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The Complete list of new changes and features. Will be adding more.

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(GE) = Galactic Empire
(NR) = New Republic
(DE) = Droid Empire

First off, the more common stuff almost every mod has.

**Venators are buildable by ALL sides. Each faction's Venator differs from each of the other ones by having a different set of weapons and squadrons.

**Increased land and space pop cap. Space is 40, Land is 20.

**All planets have higher credit income. In just three days you could make enough credits to build the Death Star II and the Executor. The highest income planets are Bespin, Muunilinst, Kessel, Thyferra, Aeten II, Alzoc III, and Polus. Some of the lowest are Dagobah, Tatooine, Yavin 4, and Hoth.

**Speaking of which, the Death Star now costs 28,000.

**Kyle and Mara are now in GC.

**The AT-AP(the Pod walker) is buildable by the Empire. Changed it's size to a more correct scale.

**The ISP (Swamp Speeder) and the Bantha-II cargo Skiff (Skiff) are now builable by the rebels. Swamp speeder works like a rebel scout trooper.

**Z95 Headhunter(NR), TIE advanced(GE), IPV(GE), Pirate Frigate(NR), are now buildable.

Now the real enhancements.

**All planets are in their canon postions.

**Starbases have increase garrisons for GC.
These are those changes to Starbase garrisons.

Rebel LV.1 Starbase
3 X-wing Squadrons
3 Y-wing Squadrons
2 CR90 Corvettes
2 Nebulon Frigates

Rebel LV.2 Starbase
5 X-wing Squadrons
4 Y-wing Squadrons
3 CR90 Corvettes
2 Nebulon Frigates

Rebel LV.3 Starbase
7 X-wing Squadrons
6 Y-wing Squadrons
4 CR90 Corvettes
3 Nebulon Frigates

Rebel LV.4 Starbase
8 X-wing Squadrons
7 Y-wing Squadrons
4 CR90 Corvettes
2 DP20 Gunships
4 Nebulon Frigates

Rebel LV.5 Starbase
12 X-wing Squads
10 Y-wing Squads
6 CR90 Corvettes
3 DP20 Gunships
6 Nebulon Frigates
1 Assault Frigate
1 Reb Fleet Commander

Empire LV.1 Starbase
4 TIE Vanguard
3 TIE/gt bomber
2 IPV-1
1 Acclamator

Empire LV.2 Starbase
5 TIE Fighter
4 TIE Bomber
2 IPV-1
1 Tartan Cruiser
1 Acclamator

Empire LV.3 Starbase
6 TIE Interceptor
5 TIE Bomber
3 Tartan Cruiser
2 Acclamator

Empire LV.4 Starbase
8 TIE Interceptor
6 TIE Hvy Bomber
2 IPV-2 Patrol Craft
4 Tartan Cruiser
3 Acclamator

Empire LV.5 Starbase
12 TIE Interceptor
10 TIE Hvy Bomber
3 IPV-2 Patrol Craft
6 Tartan Cruiser
4 Acclamator
1 Victory Destroyer
1 Imp Fleet Commander

Droid LV.1 Starbase
4 Vulture Squads
4 Hyena Squads
2 Droid Corvettes
1 Munificent

Droid LV.2 Starbase
6 Vulture Squads
5 Hyena Squads
3 Droid Corvettes
2 Munificent

Droid LV.3 Starbase
7 Vulture Squads
6 Hyena Squads
4 Droid Corvettes
2 Munificent

Droid LV.4 Starbase
10 Vulture Squads
8 Hyena Squads
5 Droid Corvettes
2 Infinity Corvettes
4 Munificents

Droid LV.5 Starbase
15 Vulture Squads
12 Hyena Squads
6 Droid Corvettes
4 Infinity Corvettes
5 Munificents
1 Dreadnaught Cruiser
1 Droid Fleet Commander

All starbases still have infinite reserve forces, except for the larger frigates from the Lv. 5 starbases. You get 2 of them and if you lose them you just have everything else. You also only get one Fleet Commander from the LV.5 starbase.

