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The classic strategy games Commandos 3 is getting HD remakes, so here's five Pyro Studios games mods!

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Commandos 3, the classic strategy game from Pyro Studios, is receiving a remaster published by Kalypso Media and developed by Raylight Games. Sticking faithfully to the source material with graphical enhancements, here's five mods for past Pyro Studios franchises to get a taste for their brand of strategic gameplay!

Commandos: Strike In Narrow Path

By C5 Studios

[Preview] Mission 8

Strike In Narrow Path is a stand-alone expansion pack for the real-time tactics game "Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines". Featuring accessible buildings (be careful, the enemy can enter them too); civilians with some loyal to the Nazi regime and some not; beautiful graphics sourced from all three Commandos titles; new maps by a professional 3D artist, and an increased difficulty level as you progress, with 20 missions available.

Praetorians Mods Complex

By AllGrey

Romans Legionare Archer 5

Tightly balanced with an older historical context, Praetorians differs from the other strategy games developed by Pyro Studios in its era. This mod adds many new factions to the game and new units for them, some including new abilities that change how the game is played and how strategies can be played out. However, all additions are balanced with the original units in mind as well - keeping the experience tight and well-rounded.

Commandos 2: Destination Paris

By Commandos HQ Team

Mission 'Up on the Roof'

Commandos 2: Destination Paris contains all the main and bonus missions (ALL modified) from Men Of Courage plus more than 200 fan made missions and ALL the maps from 'Commandos 3', 'Behind Enemy Lines' and 'Beyond the Call of Duty' (of course all with a modified mission) plus a few more bonuses. A title meant to pay homage to future and past titles in the Commandos series, it'll be a great play for fans as they await the HD remasters.

Praetorians - Mod TLE (UCP/TCP)

By Vanka(123)


Welcome to Praetorians - Mod TLE (UCP/TCP) This mod brings various features to enhance your gameplay, with 3 version of game modes, including new races, new units, and new skills! Introducing new formations for some elite units to reward tactical play and a new hero unit for all factions that have different impact on the field of battle than the usual front-line heroes, an "epic version" is also available tripling the scale of all battles for some gigantic engagements!

Commandos: BCD - Mission Pack

By Rotators

BCD - Mission Pack v2.149

Welcome, Officer! This mission pack for the 1999 released Commando: Beyond the Call of Duty adds 6 new missions to the game, sending you to various fictitious locations in Germany, 1943. An emphasis on stealth and careful gameplay features in these missions, with regular saving and loading to try alternate strategies strongly suggested. A true challenge for seasoned veterans of the game!


Commandos is a classic strategy and stealth franchise from Pyro Studios, now owned and managed by Kalypso Media. They're tough, tactical games with an emphasis on planning approaches to encounters in advance as straight-up fights are ill-advised and generally against superior numbers. Players are presented many ways to approach encounters and a variety of enemies to takedown as they achieve mission objectives.

Image 2

Commandos is a strategy franchise set during WW2 and has
players infiltrating compounds and evading detection


In a trend being seen with many other classic strategy franchises like Starcraft and C&C, Commandos games have been receiving HD remasters that improve the graphical fidelity whilst making minimal changes to the actual gameplay, hoping to preserve the experience and smooth out rough edges for modern play. Commandos 2 - HD came out in December 2019, though technical issues affected its reception among fans. In releasing Commandos 3 HD, the next title to receive the remaster treatment, it seems prudent to ensure the same technical issues are not present in the newest title.

Image 3

Commandos 3 - HD will be a faithful restoration of the original
game, making minimal changes to the core gameplay loop

Going Loud

Commandos 3 HD is intended for a release in September 2022, and will also be available in a bundle deal with Commandos 2 HD - which implies the prior title's remaster might be getting some patching up to facilitate the bundle. For now, old-school fans have the originals to stick to and watch how things progress.

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A new Commandos game would be welcome.

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Some good news with such jewels (mainly Commandos series) !

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