King's Return is a free fan-based mod for the game Age of Empires 3 and its two official expansions. The mod will stick with AOE III timeline but will focus on early timeline of the original game i.e 16th 17th and 18th centuries. The main emphasis is introduce new civilizations approximately existed in the same era. The mod will feature 4 totally new civilizations: Mongols (Timurids), Persians (Safavids), Oyo Kingdom (African), Kongo Kingdom (African).

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It has been a long time since my last update. Modding the King's Return has been slow process for me lately, mainly due to being busy with other things in life. So I decided to share some of the new features that shall be added to the mod: "in-game politician units". It is a feature for all European Civs. It is still in conceptual phase so if anyone has good ideas about this feature please feel free to share & elaborate! The idea is to introduce all European politicians in the game as units. So whenever a European Civ player chooses a specific politician, the politician will be shipped in the game as a special unit with unique abilities & bonuses. This shall add another aspect & fun to the game. Almost all the new "Politician" units have been created with fresh new visuals that reflects their portraits (see below).

(Below image: The Bishop / The Grand Vizier : New Politician Units)


You get this "special" unit once you choose a specific politician to age-up. Each politician will have a small unique bonus(es) that will reflect the nature of the politician (or his shipment). For example the Exiled Prince has large LOS, can receive shipment, build TC and has the ability to go back to home city shipment point. Additionally, to balance out politicians and to add more variety & fun, less used politicians will have better bonuses (like the naturalist).

(Below image: The Tycoon / The Cavalry Marshal: New Politician Units)

The followings outline each politician with initial ideas of bonuses associated with the politician unit. It is still conceptual and not final so feel free to suggest any new ideas about the whole concept of the in-game politicians:

(Below image: All New Politician Units)

General Politicians Attributes:

  • Can be garrisoned in TC/Outposts/Forts.
  • Regenerate HP.
  • Dies (unlike explorers).
  • Cost no Population.
  • Can collect treasures

A. Colonial Age Politicians

1. The Bishop (2 settlers / settler wagon):
Bonus Ideas

  • Repentance Ability: Convert any outlaw guardian. The converted outlaw unit can work (gather resources) like villagers but at lower rates.
  • Can heal, like regular priest. Bishops with religious Civ (Portuguese/Spanish) can pray at church.

2. The Governor (outpost, 200 coin):
Bonus Ideas

  • Can build outposts & walls (faster than villager).
  • Outposts/TCs nearby the Governor have better attack by 10% (large range .

3. The Naturalist (4 cows):
Bonus Ideas

  • Can work as herder (collect food from herds faster than villagers).
  • Spawn additional sheep/cows each time the player age-up (as long as the naturalist is alive).

4. The Philosopher Prince (500 food):
Bonus Ideas

  • Build economical buildings.
  • 300 infinite food HC shipment available through this politician
  • Can see stealth.

5. The Quartermaster (400 wood):
Bonus Ideas

  • Build trading posts (fast like explorer).
  • 300 infinite wood HC shipment available through this politician

B. Fortress Age Politicians

1. The Admiral of the Ocean Sea (caravel, 400 wood):
Bonus Ideas

  • Increase all ships limit by 2

2. The Adventurer (2 pikes, 5 lbows / 4 pikes, 4 xbows / 17 strelets ):
Bonus Ideas

  • Sends a second "explorer" but that dies when get killed.
  • Anti-Natives ability: kill any native unit with a single shot attack
  • Has the same abilities/attributes of the explorer unit.

3. The Exiled Prince (age fast):
Bonus Ideas

  • Government in exile: The Exiled Prince has large LOS, can receive shipments and build TC.
  • Flee : the ability to go back to home city shipment point.
  • Can see stealth.

4. The Gentleman Pirate (2 corsairs, privateer):
Bonus Ideas

  • Enable training pirates from saloon and lower their pop by 2.
  • Increase hp/attack of nearby pirates.

5. The Marksman (6 skirms / 6 cassadors / 4 abus guns):
Bonus Ideas

  • Slighty better attack/hp than regular skirmisher.
  • Sniper shot: kill any single unit in one shot.

6. The Mohawk Statesman (3 mantlets, 2 scouts**):
Bonus Ideas

  • ** : Instead of 2 scouts you get 2 tomahawk warriors.
  • Can train mantlets & tomahawk warriors.
  • Increase attack/hp of nearby minor native units.
  • Research Upgrade Techs for mantlets & tomahawk warriors for free through The Mohawk Statesman.

