Same mod, different name, The Galactic Empire, the Rebel Alliance, Black Sun Pirates, and the Droid Empire , fight for control of the galaxy.

The Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance continue to clash across the galaxy, while a new enemy to both sides begins to build their armies and fleets in the region of the galaxy known as Wild Space, IG-88A's Droid Empire. Meanwhile Tyber Zann and his organization are now under the control of Prince Xizor as they take advantage of the chaos and of the galaxy's citizens.

Decide the Galaxy's Fate: Freedom, Oppression, Corruption or Annihilation!

Secondary mod Link provided by Remcovana (Old Version)

"It happened in an instant, thousands of ships dropping out of hyperspace. Lucrehulks, Munificents Frigates, Wavecrest Frigates, Dreadnought Cruisers, more ships then we had guarding Coruscant. And at the center of this entire fleet was the Droid fleet flagship, the Nemesis, IG-88A's personal ship, a star dreadnought that's power rivaled that of the Executor. They overwhelmed the outer defenses and surge forward towards the Capital. The Golan Defense Platforms didn't even make a dent in their fleet. They were nothing more than bantha fodder for the Droids. As I looked on from the bridge of the Chimera I could see them all. Hundreds, thousands of them, maybe even millions, Vultures swarming over the planetscape of Coruscant. From what I heard from refugees who escaped Coruscant, in some places their numbers darkened the skies over the planet. The droids used the Vultures as kamikaze weapons to overwhelm the planetary shields. When the shields fell, debris from the space battle raging above, begun to rain down onto the planet. But before any large chunks could reach the planet's atmosphere, the Droid's destroyed them. It was obvious they wanted as much of the city intact as possible. The only thing they didn't care to keep intact were the people.

As you can guess, the entire battle brought up memories of the Clone Wars and the Battle of Coruscant. The only difference was those droids were mostly lead by non-droid generals, commanders, and admirals. These were lead by droids originally designed as assassins, killing machines!

Sometime later I discovered why Vader hadn't personally lead the attack against the Droid Empire's armada. It was because he and the Emperor had fled the planet, later claiming it was the decision of the Emperor advisor's to relocate the Emperor for his protection. I still wonder if that was the reason."

―Gilad Pellaeon, after the Droid Empire took over Coruscant.

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RSS Articles

*******Galactic Empire*******

TIE Torpedo Bomber
Scimitar Bomber
Lancer-class corvette
Ton-Falk Escort Carrier
Victory I-class Star Destroyer
Victory II-class Star Destroyer (Limited to Kuat, Rendili, and Coruscant)
Strike Cruiser
YE-4 Gunship (Not Buildable Spawns from the Executor and some space stations)

PLEX Stormtroopers
Inquisitors(NOT Rebels version)
Century Tank

----Major Heroes----
Captain Gilad Pellaeon
Baron Fel and the 181ST Squadron

----Minor Heroes----
501st Vader's Fist
Captain Kendal Ozzel -- Star Destroyer Reprisal
Captain Brandei -- Star Destroyer Adjudicator
Captain Lorth Needa -- Star Destroyer Avenger
Captain Mulchive Wermis -- Star Destroyer Devastator
Captain Xamuel Lennox -- Star Destroyer Tyrant
Antinnis Tremayne

*******Rebel Alliance*******

T-wing Interceptor
MC40 light cruiser
Quasar-Fire Carrier
X4 Gunship (Not Buildable Spawns from some captial ships and space stations)

Wookiee Warriors
AAC Tank
T-3B Tank
Jedi Knights

----Major Heroes----
Leia Organa
Lando Calrissian

----Minor Heroes----
General Carlist Rieekan
General Crix Madine
General Airen Cracken

*******Black Sun*******

Z-95 Headhunter
Rihkxyrk Fighter
Starviper MK2
Cloakshape Fighter/bomber
Hutt Corvette
Minstrel-class light cruiser

Black Sun Mercenary
Black Sun PLEX Mercenary
Bantha-II Skiff
Revenant Speeder
Hutt Sailbarge (Used as a Troop Transport)

----Major Heroes----
Prince Xizor
Jarid Sykes -- Keldabe Battleship End of Days
Venlana Sipal
Durga Besadii Tai/Durga the Hutt

----Minor Heroes----
Lonay - Black Sun Vigo
Kreet'ah - Black Sun Vigo
Clezo - Black Sun Vigo
Perit - Black Sun Vigo
Vekker - Black Sun Vigo
Andal Sait

*******Droid Empire*******

(WIP, will be added later)

***********NEW PLANETS***********

Ord Mantell
Rhen Var
Roche Asteroids
Empress Teta(Cinnagar)
Raxus Prime
Boz Pity
Glee Anselm
Cato Neimoidia
Concord Dawn
Da Soocha V
Sluis Van
Cron Drift

Please do not ask for stuff from the New Canon.

