Oni-engine is an powerful 2D engine. 15 game editors are included into the tools pack. Compressed 800 pixel animations into 1 megabyte.

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Build Update #NOV5 (PC and Mac). Left stick applied to multiple screens. Numerous tweaks and fixes.


1- Left stick can be used in multiple screens:

Title screen

Hero Seclection

Map screen

Tactical Formation

Tacmap during combat

2 - Auto focus change in Combat Squad menu. You only need to use arrow keys on keyboard (D-Pad or Left Stick on controller) to navigate through the whole menu.


1 - Changed Tacmap key "T" to "Ctrl" on keyboard (LB for controller).
2 - All food drop position tweaked.
3 - Map UI components rearranged.


1 - Food drops won't have "Coins+0" anymore

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