**Have added in the improved textures from the texture packs made the_farseer.

**Nearly all units and heroes have new icons.

**New GUI or whatever it's called.

**Fleet commanders now have their own starship, Rebel Commanders have a Assault Frigate, Imp Commanders have a Victory SD, and Droid Commanders, which will be a Tactical Droid will have a Dreadnaught heavycruiser.

**Field commanders have 3 other infantry squads plus two specialized squads.(PLEX soldiers or something else).

**Field and Fleet commanders now increase more than just defense, but their stats enhancements are not as powerful as the ones given by Major Heroes.

**AT-ATs now deploy 4 stormtrooper squads and 5 Scout troopers. The scouts are spawned into battle like they are from barracks.

**New infantry units based off Battlefront. Basic Infantry, Missile Infantry, Snipers, Engineers, and 2 specialized types.

**Scout Troopers can capture stuff. The Rebels have their own version of the Scout Troopers, the ISP Speeder.

**A few easter egg units hidden on certain planets in GC.

Changes to some heroes

**Veers' AT-AT comes in to battle with two AT-STs. His maximum firepower ability can now longer target Infantry. I get tired of seeing it being used on infantry and that's overkill. Veers can now be taken down by tow cables. Also I removed the autofire for max fire ability, since a lot of times he wastes it on pointless things.

**Garm Bel-Iblis now has the Peregine in space. It spawns five other Dreadnaught heavycruisers in battle. Bel-iblis has a 20% cost reduction bonus for all units. The Gargatuan shield flare no longer has autofire.

**Mon Mothma has her own ship in space, a MC80. Her cost reduction is now 30% instead of 25%.

**Obi-Wan has a Venator SD in space.

**Yoda has a Arquitens Cruiser in space.

**The Emperor comes into battle with 5 Royal Guards. Will have either an ISD or the Eclipse. The Emperor's cost reduction is now 30% instead of 25%.

**Mara will have her own starship.

**Rom Mohc will be a land hero in a Dark Trooper phase3

**Kyle Katarn will be teamed up with new hero Jan Ors.

**New Ability==Activate Hyperdrive, Allows a single ship to make a jump to hyperspace, DO NOT use in skrimish mode or you'll lose your ship. (Credit for making the ability goes to Tau from ABM)

**New Ability==Deploy Repair Droids, Launch droids that will repair your ships in space battles. Created by using a modified version of the Buzz Droids.

**Six new laser colors, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Orange, Pink, and Black.

**The special weapons seen on ships like the Aggressor now have names instead of calling them Special Weapons. The plasma weapons seen on the Consortium/Droid starbase are now called Plasma Cannons. A lot of other Droid Empire starships also have Plasma cannons. The ion weapon on the Aggressor Destroyer is now called a Ion-Pulse Cannon, while the red one is a Heavy Plamsa Cannon.

**A lot of ships will have dual, quad, and Octuple turbolaser and ion cannon projectiles.

**All stock/Vanilla ships now have a larger number of weapons. I'll post a list soon showing the new armaments of the ships.

**Shield points and Tactical health have been raised for most starships, mostly makes them last longer and are more Canon. For example, the Executor's Shield points are now 30,000, changed from 7,000, and Tactical health is now 28,000, changed from 9,000.

**Some new Fanon starships:

TIE Shadow== The Empire's early attempt at a TIE fighter with a cloaking device. The Shadow is a modified TIE Interceptor equipped with a Hyperdrive and a Stygium Cloak. There were only a handful made before the Empire abandoned the design for the TIE Phantom Project.

TIE Wraith== The Wraith is a modified TIE/sa Bomber equipped with a Stygium cloak. It was built along with the TIE shadow series and just like the shadows, only a few were made.

Imperial III-class Star Destroyer== Designed with the best advancements in Imperial tech, the Imperial III-class is armed with 8 Hvy turbolasers, 4 Hvy ion cannons, 16 turbolasers, 16 ion cannons, 12 lasercannons, 6 concussion missile launchers, and 4 torpedo launchers. It also carries the most advanced Imperial Starfighters, TIE Defenders, TIE Interdictor Bombers, and TIE Phantoms. Also has point-defense lasers.

