King's Return is a free fan-based mod for the game Age of Empires 3 and its two official expansions. The mod will stick with AOE III timeline but will focus on early timeline of the original game i.e 16th 17th and 18th centuries. The main emphasis is introduce new civilizations approximately existed in the same era. The mod will feature 4 totally new civilizations: Mongols (Timurids), Persians (Safavids), Oyo Kingdom (African), Kongo Kingdom (African).

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It has been a long time since my last update. Modding the King's Return has been slow process for me lately, mainly due to being busy with other things in life. So I decided to share some of the new features that shall be added to the mod: "in-game politician units". It is a feature for all European Civs. It is still in conceptual phase so if anyone has good ideas about this feature please feel free to share & elaborate! The idea is to introduce all European politicians in the game as units. So whenever a European Civ player chooses a specific politician, the politician will be shipped in the game as a special unit with unique abilities & bonuses. This shall add another aspect & fun to the game. Almost all the new "Politician" units have been created with fresh new visuals that reflects their portraits (see below).

(Below image: The Bishop / The Grand Vizier : New Politician Units)


You get this "special" unit once you choose a specific politician to age-up. Each politician will have a small unique bonus(es) that will reflect the nature of the politician (or his shipment). For example the Exiled Prince has large LOS, can receive shipment, build TC and has the ability to go back to home city shipment point. Additionally, to balance out politicians and to add more variety & fun, less used politicians will have better bonuses (like the naturalist).

(Below image: The Tycoon / The Cavalry Marshal: New Politician Units)

The followings outline each politician with initial ideas of bonuses associated with the politician unit. It is still conceptual and not final so feel free to suggest any new ideas about the whole concept of the in-game politicians:

(Below image: All New Politician Units)

General Politicians Attributes:

  • Can be garrisoned in TC/Outposts/Forts.
  • Regenerate HP.
  • Dies (unlike explorers).
  • Cost no Population.
  • Can collect treasures

A. Colonial Age Politicians

1. The Bishop (2 settlers / settler wagon):
Bonus Ideas

  • Repentance Ability: Convert any outlaw guardian. The converted outlaw unit can work (gather resources) like villagers but at lower rates.
  • Can heal, like regular priest. Bishops with religious Civ (Portuguese/Spanish) can pray at church.

2. The Governor (outpost, 200 coin):
Bonus Ideas

  • Can build outposts & walls (faster than villager).
  • Outposts/TCs nearby the Governor have better attack by 10% (large range .

3. The Naturalist (4 cows):
Bonus Ideas

  • Can work as herder (collect food from herds faster than villagers).
  • Spawn additional sheep/cows each time the player age-up (as long as the naturalist is alive).

4. The Philosopher Prince (500 food):
Bonus Ideas

  • Build economical buildings.
  • 300 infinite food HC shipment available through this politician
  • Can see stealth.

5. The Quartermaster (400 wood):
Bonus Ideas

  • Build trading posts (fast like explorer).
  • 300 infinite wood HC shipment available through this politician

B. Fortress Age Politicians

1. The Admiral of the Ocean Sea (caravel, 400 wood):
Bonus Ideas

  • Increase all ships limit by 2

2. The Adventurer (2 pikes, 5 lbows / 4 pikes, 4 xbows / 17 strelets ):
Bonus Ideas

  • Sends a second "explorer" but that dies when get killed.
  • Anti-Natives ability: kill any native unit with a single shot attack
  • Has the same abilities/attributes of the explorer unit.

3. The Exiled Prince (age fast):
Bonus Ideas

  • Government in exile: The Exiled Prince has large LOS, can receive shipments and build TC.
  • Flee : the ability to go back to home city shipment point.
  • Can see stealth.

4. The Gentleman Pirate (2 corsairs, privateer):
Bonus Ideas

  • Enable training pirates from saloon and lower their pop by 2.
  • Increase hp/attack of nearby pirates.

5. The Marksman (6 skirms / 6 cassadors / 4 abus guns):
Bonus Ideas

  • Slighty better attack/hp than regular skirmisher.
  • Sniper shot: kill any single unit in one shot.

6. The Mohawk Statesman (3 mantlets, 2 scouts**):
Bonus Ideas

  • ** : Instead of 2 scouts you get 2 tomahawk warriors.
  • Can train mantlets & tomahawk warriors.
  • Increase attack/hp of nearby minor native units.
  • Research Upgrade Techs for mantlets & tomahawk warriors for free through The Mohawk Statesman.

