Armor".
* All Space Marine squads are now lesser in number, and slightly more expensive now with movement speed decreased slightly. However, huge buffs were applied to each, such as health, weapon damage, grenade buffs, knockdown mass, squad morale, and basic overall durability.
* Terminators are now the finest elite tier infantry in the entire game. Very durable and almost unstoppable as a small force. However they are now incredibly expensive, and move slower.
* Assault Terminators can now only upgrade with three thunder claws.
* Lightning Claws are now heavily buffed.
* Chain Fists are now heavily buffed.
* Missile Launcher Cyclones cost increased.
* All commanders move now at the same speed as standard Space Marine troops, but are however equiped with an extra 100 health.
* Scout upgradeable bolters now deals slightly more damage.
* Deep Strike overall damage doubled that will severly damage all surrounding units 10m away from the impact.
* Orbital Relay Nodes now requires the Deepstrike Beacon in order to deepstrike multiple squads at once.
* Deepstrikable turrets were moved to the Orbital Relay Node instead.
* Deepstrikable turrets are now unlimited, but now costs one support cap.
* Land Speeder cost increased.
* Rhino Transport cost increased.
* Razorback bolter weapon damage increased.
* Razorback cost increased.
* Whirlwind Hyperios cost increased.
* Whirlwind Hyperios overall damage decreased.
* Whirlwind Hyperios now has a proper icon.
* Whirlwind Hyperios support cap now = 5.
* Thunderhawks can now recruit Land Speeders (idea based off from Space Marines the movie).
* Tier III icon was updated to a new icon.
* Land Raiders were given a heavy stubber gunner on top.
* Land Speeder Tempest cost versus effectiveness was redone.
* Banner Bearers' morale heavily increased.
* Devastators now carry Frag Grenades.
* Predator Tank was renamed to Predator MK I.
* Predator MK II (flamer/plasma cannon) was added ingame.
* Fixed several invalid ai weapons.
* Thunderhawks now shows garrisoned units.
* Sternguard and Vanguard Veterans now receive health bonuses from wargear: bionics researches.

* Tau Defensive Walls were updated.
* Superweapon shockwave damage heavily decreased.
* Superweapon overall damage to structures decreased.
* Superweapon aftermath damage versus structures and builders decreased.
* Superweapon no longer destroys an entire base in one blast.
* New researches were added to the Comms. Array Tower, which effects all Tau titans.
* The Ethereal can now properly apply bonuses to the Arka Cannon when garrisoned.
* Ethereal and Arka Cannon tooltip now accurately states what they can do when the Ethereal is garrisoned.
* Broadside Rail Gun weapons were nerfed.
* All rail guns are very effective against titans.
* The XV202 Mako Titan can no longer garrison in Orca Transports (sorry).
* XV202 Mako Titan cost decreased.
* XV202 Mako Titan health decreased.
* XV202 Mako Titan movement speed increased.
* Skyray main missile damages decreased.
* Skyray missile upgrades now requires tier II and III.
* Skyray upgrade missiles no longer attacks aircraft.
* Orca Transports can now transport the Great Ethereal.
* Orca Transports now shows garrisoned squads.
* Guidance Beacon model was updated.
* Turret weapon damages were buffed.
* Fire Warrior damage output heavily decreased.
* XV9 Hazard Suit Fusion Cascades and Ion Cannon weapon damages decreased.
* XV9 Hazard Suit health and armor decreased.
* XV9 Hazard Suit can no longer be knocked back.
* Remora Stealth Fighter cost increased while health slightly decreased.
* Remora Stealth Fighter weapon shooting is fixed.
* Tau base shield radius decreased.
* Arka Cannon standard abilities were nerfed.
* Arka Cannon Ion Blast ability against titans was greatly increased.
* Ion Blast ability against commanders was nerfed.
* Ion Blast and Ion Strike radius, morale damage, and damage in general decreased.
Also, any chance of giving Ethereal the ability to attach to squads? His bodyguards for example...