This also might not be the final list.

Rebuilding the mod

Rebuilding the mod

News 11 comments

I've decided to toss out the old mod and remake it.

An update to remove bugs (other than Geonosian bugs)

An update to remove bugs (other than Geonosian bugs)

News 8 comments

I going to make an update to remove any bugs in mod. (Doesn't include Geonosian bugs)

Why me??

Why me??

News 13 comments

Why can't this stupid game work me and not be a total pain in the back side?!

Changes for Version 2.0

Changes for Version 2.0

News 21 comments

Changes I've made for next version of Super Star Wars. Higher POP cap for the big ships, lower credit income for planets, and a Mand'alor.

RSS Files
Vulture Droid and Droid Trifighter model pack

Vulture Droid and Droid Trifighter model pack

Model Pack 12 comments

These are the Vulture Droid and Droid Trifighter models I converted for use in Super Star Wars. I improved the textures and created a CIS variant texture...



Model Pack 1 comment

This pack contains various models which are mostly reskins I've made of different infantry units and buildings.

New Planet Land maps

New Planet Land maps

Singleplayer Map 4 comments

Some new planet land maps for FOC. Contains fourteen maps altogether.

Mega Icon Pack

Mega Icon Pack

Sprite 5 comments

So big I changed it from Ultimate to Mega Icon Pack. This pack contains over 545 icons.

New Star Wars Canon Icon Pack

New Star Wars Canon Icon Pack

Sprite 3 comments

This pack contains over 45 icons of characters and vehicles from Star Wars:Rebels, Star Wars:The Force Awakens other stuff from the New "Canon". All icons...

Clone Wars and TOR Icon Pack

Clone Wars and TOR Icon Pack

Sprite 5 comments

This pack contains over 196 icons, all Clone Wars and The Old Repubic, including, Darth Malgus, Satele Shan, Jace Maclom, and the Sith Emperor. The Clone...

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smartcleanmoon - - 31 comments

Is the file gonna be posted here at least?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 695,282 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Guest - - 695,282 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Admiral-Ash Creator
Admiral-Ash - - 1,811 comments

A few things:

1) I'm going to try ONE FINAL TIME to release something before I give up completely. I did have something I was working on, but the curse of 2020 struck a few months ago and I lost my other computer and had to switch to my other one, losing my recent attempt at redoing the mod.

2) Any and all versions of my mod that people have released newer versions of or modified versions of on steam, I now give my complete permission for them to continue working on them. Although I guess permission is not needed? I don't know if that's a Steam thing or if they decided to just do it without asking. Just so long as they use the older version and not any newer one I might release.

3) Any future version I make will be how I decide I want to do it and I won't be worrying about quality or at the very least trying to be on Remake/Vong/ROTM level of HD content. If I worry about that, it will prevent me from doing it how I want to do it. This is because some starships or other models I might want to use may not be up to that level. And I want to use whatever I find that interests me for the mod. The quality will still be good, but not "OMG that looks so real, WOOOOOOW!" (Not trying to insult the epic beyond epic mods that do look that great)

Now if only I could stop getting distracted by anime, TV, other video games...Minecraft, GTA3, GTAVC, GTASA, GTA4, GTA5, Astroneer, Pokemon, Age of Empires II, the Just Cause games, Hitman, Sins Rebellion...

That's not even half of the stuff that distracted me these last few years.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
Mr.-D - - 774 comments

hey why cant you upload the mod here?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
smartcleanmoon - - 31 comments

It's fine, good luck.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
killdivas - - 216 comments

Hope to see the mod finished, Admiral- it was always a unique piece of work, and I would love to see how the final product turns out. BTW- You are more than welcome to use any assets from Absolute Chaos if you might find them useful going forward.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Zombietrooper - - 199 comments

*salute* always will be here for you admiral. stay awesome

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Zombietrooper - - 199 comments

how have you been admiral?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
StephenG2014 - - 786 comments

Is this mod close to release?

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