7. The Scout (4 hussars / 5 cossacks):
Bonus Ideas

  • Has stealth ability.
  • Medium-to-low attack/hp.
  • The Scout's speed get increased as the player ages.

8. Seargent at arms (5 halberds / 3 dopplers / 8 pikes):
Bonus Ideas

  • Pikeman-type unit.
  • Summon Volunteers Ability: summon 2 temporary pikemen.
  • Spike Attack: kill any single cavalry in 1 pike attack.

C. Industrial Age Politicians

1. The Cavalry Marshal (9 ruyters / 3 cuirassiers / 6 uhlans / 5 hussars / 6 cossacks / 5 lancers):
Bonus Ideas

  • Powerful unit
  • Train Cavalry Units.
  • Increase nearby cavalry ubits speed / hp / attack by 5%-10%.

2. The Engineer (2 falconets / 2 organ guns):
Bonus Ideas

  • increase nearby speed of artillery units.
  • Construct artillery units.
  • Special Ability: train heavy cannon (but still cost resources).

3. The Grand Vizier (3 spahi):
Bonus Ideas

  • For each Spahi HC shipment you use, you can get the same shipment through the Grand Vizier
  • Convert any single Spahi to "Silahtar Sipahi" an upgraded version of spahi unit.

4. The King's Musketeer (10 musket (13 as Russian) / 8 skirmishers (dutch)):
Bonus Ideas

  • You get 5 units of kings' musketeers instead of the regular musketeers.
  • Powerful unit with musket and great fencing sword (melee attack)
  • Special Ability: swashbuckler
  • Can train the same unit (limit 5 units).

5. The Tycoon (1000 coin):
Bonus Ideas

  • Auto-generate gold.
  • Increase speed of TP's train & stagecoach units.

6. The Viceroy (4 settlers ( 3 grenadiers , 3 uhlans ) / 4 settlers ( 5 ruyters , 3 dragoons)):
Bonus Ideas

  • Build TC/ receive shipments.
  • Train settlers & infantry units.
  • Train any lost politicians.

7. The War Minister (7 oprichniks / 10 rodeleros):
Bonus Ideas

  • Train military units.
  • increase hp & attack of nearby military units.

D. Imperial Age Politicians

Imperial age politicians will have no in game units.

Kongo Civilization

Kongo Civilization

News 4 comments

The Kongo Civilization: unveil the secrets of an African Kingdom that existed in west central Africa. The Kongo Civilization has a loads of new systems...

Release of Age of King's Return (Beta 1.0)

Release of Age of King's Return (Beta 1.0)

News 16 comments

The King's Return mod of the game Age of Empires 3 is available to download. This is a Beta 1.0 version of the game.

Update about Release Date

Update about Release Date

News 4 comments

The King's Return was excepted to be released in the end of 2016. However, the mod isn't finished yet, unfortunately. Nevertheless, I am glad to say that...

King’s Return Recruitment

King’s Return Recruitment

News 2 comments

Hi everybody. I am glad to say that The King’s Return mod is almost 80% completed. However, with the recent lack of time I am experiencing, I am struggling...

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Age of Empires : The King's Return (Beta 1.01)

Age of Empires : The King's Return (Beta 1.01)

Full Version 11 comments

I am glad to announce the release of the King's Return enhanced Beta version 1.01

Comments  (0 - 10 of 225)

Hey i want to say that your mod is FANTASTIC but i have one issue in kongo civ when i try to build a house the game crash and it become not responding.

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WyteRaven Creator

Yes there is a bug in African houses but it won't always get crashed. It will be solved in next version.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I'm excited to see the next version, keep up the good work.

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WyteRaven Creator


Reply Good karma+1 vote

On this page of the site there is an illustration of a fire in a traditional Yoruba house. They depict the example of the more ordinary middle class houses of the Yorubas. The era of printing was similar to the one you created and poor houses and rocks used to be rounded. As urban houses, the difference, they had only one central courtyard at the same time of a room with panoramic plan. If you are retired this flat plan of square-based African homes, you would become a middle-class woman, would present a house of a craftsman, a successful tradesman, or a Yoruba blacksmith.