XP2: |
* Tyranids AI has been entirely improved now.
* New Superweapon added: Bio Bomb
* Meteor Swarm ability was nerfed on both the Hive Fleet and Capillary Towers.
* Tyranid units on death deals more health damage to Hive Fleets.
* The Hive Fleet ucs description and ability ucs description is now entirely fixed.
* The Hive Fleet no longer produces all of the researches, instead, a new tech system was implemented in game.
* Hive Fleets now act like transports, garrisoning units into the frontlines.
* Tier researching removed, build more and more Reclamation Pools + structure add-ons to unlock more and more tech items.
* Tier IV research was renamed to "Planetary Assimilation (Tier 4)". It adds secondary Hive Fleet FX, grants the Hive Fleet tons of new abilities, and allows the production of the Capillary Tower and Hierophant.
* Reclamation Pools contains all Tyranid research and tech tree add-ons.
* Reclamation Pools increase in cost the more you build.
* Ripper Swarms were moved to the Hive Fleet.
* All research requirements were changed and now only requires the built structure/addon in which it effects their corresponding unit types.
* Gaunt researches now increases the maximum number of Gaunts in a squad.
* Brood Lord's Acclimatization researches now increases the maximum number of Genestealers in a squad.
* All structures that decrease in cost no longer applies this effect, hence the "unbeatable" bug has been removed and structures do not give you extra requisition in the negatives.
* Hive Tyrant research speed increase was heavily reduced.
* Hive Tyrant is no longer affected by the Broodlord's researches.
* Hive Tyrant Catalyst ability recharge time increased, and duration decreased.
* Hive Tyrant melee charge was removed.
* Hive Tyrant melee damage versus commanders decreased.
* Hive Tyrant morale and health decreased.
* Hive Tyrant armor type on hit changed from heavy metal to flesh.
* Hive Tyrant's Venom Cannon weapon reload time versus damage reworked.
* Hive Mind keen sight radius and sight radius was reduced to 1m radius.
* Hive Mind distance above ground is no longer visible.
* Spinegaunt and Termagaunt costs increased.
* Gargoyles squad maximum loadout increased.
* Gargoyles now cost 2 squad cap.
* Gargoyle tooltip was added.
* Gargoyle jump no longer jumps Gargoyles across the map in 3 seconds.
* The cost of the Capillary Tower increased.
* The Capillary Tower increases squad an support cap by 5.
* Every Reclamation Pool built decreases the cost of the Capillary Tower by 50 requisition.
* Tyranids restrict tier wincondition has been fixed.
* Khazi Carnifex Devour weapon damages versus vehicles decreased.
* Ravener health increased.
* Ravener "deathspitter" was renamed to "bio plasma", icon and ucs description was changed.
* Ravener burrow (jump) charge cost increased.
* Ravener beep sound when morale is lost was fixed.
* Ravener and Warrior melee claws now pierces vehicle and structure armor.
* Warriors and Carnifex Bio Plasma was changed to a Ravener type Bio Plasma.
* "Accumulation" wargear was renamed to "Acclimatization".
* Acclimatization wargear III no longer requires Hive Tyrant's wargear.
* Turrets now attacks aircraft.
* Turrets now requires either the Gaunt or Warrior Hive.
* Valkyrie Transports now show garrisoned units.
* Psycannon Bombard was nerfed.
* Knight of Flame health increased.
* Obliterator with pink boxes and Mutilators with pink boxes - Not the mod's problem! However, I have countered this with extracted files from Daemons mod version 0.96. Please download Daemons mod version 0.96, right now before playing.
* Doomed Ones were removed from the army painter.
* "Effective against all units" was renamed to Soul Grinder.
* Hell Spawn unit OE green selection radius was increased.
* Planetary Exterminator Global superweapon now costs more.
* Devastator Obelisks overall damage decreased.
* Devastator Obelisks anti vehicle weapon is now almost useless versus infantry.
XP3 Campaign: |
* Mission 2 - scar error before warp storm was fixed and is now fully playable!
Survival: |
- Necron bosses on hardcore have normal health.
* Attacking Orks with teleporta structure no longer causes scar errors.
* All new units were updated into survival mode.
Arena: |
* New Zombies!!!!
* The Apocalypse Rules main wincondition is now updated to include a timer for an initial countdown for when the superweapons fire from the superstructure!
* Super structures were added to the ignore list on any annihilation game.
* Space Marines Assassinate wincondition bug - two commanders recruitable was fixed. Paths research was restricted on Assassination winconditon.
* Starting Army wincondition no longer starts the Space Marines off with a commander, but rather the Chaplain.
* Restrict tier I, II, and IV now works with Tyranids.
* Annihilation and Extermination winconditions interval was pinched smaller together to not corrupt gameplay mechanics with global superweapons going off.
* 2p Ultimate Apocalypse titan spawning countdown doubled from ten minutes to twenty minutes.
* 2p Ultimate Apocalypse map now correctly spawns center titans.
* 4p Titanic Warzone titan power guns recharge time increased.
* 8p High Platform map was added!
* New Warhound Titan Vulcan Mega Bolter sounds was added.
* New Exterminatus per effect sound was added.
* Chaos Psyker voice added.
* Doomsday Monolith voice added.
* Autarch voice added.

1.72 that will take a while to complete (NOT in 1.72 yet, and will take another month to complete):

Fixed Void Shields

This Vote is being redone Reworking Void Shields

New and more turrets for every race!

WIP: Dynamic Turrets/LPs Turrets For Every Race Further In Progress!

New units to complete

Cosmo's Latest Design - The Ork Gargant!!!!Ork Titan variant 2 - Great Gargant! -- By Cosmo
Necron Lord Improvements Mars Pattern Warhound

New grenades, grenades concept for all races incomplete yet.

Grenades Concept All Done - 1.72

Global revamped gameplay which is also not complete yet

AI Titan Battle

Along with some other things:

  • Revamped and improved Survival mode with fixed scar errors
  • Improved and updated Apocalypse Rules wincondition based on including a timer function for the ultimate superweapon countdown.
  • Kaurava Campaign COMPLETELY working (It is working, but not UA compatible).
  • New turrets concept, improved, made better, and reworked.
  • AI Titans to battle against.
  • Grenades concept totally working.
  • Improved general gameplay with less game breaking bugs.
  • New and improved FX
  • More maps
  • More units
  • More structures
  • Better and improved AI
  • Little more to do and some extra testing to make things work

NOT IN 1.72 yet!!!!