7. The Scout (4 hussars / 5 cossacks):
Bonus Ideas

  • Has stealth ability.
  • Medium-to-low attack/hp.
  • The Scout's speed get increased as the player ages.

8. Seargent at arms (5 halberds / 3 dopplers / 8 pikes):
Bonus Ideas

  • Pikeman-type unit.
  • Summon Volunteers Ability: summon 2 temporary pikemen.
  • Spike Attack: kill any single cavalry in 1 pike attack.

C. Industrial Age Politicians

1. The Cavalry Marshal (9 ruyters / 3 cuirassiers / 6 uhlans / 5 hussars / 6 cossacks / 5 lancers):
Bonus Ideas

  • Powerful unit
  • Train Cavalry Units.
  • Increase nearby cavalry ubits speed / hp / attack by 5%-10%.

2. The Engineer (2 falconets / 2 organ guns):
Bonus Ideas

  • increase nearby speed of artillery units.
  • Construct artillery units.
  • Special Ability: train heavy cannon (but still cost resources).

3. The Grand Vizier (3 spahi):
Bonus Ideas

  • For each Spahi HC shipment you use, you can get the same shipment through the Grand Vizier
  • Convert any single Spahi to "Silahtar Sipahi" an upgraded version of spahi unit.

4. The King's Musketeer (10 musket (13 as Russian) / 8 skirmishers (dutch)):
Bonus Ideas

  • You get 5 units of kings' musketeers instead of the regular musketeers.
  • Powerful unit with musket and great fencing sword (melee attack)
  • Special Ability: swashbuckler
  • Can train the same unit (limit 5 units).

5. The Tycoon (1000 coin):
Bonus Ideas

  • Auto-generate gold.
  • Increase speed of TP's train & stagecoach units.

6. The Viceroy (4 settlers ( 3 grenadiers , 3 uhlans ) / 4 settlers ( 5 ruyters , 3 dragoons)):
Bonus Ideas

  • Build TC/ receive shipments.
  • Train settlers & infantry units.
  • Train any lost politicians.

7. The War Minister (7 oprichniks / 10 rodeleros):
Bonus Ideas

  • Train military units.
  • increase hp & attack of nearby military units.

D. Imperial Age Politicians

Imperial age politicians will have no in game units.

Kongo Civilization

Kongo Civilization

News 4 comments

The Kongo Civilization: unveil the secrets of an African Kingdom that existed in west central Africa. The Kongo Civilization has a loads of new systems...

Release of Age of King's Return (Beta 1.0)

Release of Age of King's Return (Beta 1.0)

News 16 comments

The King's Return mod of the game Age of Empires 3 is available to download. This is a Beta 1.0 version of the game.

Update about Release Date

Update about Release Date

News 4 comments

The King's Return was excepted to be released in the end of 2016. However, the mod isn't finished yet, unfortunately. Nevertheless, I am glad to say that...

King’s Return Recruitment

King’s Return Recruitment

News 2 comments

Hi everybody. I am glad to say that The King’s Return mod is almost 80% completed. However, with the recent lack of time I am experiencing, I am struggling...

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Age of Empires : The King's Return (Beta 1.01)

Age of Empires : The King's Return (Beta 1.01)

Full Version 16 comments

I am glad to announce the release of the King's Return enhanced Beta version 1.01

Comments  (0 - 10 of 247)

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This is a very fun and unique mod, despite it's a beta version.

I sincerely hope the creator finds the courage again to continue working on it.

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is this mod still alive?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
WyteRaven Creator

I have stopped the development for the time being but in hopes to resume it some day!

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Hey. If you would allow it I would like to use your politicians in my mod "The Asian Piracy". I wanted to create politician units just like you thought (in fact I made some effects that give you units, such as a Wokou monk politician that enables an extra Japanese Monk) - It would be a waste to create them all over again when you have such perfect textures! In exchange I can still provide you with textures and code, we could collaborate in that matter. I Can even make the units code and tactics to your specifications and then "ship" it to you if you provide the models/textures. What do you say?

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the Age of Empires : The King's Return is working perfect but In-game Politicians Units (European) is expected yet

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Ai is really bad when i try to play

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Any possible further update? This is a very promising mod!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

My TKR crashes with several error messages saying I am missing files. Do you know how I can fix this?

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A mod well done , just the way a mod that adds new nations should be done

All other mods should take note

I only cannot give it maximum vote because some features are not finished and is still a beta , but for a beta it sure is playable

I fully recommend it even in place of other mods i don't have to mention

Jun 15 2017 by deleted10101


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Jul 24 2016

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