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WyteRaven Creator

Just took a look at the images there. Useful images for the game. The costumes of Yoruba priests are useful as well. I have already improved the African houses to be more realistic and have better graphics. It is still the rounded huts with the upgraded versions to be mud houses. See your private messages I have included a screenshot there.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

It adds totally new possibilities and really varied civilizations that represent a part of the world little mentioned in the original game, but essential to understand the economic dynamics and the conflicts between the states of the time. It will probably be the next best MOD if the Wars of Liberty run too far from the original game timeline instead of adding modern units and mechanics to the game.
Incredible and historically perfect!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

You can not imagine how I wanted to see the Yoruba and the Congolese in AOE III!
Their civilizations were all extremely well done, especially the Savafid Persians and the Yorubas! The Congolese also stayed too much (Only their houses I did not like, the Congolese at least of the coast, had houses more similar to those of the Iroquois).

Great Raven, there is a Bug on the texture of the African market that makes the game hang out once in a while, in the middle of a game. It's been the only nuisance in the whole game.

If the Ottomans had added a few infantry units, such as an Azap or an archer on foot in MOD and some South American civilization, such as the Incas (which has an architectural set almost ready when we see the Atlanteans of the age of mythology and we add the Towns Centers to the Atlante houses and barracks to the temple present in the AOE III, generate an almost complete set with architecture very similar to the original Inca architecture).

In MOD Enhancement there is a beautiful architecture for the temple of the Aztecs. Could not that temple be added to the Aztec civilization, perhaps as a fortress, or to produce priests, for technologies present in the European capitals, or to produce a new Aztec unity? (such as the Cuachic or the Otomies). This textured temple adds a lot to the game

I found perfect the system of slavery that you have elaborated.
Have you thought about adding the Ottoman Empires MOD architecture to your Mod? she is perfect! With added textures for the men who carry the cannons similar to that of this MOD and with added infantry units, your Ottoman civilization would be too much!

I'm looking forward to new versions of your MOD for seeing new maps! I've done some African maps to play with the new elements you've added to the game, with the creative features that I have, but it's gotten really good because of those well-chosen elements you've created.

My favorite MOD's are:
1 Wars of Liberty
2 King's Return
3 Ottoman Empires
4 Graphics Mod

There is a however: Wars of Liverty is increasingly restricting itself to the nineteenth century, which has made the MOD a bit annoying (although they have now made Inca and Tupi units more realistic than anything I have ever seen). I think when your MOD gets ready, it will be the best of them all! And with Congolese, Yoruba and the incredibly well-done Persians! It will be the best MOD when complete!

Congratulations White Raven! It made my favorite game incredible! And for someone who loves to study ancient civilizations, I can say that Oyo and the kingdom of the Congo are incredible, very close to reality and that the Persians are simply perfect beyond the Mongol units of Timur's time.

Your effort has been beautiful!

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WyteRaven Creator

Hey felipowisky. Really elaborated comment :). I love the ancient civilizations as you do much more than the new era . There are lots of RTS game with tanks & airplanes and much less games focusing on ancient empires. There are lots of uncovered civilizations/time during the timeline of AOE 3. So my main goal will be focusing more on this timeline rather than 19th 20the century. I am also not satisfied with the African houses and planning to change them. They can be done better. I tried a much as I can to draw the concepts & ideas from the historical events & cultural aspect for each civilization. It adds more fun to the game. Thanks for reporting the bug about the African market, it shall be solved.
Yes the units in ottoman mod are great, I also like the falconet ottoman guy which is nicely done & fit the ottoman empire. I have a couple of new ideas for Aztecs but I will keep them as a surprise :) . Right now I am mostly focusing on adding new random maps which is taking some time to do. That is why I have less time to focus on adding new civilizations or adding new units to the ottomans for example. The Incas are one of my favorite civilizations. I do have plans to add them in future and I have couple of ideas for Incas like compulsory military services (conscription) of male villagers which is a temporary tech that will turn male villagers into military unit and increase their attack.
There we be also a new idea to add European Politicians as in-game units , see the full topic here if you are interested :

Reply Good karma+1 vote

White Raven, it's great to know about your future ideas for MOD. They are very compatible with ideas that I have for AOE III, which have not been able to be realized because of my lack of knowledge regarding modifications in AOE III.

As for European politics, I read your article, I found the idea incredible and I had an idea for the Vizir unit through an old saying about the viziers of Selim II:

Concerning the figure of the vizier, I remember a saying of the Ottoman empire that I read one day
"I desire that you be a vizier of Sultan Selim," which was an ironic phrase used as a way of cursing someone, for Selim II so often killed his sultans and replaced them as people said it to enemies with the meaning of " I wanted you to die. "
Associating this with the sacrifice of King Yoruba and the assassination of the king of Congo that you brilliantly added to MOD, I wondered if it would be possible to add to the vizier's unit an icon called "I wish you to be a sultan of Selim." Soon there would appear an Ottoman executioner, who would cut the head of the kneeling vizier! That would make the collection of all features increase in the next minute. It could work, right?