Now after you have seen what 1.72 is all about... it is extremely huge one way or the other. But do you want it now? You have seen what 1.72 is capable of and what it now contains. Upon the completion of 1.72, it WILL contain all race fixes mentioned here on our forums regardless of any circumstances. But if you want it now, there will be some major content missing, like via the mentioned above.

Waiting is nerve wrecking. Patience is rewarding. What path do you choose to take?

- Version 1.72 will be a huge update regardless of any circumstance.
- Version 1.72 will not be a rushed release.
- Version 1.72 if done this month will contain all of the huge basics perfect and in working condition before release.
- Version 1.72 unfinished stuff will take a while to complete, perhaps another month.
- The wait is still worth it.

Click on the banner below! It leads to the poll!


The reward for waiting is much better than an incomplete version right now!! :-)
Hold on with your great work!

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Lord_Cylarne Author

It's incomplete NOW but won't be this month's release.

Less gameplay content, though.

But either way it is a win-win.

Reply Good karma+4 votes

Well, that changelog is definitely something.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+11 votes

Ofourse i want to wait!!!! I think CodemanV will gain +karmas fastly

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Lord_Cylarne Author

Please vote in the link folks, via "Vote now"

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mars pattern warhound titan!! i'm so waiting for that!

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ho are you people? Let us play the game and have them update in 1.73! Or better yet, just release 1.72 now for people to play until you guys are done!

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Sorry dude !!! This is very very very very very very important !!!


I repeat don't make it easier !!!!! Please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm drammatically losing amusement with your mod, there isn't challenge anymore !!!!!!

Please I love your work but it risk to being usless for long date players !!!!!

At least make easy more easy and insane really insane but do not nerf ai difficulty any more !!!!

Please !!!

Please !!!!

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Wow yer desperate. So...
Have you tried higher difficulty levels and messin' around with the AI control panel executable in \UltimateApocalypse\data\ai ?
That last one can be particularly influential on team battles, as you can handicap your AI enemies or allies (I presume you'll go for the latter) teching speed.

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I think it should be good to mantain at least one difficulty level high insane

Please think on it.

People who don't know how to win at easy don't care anything about insane.

Isn't it ?


Take a look


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you're full of ********, if you think insane is easy. What mode do you play on, hardcore with tau against orks or something? ALso go to your ai editor and make them harder if everything is far too easy for you.

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My ******** evidently play DoW better than you ;)

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Honestly, what you have ready right now is big enough to keep people satisfied over a period of a month. I say you release what you have now as version 1.715 and release the rest when it's ready as version 1.72. Why hold back a ton of stuff that's already done when you can release it now and work on the rest as people enjoy the completed things? It won't hurt the mod to release what you have now, will it?

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Lord_Cylarne Author

Stuck in the middle with a really huge unfinished concept. Right now, most races are imbalanced because of the new additions, not playable.

I got to either revert the changes I made, for a quick balanced release with all basics done this month, or finish it, which will definitely take a while...

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ive noticed that the imperial gard transport once it dies it takes off and as its leaving the screen it stays not sure how long tho just seen it stick to the game

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also can you buff some of the starter units of IG by chance? just askin

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If you rush the production of three chimeras, upgrade them all to pure dakka (so their "loadout" is twin linked heavy bolters + chassis mounted heavy bolter + heavy stubber) you'll find yourself mowing down pretty much any enemy infantry and FAST long as they don't bring any significant anti-vehicle weaponry. Very useful in early game.
If you're fighting IDH they won't take long to smack them with their orbital meltas though :I

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I thought you guys were gonna add Doomsday arc to the mod in this version? Any chance to see it in the future?

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Lord_Cylarne Author

Probably not... not our fault it's not getting in, but we will not add Boychaos's models further.

Reply Good karma-1 votes

why don't you guys just make that model yourself. I'm pretty sure there are a lot of people want to see it in the game. :)

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It looks great love the mod but I was wondering if you'll ever add the Steel Legion as a faction? I would love to face the apocolypse as them!

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I have a question for you, one thing that's bothered me about Dawn of War since the Dark Eldar were updated is the mandrakes and how incorrect they are now. Is there any way you'll update the mandrakes to look as they are now? Like this:

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did u guys ever consider making an entire faction of the adeptus mechanicus?

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Are you guys adding the units ,banners & badges from the Codex mod by any chance?

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Tau are nerfed hard,oh ****

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First of all, this mod is amazing! congratz to the UA team.
I have some questions regarding new units. Will you add new units to dark eldars, necrons and tyranids? I saw some nice units in the games workshop website. Will you introduce them all? Also, it would be nice if you improved the tyranids models, and redo the hive fleet model, for example change it into a giant tentacle (the builder too). Again, great mod!

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Thanks for uploading 1.72 it is AMAZING.
but I have a problem for Chaos Demons because It's no showing up in race menu even I got 0.96 Complete version.

Any ideas?

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