The relased titles on the engine are:

  • Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis , (PC): 2001
  • Operation Flashpoint: Resistance , (PC): 2002
  • VBS1 , (PC): 2002
  • Operation Flashpoint: Elite , (Xbox): 2005
  • ARMA: Cold War Assault , (PC): 2011
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It's too late. Your nation has fallen, people are killed, you are overrunned. Soviets have Kolgujev under their full control. You have no other choice but to escape, but it will be hard.

To survive, follow these simple rules:

  1. Fight should be always your last choice
  2. Shooting will only make you easier to find
  3. If you see armored vehicle, run
  4. Don't take unnecessary risks, unless you need to
  5. Being in open will get you killed
  6. Don't give them chance to surround you
  7. Fighting Soviets soldiers is hard, fighting Specnaz is almost impossible
  8. If enemy chopper will spot you, you are dead

Our upcoming campaign will include:

  • 5 really hard non-linear levels with multiple ways to complete set on Kolgujev
  • 4 extra suicidal missions set on Nogova
  • Coop compatability for all missions included

Our upcoming levels will be:

  • Hard, not suited for rushers and those looking for fun
  • Non-linear, make your own approach
  • Every level will have unique atmosphere

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Operation Flashpoint 1.99 Update 2011 (ARMA Cold War Assault)
Operation Flashpoint

Operation Flashpoint 1.99 Update 2011 (ARMA Cold War Assault)

Operation Flashpoint 2 comments

The tenth anniversary of Operation Flashpoint has come! A free update of ARMA Cold War Assault for original owners of Operation Flashpoint, and a Steam...

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ARMA: Cold War Assault

ARMA: Cold War Assault

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Operation Flashpoint

Operation Flashpoint

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