As for the African houses, the Yoruba houses could be of two types: rounded plan like the one that you created or of quadrangular plant, with a central patio for rain collection or manual works, with the rooms of the head of family, rooms of the wives and children, pantries and open central balcony arranged around that patio. One idea would be to remove the central flat-roofed room from the quadrangular house, leaving an empty courtyard in place. This would take advantage of the animations of destruction of the house already present and the house Yoruba would be very faithful to the image of the real ones.
As for the houses of the Congo kingdom, they were really very varied, but one common type is very similar to that of the African Plantation, which is an Iroquois house.
You created a beautiful structure that was used in the earlier version of the MOD as the African Barrack, a blend of Warhut Sioux and a Viking Age of Mythology. This building was really good. I thought that perhaps, by partially closing the palisade around the tower and putting one or two horses in the space surrounded by the palisade, could be a good African corral, with no need to use more Iroquois constructions.
I really liked his MOD and drew an African scenario, through which I created two scenarios, for savannah and equatorial forest. I posted them on Heavengames website so that fans of the modification can play it in the current version by experimenting with the beautiful African landscape that you added. I believe that perhaps more people will see how beautiful this MOD is, and that those who lack the time or a little laziness to create their own scenarios, with the new animations for the African animals, can enjoy this experience more complete already at that moment . Sceneries are not finished, but they work for a quick game.
I have some material on Inquices Bantu and some other Congolese gods, I can write a review of what I consider most important and send some material in the coming weeks.
If you need words in Yoruba, I have a good dictionary at home and I can assist with words, or with research to unravel their deeper meanings.
On Ottoman architecture, I believe that the triumph of Ottoman Empires' MOD architecture is the addition of Ottoman style window and tile frames to buildings, as Ottoman constructions were generally similar to conventional Mediterranean architecture and are not so different from set original Mediterranean game. You would not have to ask for all the architecture, but perhaps using the texture of the tiles in some parts of the buildings could help.

I started reading the basic book for AOE III modders this week and, if I get any knowledge on the subject, I would love to help with art.
Very good idea for the Incas. May this civilization be a possibility for the future!
Friend, thank you for your creativity in this great MOD! With the news that you told me here, this is already my favorite MOD!
In the next comment I will write less, I promise!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
WyteRaven Creator

Hey felipowisky, sorry for not being able to reply to you earlier. I downloaded the scenarios you have made, looks pretty good thought some adjustment can make it even better :) Pretty good skills that you have created these scenarios:) Yes the mod need more publicity, I was planning to add new random maps with totally new textures, animals and plants but unfortunately it got delayed because I could not have enough time.
If you have any good materials of what you mentioned about Congolese gods then it would be great assistance to the mod. Congolese gods can be incorporated in the mod as "Traditional Religion". If you also have any new ideas for the faith-techs for the Congolese gods (religion) please feel free to share. I assume you have seen the new religion system in the mod. Yoruba & Kongo are there. You may look at them and let me know about your feedback.
The dictionary of Yoruba would be helpful but there is one a problem: the most new voices (like Yoruba/Congo) is actually taken from audio bibles available on the net. You might find a good translation for example for the word "attack" in Yoruba but this word might not be available or "spoken" in the audio bible.
Modding is great thing as you can really see what you would like to see and improve in the game. But I warn it is time consuming :) But if you love doing it become really an addiction. If you spare time & would like to join or just contribute to the mod you are more than welcome.
I will let you know about my ideas for the African houses later on.

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Highest Rated (2 agree) 8/10

A mod well done , just the way a mod that adds new nations should be done

All other mods should take note

I only cannot give it maximum vote because some features are not finished and is still a beta , but for a beta it sure is playable

I fully recommend it even in place of other mods i don't have to mention

Jun 15 2017 by deleted10101


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Release of of AOE 3: the King's Return - enhanced Beta version 1.01. It is available to download from here:

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Release of Age Empires 3: The King's Return (Beta 1.0). Download from here:

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The latest video about Minor Natives the KR AOE 3 mod :) see Dahomey Amazon chopping odd their enemies' heads!

Nov 9 2016

Oyo Kingdom Preview & Video published on links below Oyo Kingdom preview

Aug 24 2016

Check out the newly released video. It is an introduction to African Kingdoms in AOE 3.

Aug 3 2016

Quick updates : Royal Guards

Jul 24 2016

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