**(NEW PLANETS, 14 in all)

Polis Massa
Mechis Prime(The Droid Empire Homeworld)
Sulis Van
Nar Shaddaa
Alaris Prime

**(New Capital ship producing Planets)

Bestine IV (this is Bestine, I just changed it to it's canon name)
Byss (Empire Only)
Mechis Prime (Droid Only)
Sluis Van
Mon Calamari can only produce capital ships for the New Republic

**(Frigate Producing Planets)

Frigates can now only be built on these planets.

(34 Frigate Planets)
Bestine IV
Mechis Prime
Mon Calamari
Sluis Van
Nar Shaddaa

**Starbases in skirmish cost less and takes less time to upgrade. I changed the build times because this is skirmish mode, and you can't afford to wait 80 or 120 seconds to get new units. It's fine in GC, but NOT in skirmish mode! I once almost lost a battle waiting for my stupid starbase to upgrade. Also the Starbase upgrade and land tech upgrade in skirmish has been moved from the tactical units to the tactical upgrades side of the build bar. So when your waiting for your starbase to upgrade you don't have to wait to get new starships.

(New Orbital Structures)

**Capital Shipyard ==Required for building Capital-class Starships

**Frigate Shipyard ==Required for building Frigate-class Starships

**Trade Ports==Can be built on any planet. The income created from these is like the Grand Arena, but instead of gaining and losing income from it, it fluctuates creating the effect of income gained from the number of ships passing through the tradeport. One minute, you could be getting 300 credits a day from it, the next it's 1800 credits.

**Asteroid Mines==They can be built on any planet, but require a mining vessel orbiting the planet to build one. Each faction has their own mining vessel, the New Republic has the Y8, the Empire has the Nebulon Mining Frigate, and Droids have the Interceptor Mining Frigate.

**Research Station, Skirmish Only. Used for research upgrades and recuiting heroes in space skirmish.

(New Ground Structures)

**Sith Temple== Buildable only on Korriban and Byss

**Shutter Shield== Not a new structure, but is now buildable. Mostly added as a requirement for building the second Death Star II.

LucianoStarKiller - - 2,399 comments

wow very nice i must say
long time i dont see a new mod inovating
if you ever need a beta tester i have some experience

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gen4321 - - 1,034 comments

Gimme gimme gimme beta!!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Admiral-Ash Author
Admiral-Ash - - 1,811 comments

I would have to figure out how to upload the beta without anyone else getting it.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
gen4321 - - 1,034 comments

Upload it on a very very hidden part of moddb and not even call it a beta or anything.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Wummy77 - - 225 comments

Where do i download it?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
G3nesis_Prime - - 116 comments

So there a new laser effects but does that mean that they fire faster than vanilla EAW: FOC?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
OsoDEADLY - - 668 comments

Ace, make wither a private page/developer or make your page private. That way its hidden and only people in the group or friends with you can get it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Khanti - - 452 comments

So what about Beta? ;)

Anyway, here's some my thoughts about features:
1 **Increased land and space pop cap. Space is 40, Land is 20.
Great. It could be even more, newer PC can handle this.

2.**In just three days you could make enough credits to build the Death Star II and the Executor.
Wrong way. No canon at all. They were building those things long and painful way. It costs tons of money anyway. Stay it that way.

3.**All starbases still have infinite reserve forces (...)
Oh, no ;) From WHERE those forces come if I am THE MASTER of war of my chosen side? Give them (starbases) many forces, give a lot more, but make them finite.

4**New Ability==Activate Hyperdrive, Allows a single ship to make a jump to hyperspace (...)
I love to hear that.

5**Starbases in skirmish cost less and takes less time to upgrade. I changed the build times because this is skirmish mode, and you can't afford to wait 80 or 120 seconds to get new units. It's fine in GC, but NOT in skirmish mode!
YES. In skirmish yes. But make it cost more money and time in GC instead ;)


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eagleeye4 - - 34 comments

how do i make the sith temple?

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rumiks - - 552 comments

if you do a beta i like to help

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