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Age of Empires IV is soon launching its fourth seasonal content update, so here's five AOE mods from across the franchise to dig in to some classic RTS action!

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Age of Empires IV is getting a fantasy-flavoured expansion that, among other things, adds a new biome and a new game mode. This is the fourth content update for the game and continues a great spread of post-launch support for AOE IV. It's been a good time to be an AOE fan recently, so here's five mods to keep the good times rolling from across the AOE series!

The Secret Societies

By The Asian Piracy Team

Image 14

This mod aims to bring Secret Societies into the game. Build a Grand Lodge and choose a Secret Society to access special units and unique improvements. This mod also expands influence options for European powers in the game, with more uses for game mechanics like influence and shipments throughout a scenario. Lastly, law enforcement has received a special look, as well as rebels to those in power - resulting in an overhaul of most civilisations in the game.

Age of Thrones

By StormAndy


Winter is coming - now, to Age of Empires, with this Game of Thrones multiplayer map! Supporting eight players placed in iconic locations like King's Landing, Casterly Rock, and the Iron Islands, it puts all players on an equal playing field with three villagers and a ruin - giving you and however many friends a great way to decide who's really the best in all of Westeros!

Dharma Expansion

By Age of Empires South Asian Modders

Dharma Scene

A mod for Age of Empires 2 DE based on the history of warfare, trade, and cultures of the Indosphere. The aim of this mod is to showcase the diversity of Indian continent in the medieval period as well as the cultures influenced by the greater cosmopolis that existed during this period.

Age of Empires 3 : The King's Return

By WyteRaven


King's Return is a mod that sticks with AOE III timeline but also focuses on early timeline of the original game - from the 16th to 18th centuries. The main feature is the introduction of new civilizations that inhabited these eras of history.. The mod features 4 totally new civilizations: Mongols (Timurids), Persians (Safavids), Oyo Kingdom (African), Kongo Kingdom (African).

Age of Vampires

By Ivacula

Dracul Clan

What if vampires had empires? This is the idea that started it all. Since then I have been mixing Victorian age Horror with traditional Slavic mythology and hints towards the dark chapters of Romanian and Hungarian history. The result is something like an Eastern European Age of Mythology, with a bit of black humour to boot.

Forming Up

Age of Empires IV, newest child of the AOE series, has had a healthy post-release content schedule so far. Three seasons, each featuring additions like the usual competitive refresh, but also new maps and civilisations to change up the meta, have all landed and been received reasonably well. The content isn't stopping there, though, as today, the 16th of February, Season 4 for AOE IV kicks off, this time with a twist that wouldn't be out of place in the Age of Mythology franchise instead.


Age of Empires IV is the newest entry in the AOE line-up

A Mythological Flavour

A new biome featuring some fantastical elements injects a bit of uniqueness into this season, as well as a new game mode - one featured in previous entries - that sees players deposited with few resources and no established base so they can add an extra layer of strategy to the opening minutes of an AOE game. With AOE's older titles getting HD re-releases lately and Age of Mythology supposedly receiving just such an HD remaster soon too, it's a good time to be into this particular brand of medieval RTS.

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