You're an experienced coder with strong skills and you're ready for game-making technology that lets you to take advantage of modern hardware to make truly stunning games. You've seen dramatic visuals applied to games you love to play yourself and you've been waiting for the opportunity to replicate and innovate on those effects to make your next game one that everyone wants to play.

It's one thing to create beautiful effects, but you're a serious developer and you know how important having a solid foundation for scripting, editing, physics, networking, animation, and debugging are to getting your game finished and shipped on schedule.

Torque Game Engine Advanced lets you do it all at a fraction of the cost.

We built Torque Game Engine Advanced (TGEA) on the proven, original Torque Game Engine (TGE) and TGEA shares many of TGE's greatest strengths like TorqueNet, GeoTerrain, Torque Lighting System, and Puppeteer Mesh Animation. TGEA is much more than TGE with support for modern shaders. The entire rendering code has been rewritten for vastly improved efficiency and expanded capability. Want eye-catching water, jaw-dropping reflection and refraction effects, or the ability to quickly compose complex scenes with huge numbers of polygons? This engine empowers you to do it all.

TGEA is the premier solution for Indie developers. For an in-depth look at how TGEA stacks up to the competition, view the Feature Comparison page. For a closer look at TGEA, see the Features page.

When you purchase Torque Game Engine Advanced, you get the full source code with complete documentation and access to the 70,000 member Torque Developer Network (TDN). Our community of Torque developers is active and generous in sharing solutions, tools, and experience working with Torque products. And like all our Torque licenses, you pay no royalties to GarageGames, ever.

TGEA is no longer updated, its last stable update was 1.8.1 on February 10th, 2009.

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Bug Fixes

  • The IRC bot should no longer timeout. You can connect to our US Hotswap IRC servers by going to #hotswap.1 and #hotswap.2, while the EU servers can be reached at #empire.1 and #empire.2. Both are on the Quakenet IRC server.
  • Crashes on the game modes Hunters, Team Rabbit, and Rabbit have been fixed.
  • Spectate mode no longer crashes on certain maps.
  • Players longer look under the map when joining certain maps.
  • Left shift no longer brings you out of the map editor.

Map Updates

  • Added Daybreak courtesy of Xtreme.


  • Added Ucan's version of FrostbytePUG, which lowers the back hill on beta, moves the flag stands back a bit, along with other changes.

    014 00001

  • The Core has been re-textured courtesy of Hi!.


  • Skies for The Core and Diabolous have been updated.


  • ReactorPUG has been added, which is essentially Reactor with a snow theme.


  • Updated FalloutPUG spawns.

New Features / Misc.

  • Message of the day settings are now available for server admins, and are located at server/preferences/MOTD.cs or use the in-game admin panel.
  • Increased observer max zoom.
  • Buffed Blaster's Area Impulse from 400 to 1400, to make shooting the flag around now possible.
  • Implemented a basic color-blind mode.
  • Players can now start a vote as soon as a map switches rather than having to wait 30 seconds.
Legions: Overdrive Demo Cam 1.0 Release!

Legions: Overdrive Demo Cam 1.0 Release!

Legions: Overdrive

We are pleased to announce the public release of LODC 1.0! The LODC Demo Add-on provides much more functionality for Legions: Overdrive's demos, including...

Legions: Overdrive 03/03/2014 Update

Legions: Overdrive 03/03/2014 Update

Legions: Overdrive 3 comments

Whiteout size reduced ~15%, new configuration for reconnecting to a server, an update to the Regen Core and EMP grenades, and more!

Legions: Overdrive Stat Tracking in Open Beta

Legions: Overdrive Stat Tracking in Open Beta

Legions: Overdrive

We're happy to announce that a beta version of the player stat tracking system is now available. Due to the game being opened up for mods, the stats system...

Legions: Overdrive - 12/28/2013 Update

Legions: Overdrive - 12/28/2013 Update

Legions: Overdrive

A new update for Legions: Overdrive is available, which includes new loading screens, new sniper functionality, over time and more!

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Legions: Overdrive

Legions: Overdrive

First Person Shooter

Legions: Overdrive is a "spiritual successor" to Tribes, borrowing gameplay elements from the series such as skiing and jetpacks. It's completely free...

Skee Alley

Skee Alley


3 distinct areas of play, a favorite game at the arcade or fairgrounds.If you like playing games at the carnival,amusement park, or on the boardwalk...

Metal Drift

Metal Drift

Car Combat

Metal Drift is a futuristic arena combat game in drift-tanks. It is team-based with online multiplayer. You can level up your player and your weapons...

3D RC Racing "SE"

3D RC Racing "SE"


3DRC is a unique racing game based around 1/28th scale RC Cars. It simulates the experience of this small scale with its fixed position players view...




Trapped within a deadly cube shape prison you are in the fight for your life. With an infinite amount of rooms and infinite possiblities any one of the...

Venture Dinosauria

Venture Dinosauria

Realistic Sim

Venture Dinosauria is about the chaos and color of life on Earth in the first days of flowers, in the last days of lizards.

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I took out the links on this page since they were broken and I didn't realize it.

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Well, 250 - 3000 $ for a commercial game engine is not that bad, I mean the cost for the Unreal Engine 3 it's like 500 000$

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Garyn Dakari

Actually Unreal Engine 3 is free now.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Free for a NON commercial use.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

And 99$ for Commercial;D Not bad;D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Ta-da, I wrote a review. Hopefully everyone finds it useful.

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Theres nothing wrong with this engine, the 6.3 score is not true.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

I really don't like that this engine has a 5.9 score, and yet no one has commented on WHY they don't like it. It would be helpful to express the faults of the engine for other aspiring developers to see. :/

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Well I've been using TGEA for quite some time, maybe I should write a review.

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took you a day

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Actually I wrote the article the same day I typed that. It got auth'd the next day.

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